Female Masturbation Addiction
by Vanessa Evans

Part 5

I woke up to the feeling of a warm cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I opened my eyes, smiled and spread my legs as wide as I could. Owen withdrew his cock and told me to get on my hands and knees. I did and he promptly fucked me until we’d both cum.

I turned over and said,

“What about Lizzy?”

“Suck my cock to get me had again then I’ll fuck her.”

Lizzy was still asleep and laid on her stomach in the recovery position and we could see her moist pussy. Owen was looking at Lizzy’s pussy as I gave him a blowjob then he moved over and started fucking Lizzy who woke up and said,

“What the fuck? Oh it’s you, keep going.”

Lizzy soon orgasmed but it took Owen longer to cum, and once he had he put his boxers back on he said,

“Until the next time, seeya girls.”

As Lizzy and I watched Owen disappear over the balcony divider I looked at Lizzy who was looking a bit bemused.

“He does that every morning before Jackson and Mason wake up. It’s a great way to wake up isn’t it?” I said.

“Err, yes, it sure is. Can I use your shower again please?”

Lizzy went into the bathroom and I just lay there thinking just how great life was, and wishing that I didn’t have to go back to England. When Lizzy came out of the bathroom she looked much more human and she said,

“Well, I guess that I should go back to my room and see how the others are.”

“Won’t they be wondering where you are?”

“Maybe, but they’ll guess that I met someone and stayed at their place but they’ll be surprised when they see that I’m naked. Hey Emma, I will see you again before any of us go home won’t I?”

“I’m sure that our paths will cross again. Are you going on the Beach Party excursion?”

“Sure am, I’ve heard that it’s a right blast.”

“So have I. Maybe see you there then.”

“Probably.” Lizzy replied as she left my room for an early morning naked walk through the hotel to her room.

I just lay there for a while, trying to count the number of ‘firsts’ that I’d done since I got there before getting up and going to the bathroom to prepare myself for the day.

It was another day at my favourite beach letting the old men cover me with their cum then sunbathing with my legs spread wide in front of as many young men as I could find, and rubbing one out for most of them. Unfortunately, none of them volunteered to cover me with sunblock.

Back at the hotel I did what I have usually done, leave what little clothes I was wearing with my other belongings on a sun lounger and dive into the pool to freshen up.

When I surfaced Lizzy was right in front of me along with 2 other girls. All 3 looked to be as naked as I was. Lizzy introduced me to Bree and Kori, the 2 girls she was on holiday with. All 3 were friendly to each other so I guessed that they had resolved whatever it was the previous night.

After a bit of small talk the 3 got out of the water and Lizzy asked me to join them which I did.

“I’ve seen you down at the pool and around the hotel a few times Emma and you’ve always been naked.” Bree said,

“This is our first time Kori and I have been totally naked. Lizzy talked Kori and I into it and I have to say that I like being naked in front of guys. It really turns me on.”

“Yeah,” Kori added, “and the guys seem to like seeing our pussies as much as they like seeing our tits.”

“Told you.” Lizzy said, “but Emma goes one step further don’t you Emma, you like rubbing one out for the guys don’t you?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “it’s a sort of addiction. I can’t help myself.”

“Wow, that’s one hell of an addiction.” Bree said, “so how often do you do it Emma?”

“Six or eight times a day back home but here it’s a lot worse, or better, it can easily be double that number.”

“Bloody hell Emma,” Bree said, “I bet that you can pick up the guys easily.”

“You should try it Bree, look around, how many girls round this pool are sprawled out with their legs wide apart? Girls are brought up to keep their legs tightly closed but spreading them opens up a whole new world. Apart from being healthier, the guys are so much more friendly. You can have as much cock as you want.”

“Yeah, Lizzy added, “put it out there and watch the guys come running, I had 3 last night.”

“THREE!?” Kori said, “bloody hell girl, you didn’t tell us that. How many did you get last night Emma?”

“Three, the same 3.”

“You had some sort of gang-bang or orgy?” Kori asked.

“I guess that you could call it either of those things.” Lizzy replied.

By then my right hand had wandered to my pussy and the fingers were toying with my clit.

“You’re not a shy girl then Emma?” Bree asked as she stared at my busy fingers.

“Not out here I’m not, but back at home that’s a different story. Look, there’s some guys staring at us.”

“That’s because of what you are doing Emma.” Kori said.

“There’s nothing to stop you 3 from doing the same.”

Lizzy’s legs were already flat on her lounger, and slightly open, and I watched both Bree and Kori drop the knees that had been bent, effectively hiding their pussies. And they both spread their legs a bit.

“Doesn’t that make you feel good?” I asked.

“Yes it does.” Bree replied, “but nervous as well, I’ve never put my pussy on display like this before.”

“Stuff what your mother always told you,” I said, “put it out there, use it to have tons of fun, you’re only young once.” 

“I think that I’d better get rid of this landing strip as well.” Bree added.

“Yeah,” Lizzy said, “Guys like the little girl look.”

“And they don’t like getting a pubic hair stuck between their teeth.” I added.

“Very true.” Lizzy said, “I got a guys pubic hair stuck between my teeth the other week and it took me hours to get rid of it.”

“Hey look girls, those guys are coming over.” Bree said.

“Hi ladies,” one of the guys said, “anyone like some sunblock rubbing on you? I’d hate to see any of you get sunburnt, especially those white bits”

Bree giggled a little then all 4 of us said,

“Yes please.”

Unfortunately there were only 2 guys and Lizzy and Kori were nearest to them so the guys started on them first. Lizzy and Kori turned over and lay on their stomachs and I saw that they both spread their legs as much as the sun lounger would allow and I watched the 2 guys spreading the sunblock as I continued to toy with my clit. I was looking forward to getting 2 male hands on my body and hopefully, inside me as well.

Kori and Lizzy were obviously enjoying it because they both moaned a little. I couldn’t see if the guys touched their pussies but a bit of squirming by both girls made me think that the guys had ‘accidentally’ touched them.

When one of the guys slapped Kori’s butt and told her to turn over, she did, and without being asked if it was okay, the guy started on her chest. I watched Lizzy turn over just as the guy started on Kori’s tits. The guy working on Kori’s tits put his hands round the base of one tit and appeared to be squeezing to make the base smaller and the rest of her tit stick up further making it look bigger than it was.

Kori must have liked what he was doing because she moaned and I saw a big smile on her face.

The guy slid his hand up her tit to the nipple and gently pulled then twisted it a bit getting another moan out of Kori.

Then he did it to her other tit before moving his hands lower down her body and upper thighs. I thought that he’d rub the lotion all over her pussy but he didn’t and Kori didn’t tell him to do it. I thought that it was a missed opportunity for her but hey, it was her choice.

Once that guy had finished with Kori he turned and looked down on me and saw my fingers toying with my clit.

“Hmm,” he said, “looking forward to this are you?”

“Oh yes,” I replied, “I love having a man’s hands sliding ALL over my naked body.”

I emphasised the ‘all’ in the hope that he wouldn’t miss out my pussy which was aching for some male attention. I turned over onto my stomach and spread my legs. I didn’t time him doing my back but I was sure it was less that he had with Kori and he was quickly asking me to turn over which I did, spreading my legs and putting my feet on the ground either side of the lounger.

I watched the guy’s eyes go up and down my naked body and when they were on my pussy he said,

“Have you already got some of this lotion on your pussy?” The guy asked.

“Nope, that’s all natural.” I replied knowing that my pussy was leaking like an open tap.

The guy smiled then started rubbing the sunblock on my arms and legs. I willed him to do that quickly and I moaned when he first touched my ribs. Within seconds he was squeezing my tits just like he had Kori’s. Now I’d squeezed my tits like that before, many times, but this was a guy doing it and it felt so much better. They were tingling like hell and when he pulled and twisted my nipples I nearly orgasmed.

Then his hands moved down to the area of my body that I had been desperately waiting for and I just hoped that he wouldn’t avoid my pussy like he had with Kori.

It was my lucky day. As he was rubbing the sunblock on my mons the side of his hand accidentally, I think, lightly slid over my protruding clit and an orgasm hit me like a stream train. My body rose up and went rigid for a couple of seconds then I collapsed down and started shaking.

“Oh fuck, I needed that.” I said when I was able.

“Wow, you’ve got a hair trigger there.” He said.

“It’s called a clit.” I replied.

“And a very sensitive one it is as well. Very nice.”

“Can you finish the job please?” I asked.

“Will you cum again?”


I don’t know if he was nervous or what but he did quickly rub sone sunblock on my pussy then he stood up.

“Thanks whoever you are,” I said, “I really needed that.”

“It was my pleasure, anytime, and it’s Dan.”

“Thanks Dan, I’ll remember that. If you’re going to the Beach Party tomorrow I’ll probably see you there.”

“Yes we are, I’ll look forward to that.” Dan replied.

“That would be nice. I’ll need some sunblock on.”

I turned my head and looked at the other girls and the other guy, all of whom were staring at me. As the guys walked away I asked,


“Wow Emma,” Bree said, “when you go for it you really go for it. That was a real one wasn’t it?”

“Of course, I never fake them.”

The 4 of us girls talked for a while, mainly about the guys that were around the pool and what we’d like to do with them, but I didn’t tell them about my addiction or my nude beach visits each day. All the time I noticed that the other 3 had kept their legs open, although not as wide open as mine were.

After a while the other 3 saw some guys on a balcony on the third floor and they obviously knew them because they held a shouting conversation about the club they were all going to that night. Lizzy asked me if I’d like to join them but I declined saying that I’d already made other arrangements. It was a lie but I just didn’t fancy a club, I never have thought much of them.

When it came to the time to go and get ready to go out I stayed a bit longer and watched the 3 girls not bother to put any clothes on to go back to their room.

I decided to jump into the pool and rub one out underwater before I went to my room. All those guys looking over our way had given me a ‘need’ that I needed to take care of.

When I got out of the pool I lay on the lounger and after a while I noticed that Theo and Ben were back from where ever and were on their balcony looking down. I waved at them when I thought that they were looking at me and they waved back.

“Time for another little gang-bang.” I thought and collected my things and went up to my room.

I went straight out on to my balcony and was pleased that Theo and Ben were still on theirs.

“Hi Emma,” Ben said when he saw me, “still not found any clothes then?”

“Now how am I going to get an all over tan if I keep putting clothes on?” I asked.

“Good point Emma,” Theo replied. “Do you fancy err, a repeat off err ….. “

“Are you trying to say that you want to fuck me Theo? If so, get those shorts off and get over here. You too Ben.”

About 30 minutes later I’d had the first course of my evening meal, twice, and my addiction had been fed for a while. I kicked the boys out telling them that I needed some time in the bathroom for girly things. They didn’t argue.

Another 30 or 40 minutes later I emerged from my bathroom feeling refreshed and very clean. I had to put the light on as the sun had gone down.

I decided to wear my Lush again with it set to random blasts. Over it I put on one of the shredded micro skirts that I’d bought at Bethany’s shop. Looking outside it looked a little breezy and I was hoping that the thin strands of fabric would blow all over the place. For a top I wore a spaghetti strapped tank top that is cut off just below nipple level that promised to ride above my nipples every time that I moved.

I had a relatively quiet evening. After eating at a cafe, I wandered around enjoying the random blasts from my Lush and having to find a quiet place a couple of times to rub one out or let the Lush take me over the edge.

One time I’d gone onto a quiet side street and was leaning back on a wall and as I reached my peak I looked up and saw a couple of policemen looking at me. Fortunately I didn’t have a hand on my pussy and the policemen must have thought that I was ill or drunk. They guessed that I was English and asked me if I was okay. Somehow I managed to stand up straight and tell them that I was and to thank them for their concern.

After they had gone I had a big grin on my face but at the same time I was relieved that I wasn’t rubbing my pussy when they saw me.

When I got back to my hotel I both was and wasn’t pleased that neither sets of guys were there and I went to bed early.


My alarm woke me early and I was just contemplating getting up when I heard Owen climbing over the divider railings. I pretended to be still asleep and enjoyed him fucking me. I kicked him out as soon as we had finished, telling him that I had to go for an early breakfast because I was going on the Beach Party excursion.

“We went last week Emma and we had a great time, but you being an uninhibited exhibitionist girl I’m sure that you’ll really enjoy yourself.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Hey, we both know that it’s a lot easier for a girl to get what she wants, hell, girls can walk around naked and no one cares, well that’s not quite true, guys care and they love it, but if a guy walks around naked there’s a good chance that he’ll get locked up. Also, if a guy comes on to a girl and she doesn’t like him she can shout ‘rape’ and he’ll get locked up. If a girl comes on to a guy and he doesn’t like her he’s not going to shout ‘rape’, just ignore her. It’s all one-sided in favour of the girls.”

“I’m not like that Owen.”

“I know, and I wish that there were more girls like you around Emma. What I’m trying to say is that you can do just about whatever you want today, any day, and no one will complain. Hell, you could well be the most popular girl there today. You go for it girl.”

“Thanks Owen, now you’d better go, I can hear noises from next door.”

“There you go, you telling me to go doesn’t bother me but if the roles were reversed, most girls would get pissed with me telling them to go.”

“Okay, okay, I get your point.”

“You have lots of fun at the Beach Party Emma, bye.”


As I was getting ready to go for my breakfast I thought about what Owen had said and I had to agree with him. It is so much easier for girls.

Back in my room after breakfast I had to choose what to wear. I wanted to be seen by the guys. I wanted them to stare at me and make me cum. I wondered if just guys staring at my naked body would make me cum without anything touching my pussy. I guessed that I’d have to leave that experiment for another day.

In the end I chose one of my sideless T-shirts, one with a deep ‘V’ at the front and that is slightly see-through. Putting it on together with a pair of sandals, I grabbed a few things in a tote bag and went down to the lobby.

Lizzy, Bree and Kori were there and so were the 2 guys that rubbed sunblock on us the previous afternoon and Ben and Theo and at least 20 others.

“I hope that you’ve got a bikini in that bag Emma.” Bree asked me.


“What if you want to go swimming or take part in any of the games?” Bree asked.

“Then I’ll either take part like this or take it off.”

“You’d enter games naked?” Bree asked.

“Yeah, why not, the ancient Greeks used to enter the Olympics naked.”

“You really do know how to put it out there Emma don’t you?” Bree said.

“And she gets the results,” Lizzy added, “I bet that she’s been laid more times that we have since we got here.”

I said nothing and a couple of minutes later the Rep came in and ushered us out to the waiting coach which already had lots of young people on it. I managed to get a seat next to Lizzy and we were soon trundling along the roads.

The Rep came on the PA system and after welcoming us he told us that we were in for a fun filled day and he reminded us that if any of us were offended by nudity we should stay on the coach and the driver would take them back to the hotel.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at a little port where we saw 2 other coaches parked and dozens of young people transferring to a couple of smallish boats. By that time I was getting in urgent need to feed my addiction but short of rubbing one out as we transferred to one of the boats there was nothing that I could do about it.

The boat trip was only about 30 minutes and during that time bottles of beer were being handed out and loudish music was being played. Bree told me that the tracks were all very popular ones that were played in the clubs but that meant nothing to me but I did recognise a couple of them.

The boats pulled into a small cove with what looked like a beach about 100 metres long and high cliffs behind it making it only accessible by sea. There was a little landing stage that first one boat pulled up to and unloaded all the people on it, then when it moved out of the way the second boat moved in and the rest of the people disembarked followed by some men with crates, tables, boxes and other things.

A PA system was soon setup and one of the Reps welcomed everyone and firstly told everyone where they could get more free drinks and later on, some food. Then he announced,

“I’m sure that you’ve all heard of the American’s Spring Break and all the flesh and fun that they are, well we have our own Summer Break right here today and we’ll have as much, if not more, fun than the Yanks do. So, to get everyone in the right mood we will start with a wet T-shirt competition. Can any girl who wishes to take part come over to me.”

The Rep / MC was standing at the back of the beach at the base of the cliff where the sand was much higher and some men had spread a large tarpaulin. I could see that they were filling a barrel with water which they were pumping up from the sea.

There was no way that I wasn’t going to take part and I was one of the first girls to be standing in front of the MC. I looked around and saw that at least a dozen other girls were behind me. We were told to leave our belonging at the foot of the cliffs then we were given tiny T-shirts and rectangles of very thin, white fabric about 1.5 x 0.5 metres. The T-shirts were so thin that I could rip them from the top and bottom with my bare hands.

I must have been the first person to get naked on that beach that day as I took off my T-shirt off then put on the provided one and wrapped the rectangle of fabric round my waist, knotting it between my left hip and my slit. Then we were each given a large card with a number on it. I was given the number 8.

Girl 1 was called over to the MC who asked her for her name and where she was from. Then she was told to go over to the man next to the barrel of water where he dunked a bucket in the barrel then tipped it over the girl. Back in the middle of the tarpaulin she danced to a couple of tracks slowly ripping her T-shirt off and teasing taking the ‘mini sarong’ off  revealing a standard bikini bottom before tying it back on

It was very much the same for next 6 girls although a bit of twerking and bending at the waist was done by a couple of the girls.  

Then it was my turn and as soon as my music started I ripped off the T-shirt and hiked up the mini sarong thing letting everyone see that I wasn’t wearing a bikini bottoms or any knickers. That, of course, got the audience cheering and shouting and towards the end of the second track my right hand went to my pussy and the audience saw me rubbing my pussy for a few seconds.

I really wanted, even needed, to finish myself off but I knew that my opportunity would come soon. Wearing just the mini sarong I went to the back where the other girls were and watched the rest of the girls have their turn.

Once all 13 girls had had their turn the MC brought each girl in turn to the front and asked for cheering. Seven girls were then eliminated and I noted that all the 7 were ‘well built’, or put another way, they were fat, then the remaining 6 were invited in turn, to do their thing to another 2 tracks at the front or the tarpaulin.

As each girl had their turn they danced and gyrated their hips whilst removing their T-shirts and sarongs. As their turn came to an end most girls teased lowering their bikini bottoms, or in 1 girl’s case, her knickers. Three of the girls actually dropped their bikini bottoms to the floor ending up totally naked albeit with landing strips.

When it came to my turn my ‘sarong’ came off as I walked to the centre of the tarpaulin and I started dancing totally naked. I started doing all the sexy moves that I’d seen on the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ type videos and was soon twerking with my back to the audience and my legs spread wide. Then it was down on my spread knees, leaning back on one hand thrusting my hips up in the air.

I knew the second track and as it got towards the middle my right hand went to my pussy and within a couple of seconds the orgasm that had been threatening to erupt out of me since I walked into the lobby in the hotel, exploded out of me. I was screaming,


But I doubted that anyone could hear me over the music and the encouragement from the audience. I kept rubbing my clit until the orgasm stared to fade then I realised that the only noise that I could hear was the cheering.

I got to my feet, did a little curtsey and walked to the back of the other girls.

“Wow,” the MC announced, “someone’s got into the right frame of mind very quickly, I’m sure that the rest of the day is going to be just as much fun. Now, girl number 10 please.”

Girl 10 was the last of the 6 and she too got totally naked but she didn’t start frigging.

Next, all 6 girls were called to the front 1 at a time for the MC to judge the audience noise level, but before the winner was announced all 6 girls were called upon to dance together for a few tracks. Three of us were still totally naked and 2 of the others soon removed their bikini bottoms.

One of the girls must have seen the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ or similar videos because she came up to me and started kissing me whilst rubbing her naked front against mine. I responded in a similar fashion and our bodies were gyrating as one whilst we continued to kiss, tongues and all.

Then the girl broke the kiss and got down on the floor and pulled me down on top of her and I went down the opposite way round, my knees either side of her chest. As I looked down at her pussy her legs spread wide, my mouth went to her pussy and I felt her tongue find my pussy.

Neither of us orgasmed before the music stopped and the MC started talking as we got to our feet.

“Well guys and gals, that’s the sort of thing that I’m sure we all want to see, but for now we have to choose a winner. It’s between 2 girls, our 69 ers. Would you all give the girl who was on the bottom a big round of applause.

The audience did, and probably like me, most of them assumed that she was the winner but as the applause died down the MC asked for applause for the girl on top, me. I stepped forwards, spread my legs, thrust my hips forward and started rubbing my clit with my right hand and finger fucking myself with my left hand. All in front of an audience of around a hundred young adults.

It was one step from my wildest dream and I started cumming almost instantly.

The cheers from the audience was still quite loud when I started to get my wits about me and when it finally died down the MC announced that it was a tie and he gave us each a bottle of champagne.

Before the MC started with whatever was next I asked him if it was okay to leave my bag where it was, up against the rocks. When he agreed I walked off into the audience, still totally naked and trying to open the bottle of champagne.

I hadn’t seen her but I heard Bree’s voice and looked up to see her, Lizzy and Kori standing in front of me. All 3 were topless.

“Wow Emma,” Kori said, “that was some performance, did you really cum twice?”

“I told you yesterday. I don’t fake it, can you help me with this damned bottle, why do they make it so hard to get them open?”

Bree grabbed the bottle and soon the cork was flying up into the air. As we shared the champagne I said,

“Isn’t it about time that you 3 got naked as well as me and a few other girls?

Lizzy started the ball rolling and got naked. Bree followed her, Bree saying,

“What the hell, I guess that it might help me get laid.”

Then we heard the MC announce,

“Wow guys and gals, that last performance is going to take some beating but I’m sure that everyone will give it a fucking good try.”

“What’s he going to do,” Bree asked, “get people fucking on the stage?”

“I’m up for that.” I replied, “if it’s a cute guy that is.”

“There’s plenty of those here.” Lizzy added.

“Right guys and girls,” the MC continued, “we all know that it’s okay for girls to strip naked in front of guys but why should the girls have all the fun? Guys, how about we have a wet T-shirt competition for the guys? Any guys interested in showing their 6 packs and big muscles come on up.”

“This is a first for me,” Bree said, “I’ve never seen a guys wet T-shirt competition before, I wonder how many guys will enter, most guys are usually too shy to do something like that.”

“Maybe there’s some male strippers or strippergram guys here.” Kori replied.

That possibility looked quite probable as 4 guys walked to the ‘stage’ and I saw that all 4 of them looked as though they spent hours in the gym every day.

Soon, I could see all 4 guys at the back of the ‘stage’ wearing too small T-shirts and their boxers.

“Okay girls,” the MC announced, “similar format so lets see what these guys can do.”

Guy 1 came forwards and got a bucket of water tipped over him then the music started and he started dancing although the dancing was more of an opportunity for him to show his muscles. The T-shirt soon got ripped off revealing more muscles and a nice 6-pack.

I guess that the MC had told the guys that because there was only 4 of them they’d go straight to round 2 because the guy started lowering his boxer shorts. There was squeals of pleasure from the girls in the audience as the guy’s semi erect cock got revealed.

Not that I’m an expert on the subject of guy’s cocks but to me it seemed to be about the same size as the guys from the rooms on either side of mine.

The music track came to and end with the guy swaying his hips around and his cock swinging from side to side. The squealing from the girls in the audience told me that they were enjoying the show. Kori, Lizzy and Bree screaming into my ears. They were so engrossed in the show that none of them saw that the fingers on my right hand were playing with my pussy.

Guy 2 did a similar performance although his cock looked to be slightly smaller.

Guy 3 started out in a similar way but when he ripped off his T-shirt I was a bit surprised at the size of the bulge in his boxers and when he lowered his boxers out sprang an average sized hard cock that pointed up to the sun. Of course all us girls loved this and I could feel my ears vibrating to the level of the girl’s screams.

I could also feel my arousal level rising fast as my fingers worked harder and just as the track ended I past the point of no return and my legs struggled to keep me on my feet.

“Thank you Tom (the name Guy 3 had given)” the MC announced, “that was a solid performance. I do hope that all you girls are keeping your hands above your waists, if not, I hope that you are letting the guys around you see what you are doing. Now, would our last contestant please step forward.”

As Guy 3 walked to the back of the ‘stage’, Guy 4 stepped forward and Bree turned to look at me.

“Emma,” Bree said, “have you just …… My gawd girl, you’re one horny bitch.”
I wasn’t exactly in a position to reply to Bree because we heard Guy 4 tell the MC that he was a male model. There was a few screams from the audience then the music started and gasps and screams when he ripped his T-shirt off revealing an even bigger bulge in his boxers.

When he lowered them the gasps and screams got louder as out sprang a huge, fully erect cock. It must have been at least 8 inches long. I was sure that he was deliberately ‘dancing’ around in such a way that his cock was swinging all over the place.

“Thank you Guy 4,” the MC announced as the music stopped, “you said that you are a male model, are you sure that you aren’t a porn star?”

If Guy 4 had replied to that I didn’t hear him because of the noise from the audience around me.

When the noise level decreased enough the MC invited all 4 guys onto the ‘stage’ for the ‘dance off’, which was more like a posing session for the 4 guys. By then, all 4 cocks were pointing to the sun and the girls in the audience were loving it. I was a little disappointed that none of them started playing with their cocks but I was loving seeing them and my right hand was busy again.

Finally, the judging was done and Guy 4, with his still rock hard cock, was presented with a bottle of champagne.

When the noise level finally reduced the MC announced the next game, their own version of the UK TV dating show ‘Naked Attraction’. As soon as I heard that I handed the bottle of champagne to Lizzy and I was almost running to the front and the MC. By the time that I got there he was asking for 6 girls who would be prepared to strip naked and be judged in various states of nudity by 1 guy from the audience.

Within seconds there was a queue of volunteers with me at the front. I looked back over my shoulder and saw 2 other totally naked girls and most of the rest were wearing only their bikini bottoms.

Then the MC asked for a male volunteer, one who was at the back of the audience, presumably so that he couldn’t see the line of girl volunteers. As male hands went up, 2 of the MC’s male assistants went into the audience and blindfolded the male volunteer but kept him at the back of the audience, presumably so that the girls couldn’t see him..

Next the MC asked for another 12 male volunteers, explaining that they would be holding towels in front of the girls and raising them as instructed. Then he told the first 6 girls in the queue to line up, spread out along the front of the tarpaulin behind one of the towels and the numbers that were there, then the 12 guys to go one each side of each girl. The 6 girls were then told to get totally naked.

As I was already totally naked I just stood there but I did move my feet so that they were just over shoulder width apart. I’d seen one episode of the show so I knew what was going to happen.

The audience were treated to the sight of 6 naked girls lined-up, only one trying to cover her tits and pussy. The MC then told us 6 girls that our hands had to be by our sides all the time and if we couldn’t do that we would be replaced by another girl volunteer.

No additional girl volunteer was brought forward so I assumed that the girl who had been covering up had dropped her hands.

The MC then explained how the game would be played and the 12 guys lifted the towels in front of the girls so that we were covered from mid thigh up.

As the MC was getting the blindfolded male volunteer to the front, one of the guys holding the towel in front of me whispered,

“You should easily win this darling, you’re gorgeous.”

That comment triggered the need for my addiction to be fed and my right hand moved to my pussy.

“No covering up.” The guy on my other side whispered.

“I’m not covering up., besides no one can see my pussy yet.” I whispered back and I saw the guy bend a little and his head turn so that he could get a better look at my right hand.

“You go girl.” He said as he straightened up.

Presumably the blindfold was taken off the male volunteer because I could hear the MC asking him to comment on each girls legs in turn. He was being very brutal with some of his comments about girl 3 and it was no surprise to me when she was the first girl to be eliminated. In my peripheral vision I saw the guys either side of girl 3 drop the towel and she walked forward. Then I heard her say,

“Well, one man’s meat is another girl’s poison.”

And then a few groans from the audience.

Next, the MC asked for the towels to be raised up so that we were covered from the waist up. As my towel went up I moved my right hand away from my pussy and one of the guys holding my towel said,

“Getting close were you?”

“Yes.” I replied in a frustrated tone.

The comments this time weren’t so brutal and he seemed to be saying that he liked the opposite of what the girl was, for example he told one girl that I had noticed had only trimmed her pubic hair that he preferred clean shaven girls. About another girl who the MC had said was showing a lot of lip, the guy said that he liked neat and tidy coin slots. A third girl who had very broad hips was told that she shouldn’t have any problems if she decided to have any kids.

When it came to my turn the guy just said,

“Wow, she looks ready for it.”

When the MC asked him what he meant the guy replied,

“Well look at her clit is already out and looking very proud, and she looks wetter than the ocean.”

I guess that most girls would have been very embarrassed at that comment, but not me, I was grinning and feeling very proud of myself. I was also quite desperate to finish what I’d started a few minutes ago.

The cheers from the audience also told me that they agreed with the guy.

The girl with the very broad hips was eliminated.

Then the 8 towel holding guys were asked to raise the towels so that only our heads were hidden.

In turn, the MC started asking the guy what he thought of each girls tits. The comments from the guy were.

“It would be easy to suffocate between those.”

“Scary tattoos.”

“Not many of those to the pound.”

When it was his turn to comment on me he said,

“Nice and perky and her nipples look like I could hang my coat on them, plenty to chew on there.”

The girl with the huge tits was eliminated and the MC told the 6 remaining towel guys to remove the towels completely and he thanked all the guys for their participation.

Then it was the round where the guy had to comment on the 3 remaining girl’s faces. Thankfully he had the common sense to not be derogatory although he did say that he wasn’t a fan of face tattoos or piercings. His only comment about my face was,


The tattoo and pierced face girl got eliminated and I saw for the first time that when she was eliminated she had to go and hug the guy before disappearing into the crowd.

“Right everyone, before we ask each of the 2 remaining contestants to tell the guy a little about herself there is just one more person who has to get naked. Ready when you are mate.” The MC said to the guy who looked a little stunned.

I guessed that he hadn’t seen the TV show.
The guy slowly removed his T-shirt and shorts then looked to the MC for confirmation that he meant totally naked. The MC gave a ‘come on then’ gesture with his hand and the guy slowly dropped his boxers revealing a reasonable, semi-erect cock.

“Right then, the final elimination,” the MC asked, ”would girl 3 please tell our contestant who she is, how old she is, where she comes from and why she entered this competition.” 

The first 3 answers were not worth repeating although they were in a strong Brummie accent, but as she answered the last answer I saw the guy’s cock twitch.

“I only got here last night and I wanted to see if I could catch a guy to spend tonight with.”

“Well, win or not,” the MC replied, “I’m sure that you won’t have a problem doing that. Now,” contestant number 1, same questions.”

I gave my first name and told the truth for the next 3 questions, the fourth answer being,

“I entered this competition because it really turns me on being seen by guys like this.”

I was still totally naked and my feet were as wide apart as they were when the competition started.

“I’m sure that that won’t be a problem for you today honey. Now young man, decision time, which of these 2 beauties are you going to turn down?”

I watched the guy as he thought about his decision, his cock starting to rise up.

“Well,” the MC said, “these 2 beauties are wetting themselves waiting.”

“THAT’S NOT PISS.” I heard from some guy in the audience which prompted a bit of cheering.

“Reluctantly, I’ll turn down girl number 3.” The guy said finally and she walked up to him. The 2 naked bodies hugged and when they parted I saw that the guy’s cock was now pointing at the sun. 

“Okay girl number 1,” the MC announced, it’s your lucky day, come and meet your date for today, and to the guy he said, “try not to get stabbed by her chest.”

I walked up to him and we had a naked hug.

“Ouch.” The guy said as my nipples met his chest.

“Hi,” I said, “How about we go and find somewhere to consummate our date?”

“What.” The guy replied.

“Let’s go and fuck.”

The guy smiled and I grabbed his cock and led him through the audience then to the water’s edge.

“Well.” the MC announced, “I think that we all know what those 2 are about to do. Right, we’re going to take an hour’s break before the next games so go and get some more beer and food. We’ve put out 5 small tarpaulins for anyone who wants show the rest of us some erotic dancing. That’s guys as well as girls.”

With the waves trickling over our feet, I looked at the guy’s face and said,

“So are we going to fuck or what?”

“I’m game if you are.” He replied.

“Down on your back mate, I’m going to ride you until you cum.” I said.

As he got down I quickly looked around and saw a dozen or so people watching us. I looked at each of the guy’s faces and felt a little shudder knowing that I was about to ride a cock with them watching. 

“Another first.” I thought.
And I did, bouncing up and down on him as he molested my tits, nearly pulling my nipples right off my tits. I rode him right though my first orgasm and was so close to cumming a second time when I felt him pump his warm cum deep inside me.

I kept bouncing and just managed a second orgasm as his cock started to go soft. I just sat there getting my breath back and feeling his cock get softer and softer.

When I finally rose to my feet the guy’s cock looked a lot smaller but it was covered in both our juices.

“I’m going for a quick dip to get cleaned up.” I said and turned and walked into the sea.

“That feels nice,” I though as I rubbed my pussy, not to start another fix, but to make sure that my pussy was clean. I even fingered myself to make sure that I cleaned the inside of me to try to release any cum that was reluctant to leave my body.

Suitably refreshed I looked around for the guy and wasn’t disappointed when I couldn’t see him so I went back to see what was happening at the ‘stage’. To get there I had to pass the food and drinks tables and I saw Lizzy, Kori and Bree stuffing their faces.

“Hi ladies,” I said, “good to see that you haven’t chickened-out and put your bikinis back on.”

“Are you joking,” Bree replied, “I never thought that being naked with all these people around us could feel so good.”

“Yeah,” Lizzy added, “all we have to do now is find some guys to fuck us.”

“That shouldn’t be too difficult,” I said as I grabbed some food. “there’s plenty here, just go up to a guy who you fancy and ask them if they like your outfits. I’m surprised that you haven’t been hit on already.”

“We have, we just didn’t fancy the guys.” Kori replied.

After finishing eating and drinking I decided that I wanted to put on a bit of a show, similar to what I do when I’m in camgirl mode, so I went to see what these ‘small’ tarpaulins were like. They were only a couple of metres square and 3 of them had girls in just bikini bottoms dancing on them. Two of the girls looked to be quite ‘happy’ and were trying to dance sexily.

I didn’t think much of the music track that was playing so I stood near one of the empty tarpaulins that was near a group of guys.

“Are you going to have a go.” One of the guys asked.

“Depends on the music.” I replied.

“I like seeing naked girls dancing.” Another of the guys said.

“You should look at some of the camgirl websites, there’s lots of naked girls dancing on those.”

“I know,” the guy replied. “I watch them all the time back home but it’s better seeing girls in the flesh. Hey, you look a bit familiar.”

I think that he was going to continue but I interrupted him by saying,”

“I was just in that Naked Attraction game.”

“Yeah, I saw you but there’s something else …..”

Just then the music changed to a track that I liked so I went onto the tarpaulin and started dancing, twerking and hip gyrating and thrusting to the beat of the music; and sliding my hands ALL over my body.

The music changed to a track that I liked even more, one that I often played at home when I was showing myself on my webcam. I sort of got carried away with myself and I did what I often do at home, fall back on my bed, put my legs up in the air, spread them very wide and frig myself to a very satisfying orgasm. The only real differences were that the tarpaulin was harder than my bed and in my bedroom and I don’t have a bunch of real guys staring at me.

The orgasm hit me just as the track was ending but I finger fucked myself until all the waves of pleasure had gone.

“Girl, that was so fucking hot.” I heard one of the guys say.

I was still flat on my back with my legs spread wide when the MC interrupted the music and announced that the games were about to start again and that the first game was called ‘Kiss My Ass’ and he needed 5 girl volunteers, ones that thought that they had great  butts.

Well, I was up onto my feet and right in front of the MC in seconds and as I was getting there I saw that some helpers were rigging up what looked like a big sheet with 5 holes in it, all about butt height and around 30 to 40 centimetres in diameter.

“Wow ladies,” the MC announced, “I didn’t think that there would be so many of you that wanted to show your bare butt, but don’t worry ladies, we can have 2 rounds of this game.

Now, can I have 5 male volunteers please, and don’t worry guys, I’m not going to ask you to get naked.”

Once 5 guys were selected, us 5 girls were given a big card with a number on it and told to go and stand in front of the big sheet.

“Right guys, take a good look at the girls and remember their numbers.”

Thirty seconds later us girls were told to go round the back of the big sheet and the girls who were still wearing their bikini bottoms were told to take them off then we we told to pick any hole in the sheet at random and when the MC shouted NOW, stick our butt in the holes in the sheet.

 “Okay guys,” the MC announced, “pick an ass and you have 30 seconds to kiss that ass and then decided which number girl the ass belongs to, starting from NOW.”

As I pushed my butt up to the nearest hole I bent over, spread my legs wide and pushed my butt through the hole knowing that my pussy would be on show as well as my butt.

Within a couple of seconds I felt a guy kissing my butt, but it wasn’t just my butt, his tongue quickly found my wet pussy and and was working its magic. The guy really knew how to use his tongue.     

I looked to the girls at both my sides and saw that all the other 4 girls were stood upright, either not wanting or not realising that being up straight their pussies wouldn’t be available to the guys. 

As my arousal started to increase the MC announced that the time was up and the tongue disappeared from my butt.

“Okay guys,” the MC announced, “tell me the number of the girl whose butt you just kissed.”

All 5, in turn, said a number and us girls were then told to come round the front of the big sheet and stand in the same order then hold up our numbers. Only the guy who had kissed my butt got it right and the MC thanked everyone who had taken part. As we all started walking towards the audience the MC announced,

“Not you number 1, you get to go into round 2, stay where you are.”

The 4 waiting girls joined me, the MC recruited 5 more guys and round 2 got under way. That process didn’t take long and by the time I was sticking my butt through the hole in the big sheet I just knew that there was 90% chance that if the guy was any good I’d get the fix that I desperately needed.

He was, and I did, the guys holding the big sheet up staring at me, one of them smiling. Out the front the guy licking my pussy had to back-off early because my body was jerking about.
When the guys were guessing which girl’s butt they had been kissing I heard 1 guy say,

“That’s definitely number 1, that pussy, sorry, butt was sticking out just like she did in the last round.”

“Okay girls,” the MC announced, come on round the front and let’s see which guy was right.”

We did and this time 2 of the guys got it right, me being one of them. The MC told all the contestants that they could leave, and again he held me back. With the microphone behind his back he said to me,

“I’m pretty sure that you’ll like this next game, hang around here.” Then he announced,

“Well guys and girls, we only have one more game to go and this one gets VERY personal. I’m looking for 5 girls who are prepared to get naked and lay spread eagle on the ‘stage’. But before all you girls run up here stripping all your clothes off, I need to tell you that this is a pussy eating competition.

I watched as a 7 girls stepped forward and joined me I saw that Bree and Lizzy were 2 of them.

“Hmm, 8 girls,” the MC said, “I guess that we can play the game with all 8 of you. Get naked girls, you are going to heaven and you’re not gonna know who took you there.”

Everyone watched as the 3 girls who weren’t naked took their bikinis off then the MC told all 8 of us to go over to the stage and spread out in a straight line facing the audience. As we did so I saw 8 local guys move in and we were all blindfolded and given a big cards with a number on it. Finally we were all told to lay on our backs with our feet nearest the audience.

I didn’t know what the other girls were doing but I remembered that the MC had said that we were to lay spread eagle so I spread my legs quite wide. As I lay there with my pussy on full display to around a hundred young people I heard the MC ask for 8 guy volunteers.

“Woah there guys,” The MC announced, this game could go on for a while so there’s a good chance that all the guys here will get the chance to eat some pussy.”

I suddenly had a vision of 50 guys lining up to eat my pussy and the tingling in my pussy and nipples suddenly go a lot stronger and my pussy felt like a river was flowing out of it.

“Okay guys, the first 8 of you go and stand between one of the girl’s feet.”

I felt the tarpaulin near my feet move a little and I guessed that an unknown guy was now standing between my feet looking down at my spread and very wet pussy.

“Right guys, the rules are simple,” the MC announced. “When the bell rings you start eating the pussy in front of you. When the bell rings again 1 minute later you stop eating, stand up then move to the girl on your right. The guy at the end on the right has 5 seconds to get to the girl at the other end of the line. When the bell rings again the process starts again. Now just one important rule guys, you can nibble but please, no biting, we don’t want to have to send a girl to hospital to get her clit sown back on.

Girls, there’s a guy stood by your head and he will count the number of times that you cum, and be warned, all those guys are good at telling if a girl is faking it. When I stop the game the girl who has cum the most times is the winner. Are you ready guys?”

As the MC was saying all that I imagined the game going on for hours and me cumming hundreds of times. I was a very happy little bunny.

The bell rang and I felt movement between my legs then a tongue licking up the length of my slit. I moaned, then moaned again when the tongue found my clit.

That first minute felt to me like 10 seconds that certainly wasn’t enough to make me cum, and the 5 second interval was an eternity and enough to lower my arousal level.

The second tongue was just as good, or bad, as the first one, and again it didn’t make me cum. When the bell rang again I started to wonder if that 1 minute then the 5 second interval was designed to make the girls as horny as hell but not to make them cum, to edge them.

Then I had an idea. Just before the bell rang to start the third round of teasing I swung my legs up and over. Catching them with my hands I locked them behind my shoulders leaving my pussy looking up at the sky and still spread quite a lot.

“Nice one.” I heard the third guy say just before his mouth attacked my pussy.

That was better, the guy obviously found it easier to get at my pussy and in that 1 minute, not only was his tongue doing a pretty good job, but I also felt one of his fingers sink into my hole. I hoped that the subsequent guys did the same.

Most of them did and as the sixth guys tongue and teeth attacked my pussy I started to cum.

That damned 5 second break was a real pain as it allowed my orgasm to just about fade away and when the next guy started to attack my pussy the next orgasm had to start almost from scratch.

During one of the change-over intervals I heard the MC organising the next 8 guys ready to move in to replace the first 8. By that time I’d cum twice and a third one was building.

On and on it went with me having orgasms as every 3 or 4 different guys attacked my pussy. I would have loved to see the faces of all the guys that ate my pussy, but as a consolation I had lots of orgasms.

I have no idea how long it went on for, nor how many different guys tasted my pussy but I was starting to get a little tired. As soon as the MC announced that the game had ended I dropped my legs and pushed the blindfold up. Quickly getting up on my elbows I saw that 1 girl was missing. I guessed that she couldn’t cope and had withdrawn somewhere along the line. I wondered if she had had any orgasms.

The MC then announced the scores and I was pleased that I had cum 8 times, the nearest being Bree who had cum 6 times.   
It was a knackered me that collected my bottle of champagne and headed to where I had last seen Kori. Bree and Lizzy caught up with me and Bree told me that I looked knackered.

“I am, but you don’t look much better.”

We found Kori and we all went to the water’s edge, sat in a row with the water lapping up our legs and over our bare pussies because we’d all spread our legs a bit, and we drank the champagne.

Champagne gone, I got to my feet saying that I was going to get some beers. As I walked I looked around and saw people everywhere. Some were talking in groups, others dancing. Just about all the guys were topless and a large percentage of the girls were as well. Around a quarter of the girls were naked. Some couples were all over each other and I saw one girl with her legs up around a guy’s waist and he had his hands under her bare butt and was raising and lowering her.

A couple of guys tried to hit on me with stupid questions but one group of 4 guys put an idea in my head. As I walked back passed those 4 guys I said,

“There’s 4 of us girls at the water’s edge if you fancy joining us.”

I watched the guys look at each other then start following me.

“Look what I’ve found.” I said as I sat down next to Lizzy and handed the beers out.

There was no space between each of us girls so the guys went round to the front of us, and because we all still had our legs open the guys could stand between our feet. After introductions, all 4 guys squat between our legs and I noticed that the guy between my legs spent most of the time looking well below my eyes.

As the small talk continued I could feel myself getting more and more horny. In the end I got to my feet, grabbed the guy’s hand and walked into the sea saying,

“Come on, there’s something I need you to do.”

Less than a minute later we were cock deep in the sea and I was floating on my back with my legs around the guy’s hips. As I’d walked into the sea I looked around and saw other couples that looked as if they were doing what I was about to do. It was another first for me.

“You know what to do now don’t you? I asked.

The guy didn’t need to be asked more explicitly, and soon I was sighing as his cock penetrated me and a few minutes later I was cumming for the, I have no idea how many times that day.

After we’d both cum I told the guy that I was going to have a bit of a swim to get refreshed. What I didn’t tell him was that I needed a piss as well and I didn’t know how yellow it would be.

As I got out of the sea I noticed that Bree and Lizzy were missing and when I looked around I saw them in the water with the guys who had been chatting to. I sat next to Kori and it wasn’t long before the guy gave up and left.

I asked Kori why she hadn’t joined the game earlier and gone into the sea with the guy that had been trying to hit on her.

“Wrong time of the month but I’m going to make up for it over the rest of the holiday.”

“Are you coming to the Beach Party next week?” I asked.

“Hell yeah, wouldn’t miss it for the world. You Emma?”

“Too right I am.” I replied.

Shortly after that we heard the MC announcing that the party was ending and it was time to start heading back and he asked people to make their way to the boats. When Lizzy and Bree got back we went and collected our belongings and headed to the boats. None of the 4 of us put any clothes on and I saw that quite a few other girls were getting on the boats either topless or naked.

On the boat there was more music but it wasn’t too loud to stop some guys trying to hit on us but the boat trip wasn’t that long and the guys got nowhere.

As the boats approached the little port I noticed other girls putting clothes on. When Bree asked me if I was going to put my T-shirt on I said that I couldn’t be bothered and that if anyone saw me and wasn’t happy then it was just tough for them.

Lizzy and Bree put their clothes back in their bags and the 4 of us walked together to the coach still totally naked, but we weren’t the only girls still naked, I saw a couple of them heading to one of the other coaches. As no one complained I assumed that it really was okay for girls to be naked in public.

The coach driver just stared at us and I guessed that he’d had naked girl passengers before and it wasn’t long before us 4 naked girls were walking into the hotel in amongst the rest of the people who had been on that excursion.

The holiday Rep came into the hotel as well and before we went up to our rooms, Lizzy, Kori, Bree and myself joined a few others who wanted to book our places on the Beach Party excursion the following week.

Back in my room I had a shower then went and sat on my balcony, only to find Ben and Theo sat on their balcony. We talked about the Beach Party and they told me that they’d both eaten my pussy. After a while they climbed over the balcony divider and took it in turns at either end of a spit roast until we were all too tired to continue.

I had another shower then a nap before going out and getting some food.


The next day was another day at the beach on my own. I needed a quiet day after the Beach Party.

That day also marked the end of my first week there and I vowed to do every thing that I’d done the first week, on the second week as well. Well not everything, I didn’t book the Historic Tour again but for a few minutes whilst laying spread eagle on the beach I did wonder how easy it would be to get to that monument using public transport.

I also got a bit braver walking around the resort both wearing next to nothing and nothing at all.


I was really did have mixed feelings when it came time to come back to England. None of them being the desire to get back to normality at home. I really did want to repeat those 2 week over and over. I was also very proud of myself for the way I had got over my shyness with guys and I wondered if it was because I’d finally got laid.

I’d also discovered how easy it is to tease guys and to get them to do what I want just by flashing a lot of skin, the parts of a girl’s body that guys lust after. Up until that holiday I’d always had a little bit of guilt when I’d rubbed one out with guys watching me. Guilt that I was using them to feed my addiction, but that holiday knocked that out of me. My pleasure was my priority.


It took a couple of days for that middle-aged man to discover that I hadn’t moved out of my house permanently, then it was back to him standing outside my front window watching me exercise and feeding my addiction on my sofa.


The following Saturday I went back to Bethany’s shop to tell her all about my holiday and to let her know that I really wanted to model her clothes for her shop website and also make some videos for her porn website. Bethany told me that her boyfriend and some other male friends of theirs would be more than happy to help me.

We also talked about my addiction and Bethany told me that she knew plenty of guys who would help me with that as well.

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