So this man asked me out
by Vanessa Evans

Part 5

John woke me the way I now prefer before we went for a careful shower then John bathed my nipples with the solution that the man had sold us. John looked at the bottle and said that he could easily have made the solution but it was easier to buy it.

My personal trainer, Adam, told me that my nipples looked good when he saw them and he added that I was lucky that I had small breasts because he had a client that had to cancel her training session just after it started when the piercings in the nipples of her huge breasts had been too painful to continue.

“Well I’m sure that I won’t have that problem.” I replied.

My training session went much the same as the previous one, including me cumming on the exercise cycle and jogging round the woods wearing just my trainers. We saw a few people on the trails and some of them smiled at me. One man walking his dog said the word “Nice” just as I approached him. I replied,

“Thank you.” and kept running.

On the road we saw a few cars, two of them beeping their horns as they passed us and both times I thought that it was nice that they noticed me and appreciated the sight.

During the afternoon John and I spent a couple of hours on the internet looking at new cars for me. I didn’t want a big, expensive car like John has and we picked out a couple and he told me that we’d go to the showroom in the morning.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on a lounger in the back garden listening to music and  improving my all over tan. David, the gardener, turned up half way through the afternoon and spent half the time that he was there gardening and the other half talking to me. He’d pulled up a chair to the foot of the lounger and was looking up along my body as we talked. The thing was I was laying with my legs spread wide to try to make sure that my inner thighs got tanned like the rest of me.

We talked about all sorts of things with me hardly thinking about what he could see. In fact I told him that I was going for some cosmetic surgery on my pussy and I pulled my flaps about as I told him what I was going to get done. I’m pretty sure that he could see inside my vagina and I was one hundred percent sure that he could see my juices that were leaking out of me.

That night was another marathon sex session involving ropes, gags and remote controlled vibrators. We actually went to sleep with me tied spread eagle to the four corners of the bed and John woke me the next morning by turning on the vibrator that was still inside me. That was quite a shock for the first couple of seconds.


The car showrooms were fun. I wasn’t deliberately trying to show my butt, pussy and tits to the salesmen but wearing such a short, loose fit dress and getting in and out of cars made it unavoidable and after the first time that I realised the man could see my bare butt I thought,

“What the hell, it’s okay for him to look at me and he might give John a discount.”

From them on I’ll admit that I did deliberately let the men have long looks at my body, my pussy getting wetter every time I saw one of the men looking. One of them actually called one of his mates over to answer a question that John later told me he must have known the answer to. From then on it was two men looking at my body.

John and I finally decided on a car, an electric one, and John asked for a test drive. It was my first time in an electric car but I soon got used to it and the salesman sat beside me didn’t seem to get used to seeing my bare legs right up to my stomach.

Then it took ages for the paperwork to be completed which also included arranging for an electrician to come to install a charging point in the garage.

John took me to a restaurant for lunch and I felt very under dressed for such a posh place but John assured me that I looked great and that it didn’t matter that the bright lights meant that the staff and other customers could see through the dress.

The afternoon was again spent outside on a lounger, with no one else coming, whilst John got on with some work.

Again we had a marathon sex session, John saying that we were trying to satisfy all our needs before we had to abstain while I recovered from my surgery.


The Friday morning saw Adam come and push me to new levels on all the machines, and that included telling me to keep pedalling on the exercise cycle when my first orgasm arrived, in fact he kept me going until I had a second one. Also, I had to do four extra lengths in the pool as fast as I could. I didn’t really mind that because that feeling of the water rushing passed my pussy still feels great.

Adam had me doing more yoga and stretching and I had to have a bit of a rest before he took me jogging in the woods. I don’t know if it was because it was a Friday but there were definitely more people walking along the trails. There was even one man with a camera and I guessed that he was some sort of ornithologist although I was sure that I’d seen him before but without the camera.

There seemed to be more cars on the road and Adam led me further along the road and took another gate off into the woods. I just hoped that none of the people in the cars would complain to the police about a naked girl chasing a man along the road.

When we got back John was waiting with a drink of water for both Adam and me. Then he explained to Adam that I was going to have some cosmetic surgery and that his services wouldn’t be required for a couple of weeks. Adam asked what the surgery involved and when John told him he said that I would still be able to do some of the exercises and he urged me to do as much as I could so that my muscles didn’t get lazy.

When Adam left John told me that it was time to get ready to leave for London. After a shower during which John took me from behind then squirted the shower hose into my vagina making me cum again, it was time to pack a case. I asked John to choose which dress I should wear to travel, then all my other dresses and most of my shoes went into the suitcase leaving plenty of space for John’s clothes. Because neither John nor I like me to wear much make-up there was little else of mine, other than shoes, to go into the suitcase. Oh, John put a couple of my toys into the suitcase as well.

I asked John if I could travel naked so that I could still say that I spent more time in John’s car without clothes on than with. Guess what his answer was, but he did tell me that I’d have to put it on when we got to the hotel.

I was pleased that I’d tied my hair back because it was a warm day and John had the roof of the car down. It’s minor roads from John’s house to the motorway and I was enjoying the warm air rushing around my body, especially as I had lowered the back of the seat a bit and sat with my legs as far apart as the limited space would allow.

Once on the motorway I soon discovered that lorry and van drivers and coach passengers could see down into the car as we passed them but I estimated that only one in around ten people gave any indication that they had seen that I was naked. It was the thumbs-up from the lorry and van drivers that I liked the best.

As we pulled off the motorway and headed into central London John asked me if I wanted him to stop so that I could put my dress on, or if I wanted him to raise the car roof but I was feeling happy as things were so I told him to keep going.

“I’d better stick to the speed limits then,” John said, “I don’t I might get a speeding ticket through the post with a photo that includes a topless you.”  

“I wouldn’t mind that, the photo that is.”

“You really are turning into a full blown exhibitionist Jade.”

“That’s your fault John, you started me off down this path, but I’m really happy that you did, it’s so much fun.”

“Well you’ll have a few opportunities to show yourself over the weekend Jade. Oh, when we get to the hotel can you remind to ask them to pay all the driving into London charges and put them on the bill?”

“Sure, is it right that it costs about £30 per day to take your car into London?”

“Something like that, I know that there are at least two different charges but hey, I can afford it.”

“So where are you going to take me before I get bits of me cut off?”

“That my dear will be a surprise, you did say that you hadn’t been to London before didn’t you?”

“That’s right, not only couldn’t I afford it but it would be too scary, too many people out to take advantage of single girls or stick a knife into someone. That seems to be London’s most famous attraction these days, getting yourself stabbed but you are going to look after me aren’t you John?”

“Of course I am, I don’t want anything bad to happen to my nymphomaniac employee.”

“Good, and I promise that I will be a good employee and let you fuck me wherever and whenever you want.”

“So that’s whenever I can’t fend you off then?”

“I guess so. Hey, have you seen that bus load of young people looking down at us?”

“You mean at you Jade?”

“Okay, probably true, look, that girl has pulled her top up and is flashing her tits at us.”

“So she is, but they’re not as nice as yours are Jade. Do your nipples still hurt?”

“Sorry, they’re not fully healed yet but you can try sucking them later and see if that hurts.”

“I’m looking forward to that.”

We continued our journey into central London, still with very few people realising that I was naked in a topless car. Even a police car that stopped alongside us in traffic didn’t seem to notice even though I was extremely nervous. At one set of traffic lights a group of young men crossed right in front of us and one of them saw that I was topless. Soon all his mates were staring at me and I could hear them telling each other what they’d like to do with me. I was quite nervous but John put his hand on my thigh and told me to relax. Seconds later we were speeding down the road.

I say speeding but I doubt that the speed cameras got many customers because there was just so much traffic crawling along. If you did managed to get to any speed you had to immediately brake or run up the back of the cars in front.

Just before the satnav told us that we were about to arrive at the hotel John told me that I must put my dress on. I’d just got it on when John pulled off the road into a posh hotel entrance.

“We’re staying here?” I asked.

“We are, only the best for my lover.”

“Wow, I’m really going to have to earn my keep here.”
“If that means we are going to have to fuck each other’s brains out quite frequently then yes you are Jade.”

Just then two men in some sort of uniforms came over to each side of the car and opened the doors for us. In that dress there was no way that I could get out of that car without giving the man an eyeful of my pussy so I didn’t even try and he must have seen every bit of my flaps that wouldn’t be there in a couple of days.

I didn’t blush and even though I’d seen the man’s eyes absorbing every detail of my pussy, he didn’t blush either and I guessed that he must have seen the pussies of hundreds of rich women as they get in and out of their cars.

John came round and took hold of my hand and we started walking into the hotel.

“Are you leaving your car there John, and what about the suitcase.”

“Relax Jade, it’s all taken care of.”

As we walked towards the reception desk I wondered just how much of me people could see through my reasonably sheer dress. I knew that I could see my nipple sleepers quite clearly. I reminded John about the London car charges and before long we were walking towards the lift.

In the bright lift I discovered just how sheer my dress was, I could see my slit in the mirror but I wasn’t embarrassed, it actually made my pussy tingle.

If I thought that John’s bedroom and bathroom was luxurious then this hotel room was out of this world. I took my dress off and jumped onto the bed laying spread eagle in the middle of it. Just as I was about to tell John that the place was amazing the doorbell rang.

“Stay there Jade.” John said as he went to the door. Seconds later a bellboy was wheeling our suitcase in. I saw him look over to me but he said nothing and went back to pulling the suitcase. John tipped him and he glanced over to me again as he walked out.

By the time my eyes got back to John he was starting to take his clothes off then he crawled up the bed between my still spread legs and started making oral love to my pussy. I didn’t know how I was going to survive without that for something like two weeks.

His mouth took me to first one then a second orgasm before he climbed further up me. He teased all around my nipples without actually touching them then his head came up to mine and we kissed and kissed and kissed as his cock found its way inside me and slowly fucked me to yet another orgasm.

As soon as I was able I got up onto my knees and knelt over him taking his cock as far into my mouth and throat as I could. He came with his cum not even touching anywhere in my mouth, just half way down my throat.

As we lay there recovering I looked around and out of the window.

“Do you think anyone was watching us?” I asked.

“I have no idea, tell you what, don’t close the curtains whilst we are here, you may just make someone’s day.”

“That would be nice.” I replied.

John pulled me up and carried me to the shower which was twice the size of John’s and had many more jets of water spraying all over whoever was there. I swear that one of those jets was deliberately aimed at a woman’s pussy when she was stood in the middle of the shower. It was nice.

Shower over, hair dried and brushed to my satisfaction, a tiny but of make-up and lipstick on and I was ready to go out. John told me that were were going to a decent restaurant, not one of those silly ones where you pay a fortune and get quarter portions with gold plated Brussels sprouts or whatever. 

“Which dress?” I asked.

John picked out another, ultra short, semi sheer summer dress and I slipped it on, then a pair of black heels. Then he pushed me onto the bed and told me to spread my legs. I did, then I felt my vibrating egg being pushed up my vagina.

“I hope that you are going to give me some peace so that I can eat.” I asked, “I need my strength for Monday.”

“I will, but a lot of the time your involuntary dancing will tell everyone around you what you’ve got inside you.”

“Are you actually going to make me cum with strangers watching me?” I asked.

“Probably, does that worry you Jade?”

“Not if you’re with me John.”

“Good, let’s go.”

I got to my feet and looked at myself in a mirror. As I straightened my hair with my fingers I look at my chest then the hem of the dress and saw that I could quite easily see my nipples and the sleepers, and the front of my slit. I felt a little wet rush and thought,

“No chance of staining the back of this dress, I’ll never be sitting on the fabric.”

I held John’s hand as we walked to the lift then into reception where John led me over to the concierge’s desk. The middle-aged man was looking me up and down as we approached and his eyes only turned to John when he said hello.

“This is going to be nerve racking and exciting.” I thought as John asked the man to recommend a good but not ridiculous restaurant, “on the streets of London wearing next to nothing.”

The doorman held open the door for us and asked if he could get a taxi for us. Less than a minute later I was bending over to get into a taxi and wondering if the doorman was watching as the back of my dress rode up baring most of my butt.

“Where to Guv?” the driver asked.

John told him as his right hand found my inner thigh, me spreading my knees to give him access.

“Ah, you’re English,” the driver said, “not many of us left in London these days.”

The driver then went on and on about the number of foreigners who were taking over London. Just as we were getting to the restaurant the driver finished his rant saying,

“It won’t be long before us with a long English ancestry are in a minority in this country.”

I had to agree with him but I had other things on my mind right then. John’s fingers slid out of my wet pussy and I followed him out of the cab not caring that the driver had turned his head and was watching us get out of the nearside of the cab.

A huge doorman opened the door to the restaurant for us and we were met by the maître d' who asked John for his name. Meanwhile I was thinking that the man must be able to see my nipples and slit in the bright lights.

We were led to a table where I was at with my back to most of the clientele but facing John. The chair was covered in a velvet like material that felt nice on my bare butt and pussy as I sat down wondering how wet it would be when we left.

No sooner than we were alone two things happened, firstly John turned the vibrator on causing me to gasp quite loudly, and secondly, a waiter appeared asking us what we would like to drink.

The waiter ignored my shaking body as he took our order then disappeared. As we looked at the menu I said,

“You are going to let me enjoy this food aren’t you?”

“Of course my love, but all the shaking might help your digestion.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my digestion thank you, but I know what you mean, it certainly feels like everything inside me is turning to a liquid. Maybe I’ll pee all my guts out if you leave that thing running for too long.”

“That won’t happen but I’ll stop it after you’ve cum once or maybe twice or maybe three times.”

“You’re just trying to embarrass me aren’t you John?”

“That’s a nice idea but I’m not sure that that’s still possible Jade, you’ve embraced your true self so much that I doubt that you still know what embarrassment is.”

“There’s more than one cause of embarrassment John, okay I’m no longer embarrassed by people seeing me naked, not even that maître d' seeing my nipples and slit when we walked in here but I’m sure that I’d still get embarrassed if you made me cum standing right in front of him.”

“You want me to do that do you Jade. I’m sure that I can arrange that for you.”

“No, please don’t, well not until we are leaving.”

“Have you decided on what you would like sir, madam?” the waiter who suddenly appeared beside me asked. 

Thankfully, John turned the vibrator off whilst we ordered but it went back on just as soon as the waiter walked away, and this time the vibrations were stronger meaning that I wouldn’t be able to talk too well because of the shaking that my body was doing. I tried to push my pussy further onto the chair but that didn’t help and John saw my hands slide off the table to go to my pussy but John realised that and told me to put my hands back on the table.

Then another waiter appeared beside me and asked if we’d like some wine with our meal. John didn’t turn the vibrator off as he browsed the wine list then ordered then I let out the breath that I had been holding trying to keep still.

“It’s okay to let the waiters know that you’re cumming Jade, I’m sure that they’ve all seen it all before, all those rich women who think that they are superior to everyone else and not caring about who sees them doing anything that they want. Just don’t go screaming your head off when you cum, that would be disturbing the other customers whereas you just quietly cumming won’t. Here, put my napkin under your pussy so that you don’t stain the seat.”

“I think that it might be too late for that, sorry.” I replied as I managed to push the napkin under my pussy, looking around to make sure that no one was watching me.

“Don’t be sorry Jade, it isn’t your fault, unless you think that it’s because you are so beautiful, if it’s anyone’s fault blame me for bringing you here.”

“I’m not that beautiful.”

“Yes you are Jade, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I say that you are, now when do you want me to make you cum?”

“Now please.” I replied and John turned up the vibrations.

I was still trying to stay relatively quiet and still when the wine waiter returned with our wine. He gave me a funny, knowing look as he poured a little for John to taste then when John was happy he filled John’s glass then mine. I was sure that he had a grin on his face as he turned to walk away.

“Oh my gawd John, what are you turning me in to?” I asked when my waves receded and I was able to talk.

“I’m just encouraging you to be your natural self Jade, do you want to cum again now or wait a while?”

“Can you wait until we’ve finished our main course please?”

We had an enjoyable and relaxing meal with me managing not to think about what John might do as soon as we finished eating. I think that he must have forgotten about the vibrator right until I was pushing my empty coffee cup towards the middle of the table. I saw his right hand go below the table then the vibrations started again. Thankfully not very strong and I was still able to hold a conversation with him.

John slowly increased the vibrations until I orgasmed again just as the waiter was handing the bill to John. I managed to see the bill and register the amount but I couldn’t say anything until John turned off the vibrations and I began to relax.

“I saw the bill John.”

“Don’t you worry about it.”

“It was more that I used to spend on food for a month.”

“Did you enjoy the meal Jade?”

“Yes but that’s crazy. No meal costs that much to prepare.”

“True but it’s not just the food that you pay for.”

“Wait until I tell Jenny and Rose, they’ll think that you are crazy.”

“Stop thinking about it Jade, you enjoyed it so end of, where do you want to go when we leave here?”

“Back to the hotel so that you can fuck my brains out.”

“That will be later Jade, let’s go for a wander and see what London is like at night.”

“Okay, just so long as we stay in the busy parts, I wouldn’t feel safe going to the quiet places even with you by my side.”

“Yes, London has changed so much even in my time, it’s really gone down the nick.”

As we left the restaurant John put his arm round me and I could feel the hem of the dress a lot higher on the side where his hand was, I was sure that half my butt and probably all of my slit was on display for anyone who cared to look to see, but strangely, I didn’t care, I felt safe with John and it felt good to be on display like that.

We walked along the busy streets with everyone going about their own business, ignoring the rest of the world and not even noticing what I was displaying.

We came across a pub with lots of people standing outside drinking and talking. It looked like the typical London pub that you see on the TV so we went in and just about fought our way to the bar. People were standing around talking most dressed in business suits. It was like they had just left work and were having an end of week drink before going home, even though it was after 9 p.m.

“And beer costs more that three times than at the Drunken Duck.” John said after he’d paid for the drinks.

I saw one or two men looking at me and when John turned back to me with our drinks I told John. His reaction was to stand beside me and put an arm round my neck and let his hand fall on to one of my tits like he often does. It was like he was sending a message to all the other men in there that this girl was his.

“Don’t squeeze too hard John, it still hurts a bit.” I said.

His response was to press his fingers into my under boobs.

We stayed there, talking about what we were looking at, until we’d finished our drinks and then left.

“Not that much different from the busy boozers back at home, apart from the prices.” John said as we walked down the road.

“No, just that the people in the pubs back home at this time of night don’t look like they are on their way home from the office.” I replied.

We turned a corner and found ourselves in Trafalgar Square. The place was heaving with people and traffic. After wandering around for a while we decided to go back to the hotel for some more fun. John flagged down a taxi and knew that the whole of my bare butt would be showing as I got into the cab after John. Within seconds of sitting down John was kissing me and his right hand was between my legs which had spread wide to give him access.

As we got out of the cab the doorman at the hotel got another great view of my pussy and as we walked into the hotel John turned on the vibrator again. I find it difficult to walk with it vibrating away inside me so I was hanging on to John as we walked across reception to the lift. John had his arm around me and I’m pretty sure that it was holding my dress up higher than it was intended to be.

There was no one in the lift and as soon as the doors shut John was lifting my dress up and off me. I saw a sign saying that the lifts were monitored by CCTV cameras but I just didn’t care.

It was well after midnight when we finally got to sleep with John spooning me and his cock still inside me.


John was still spooning me and his cock was inside me when I woke but I suspected that his cock had gone soft and slid out when he went to sleep and that he had woken with a woody and put it to good use.

“Did we make love last night with the curtains open?” I asked after we had both cum.

“Yes why?” John replied.

“Well there’s a man in the hotel opposite looking at us.”

“Does that bother you Jade?”

“No, not since you corrupted me, do think he’d like me to stand in front of the window like this?”

“I’m sure that he would.”

So I did, and I stood there until he turned away. I’d waved at him and he’d waved as well, I just hoped that it was me that he was waving to.

I went for a shower, on my own for the first time since moving in with John and I wondered why he didn’t follow me. I found out when I got out and walked into the main room, a man was pushing a trolley of breakfast into the room going right passed the naked me.

“I thought that we’d have breakfast up here.” John said as he came and stood next to me, his right hand doing what it usually does when he’s stood next to me. 

As the man walked out of the door I told John that he could get more friendly with my nipples as they only hurt just a little bit now.

“Oh good, we can go and get you some nice things to hang from them, maybe a chain so that I can pull you around like a puppy dog.”

I had these images jump into my head of a big chain attached to a leash and John walking me around a park, and another one of a big bell attached to each nipple and stretching my tits so much that the bells were dragging on the floor.

“Whoa there lover, my nipples aren’t one hundred percent yet so only light stuff hanging from them for now, okay?”

“You didn’t think that I’d attached something like a ships anchor to them did you? I could never hurt you Jade.”

“I know, I just had these horrible visions in my head.” I replied and told him what they were.

“I would never do that to you Jade, well not until they are fully healed. That’s what those rings hanging from the roof of the garage are.”

“What? You’d hang me from the roof of the garage by my nipples?”

“Only when you beg me to dearest.”

“No chance, well maybe no chance, I’d have to build up to it. Can you try taking one of the sleepers out then putting it back in, see how it goes and how much it hurts?”

John waited until we’d finished breakfast then he told me to lay on the bed.

“I’m going to enjoy this.” John said as he very carefully held one end of the sleeper bar and slowly turned the other end. I winced a little as the bar was slowly pulled out.

“How was that Jade?”

“Okay actually, try putting it back in.”

John did, slowly, and again it didn’t hurt.

“Okay John, if the other one doesn’t hurt it looks like I’m good to go. Now what are we doing today lover?”

“Well, since you haven’t been to London before I thought that we could get one of those open top, red tour buses, the type that you can get on and off anywhere all day so we can stop at Oxford Street and get you some nipple jewellery.”

“Sounds good to me, what do you want me to wear?”

“I’d love you to go like that but I think one or two people might complain.”

John went to the wardrobe and selected a dress for me, one of my ultra short dresses that is slightly sheer, button all the way down the front and has a lose fitting top. When I put it on I fastened the buttons from below my tits to the hem knowing that even with the bottom button fastened when I walked the little unfastened bit at the bottom would gape open letting my pussy get lots of fresh air.

Take it easy with my nipples,” I said as we walked out of the hotel, “they’re still a bit delicate.”

“I will try to remember but tell me to get off if I forget and get too rough.”

We didn’t have far to go to catch one of the big red tour buses and as John followed me up the stairs to the top deck he reached up and slid a finger along my slit. When we sat down he said,

“Remind me to go ahead of you when we go up those stairs again and remind me to make sure that another man is following you up. He’ll enjoy looking at your wet pussy Jade.”

I smiled as he turned his head to face me and he continued,

“Good, the top of that dress really shows off your nipples from this angle.”

I looked down at my chest and realised that he could see into the top, obviously quite well.

I found the tour interesting but not startling, it was the times when we got off the bus to do other things that were notable. The main one was Oxford Street, wow, so many people walking about. It was so busy that John asked me what the name of our hotel was then told me to get a taxi back there if we got separated, and if we did he’d phone the hotel and get them to pay for the taxi and put it on his bill, you see, I’d gone out with just the dress and shoes, not even my phone or a little bag.

Fortunately, we didn’t get separated and we went into a few shops, some of them big with escalators which we went up with John stood beside me doing his usual holding one of my tits. The first time that we went up one I heard a male voice behind me say,

“Hey mate, look at that.”

I immediately guessed that he was looking up my ultra short dress and was seeing my bare butt. I shuffled my feet as far apart as I could to let them see my wet pussy as well. From then on I made sure that I stood on the escalators with my feet apart.

We didn’t buy anything in that shop, the only shop that we did buy anything was a jewellers, some nipple jewellery. We were looking at a display of them in the shop when a man came over to us as asked if he could help with anything. John told him that we were looking for some nipple jewellery. He took us over to the counter at one end of the shop and started getting some trays out.

John selected some barbells and rings that I was happy with then he asked about chains. After John chose both a small link, necklace type chain and one with larger links I said,

“Won’t that one might pull my nipples down and hurt me?”

“Can we try that to see if it’s too painful for her?” John asked.

“Sorry sir, we don’t have a returns policy.”

“I wasn’t thinking of buying it then maybe returning it, I was thinking about trying it here.”

“We don’t have any private areas here sir.”

“Then we’ll try it right here, Jade, open your top and swap those rings for the barbells and D rings that we’ve already said that we’ll buy.”

“Oh err, I don’t think ….. “

But it was too late, my top quickly opened enough for my tits to be bared and I was unscrewing my left sleeper. The man stopped trying to protest and just stared as I continued swapping and connecting the chain. It only took a couple of minutes before the chain was connected at both ends and hanging down just below my tits.

“That looks good Jade, how does it feel?”

“Okay, the weight doesn’t pull down like I thought it might.”

“Try swinging your tits about to see it it hurts.”

“John, they’re not big enough to swing around.”

“Well jump up and down then.”

I did a bit, and as I was doing so I looked around and saw that the young girl who also worked behind the counter, and a young couple that she’d been serving were all looking at me.

Instead of feeling embarrassed I actually felt my pussy tingle then I said,

“No, I don’t think that the weight is going to be a problem.”

“Good,” John replied and he turned to face the sales guy and continued,

“We’ll take all of those and there’s no point of her taking them off, have you got any little bells that can attach to those D rings?”

“Yes, I believe that he have sir, I’ll just go and look for them.”

I turned to John and said,

“You want me to walk around with little bells ringing as I move? That’s like one of those big cow bells. Are you trying to tell me that I’m a cow?”

“Cows wear their bells round their necks. Shall we get a collar and leash for you as well Jade? We can get one with diamonds in it.”

“Well I suppose that a collar and leash would be fun for a themed party.” I replied.

“Yes, I can lead you around with you wearing just a collar, leash and nipple jewellery.”

“Well you have got me naked in a pub so a party wouldn’t be that different, but would my friends be there?”

“If you want them there Jade?”

“I’ll think about that one.”

I replied as the sales guy returned with two cute little bells that actually worked. John held one to my left nipple and shook it a bit. When it rang John said,

“Yes, we’ll take all these.”

As the man wrapped up what I wasn’t still wearing John turned to me, touched both my nipples then started fastening the buttons on my dress.

“I nearly said that you’ve just made that man’s day Jade,” John said, “but he’s probably seen more tits than I have, maybe seen girls trying clit rings as well.”

“So you’ve seen lots of girl’s tits have you John?”

“I’ve seen my share, but none of them were as nice as yours Jade.”

“Good answer lover. Now where to?”

“I don’t know, let’s just walk, see how many people realise that your dress is slightly see-through.”

“You know John, I forgot about that. I just feel like I’ve got a normal dress on.”

“Well it is a normal dress for the new you Jade, and you look great.”

We walked right to the end of the main shopping part of Oxford Street then crossed over and walked back along the other side and I never saw one person look at me. We stopped at another jewellers shop and looked at the watches, well John did, and he asked me if I wanted a watch. 

“John dearest,” I replied, “when I’m at home I don’t even wear clothes so why would I want a watch?”

“Okay, point taken, but if you decide that you want one, maybe for when you go out anywhere, just ask me.”

“Okay, thanks John.”

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