Female Masturbation Addiction
by Vanessa Evans

Part 4

I decided that it was mechanical bull night but that gave me the problem of what to wear. It needed to be something that could easily fall off me as the bull gyrated and bucked. After looking through all my clothes I finally decided on one of my chiffon mini sarongs and a crop, sleeveless top that had no buttons and the front halves are held together by tying the 2 tails at the bottom. I’d decided that when I went to get on the bull I’d loosen the knots so that it would take very little for them to come undone. 

With just some money and my room key in my little shoulder bag I left my room and adjusted the sarong as I walked so that as I walked my slit got exposed for a second as one leg went forwards.

That night I got some take-away pizza and went and sat on a bench at the side of the main walkway to eat it. Under the bright street lights anyone walking by would have been able to see my slit as they walked by, but I never saw anyone looking.

The mechanical bull bar wasn’t that busy when I got there so I kept walking around watching people and hopefully them seeing what I was displaying and before long I just had to walk down to the beach so that I could find a quiet place to rub one out to feed my addiction.

When I got back to the mechanical bull bar there was a lot more people there, and people on the bull so I went in and went to where I could book a go on the bull.

The guy taking the bookings and the money looked me up and down, and with a smile on his face he said,

“Are you sure that you want a go at riding the bull?”

“Yes I do, why?”

“You have seen how people get thrown about haven’t you?”

“Yes, why?” I replied.

“Oh nothing, there’s about a 20 minute wait, go and get yourself a strong drink, you might need it.”

I guessed that he was trying to get me to loose some of my inhibitions which was something that I definitely didn’t need to do, I wanted to be fully aware of what was happening and what people could see, so I went and got myself a cola then went and stood near the man to watch the other ‘victims’. I also looked around the bar at other people who were watching and I was pleased to see that most of them were ‘happy’ young guys. Just the audience I needed. I also loosened the knots on my top and sarong leaving just a simple over and under and hoping that they wouldn’t come loose until I was on the bull.

When it was my turn the same guy looked me up and down again and asked me if I really wanted a go and when I said that I did he was grinning from ear to ear. Two minutes later I was taking my shoes off and walking over the inflatable mats to the bull with the man next to me.

Standing next to the bull he told me that he’d help my up then tell me how to hold the Horn of the saddle, how to wrap the thin rope around my hand and how to hold my spare hand out to help me balance. Even as he gave me a leg up I knew that he could see my pussy and when I was straddling the bull the sarong was already up above my pubis. He was looking at my pussy as I held the Horn and wrapped the rope around my hand.

As he walked back to the controls I looked around and saw going on for 50 people watching me. I felt my pussy get even wetter and the tingling get stronger.

The controller started the bull slowly, gentle turns and dips. Then he gave it an attack of the shudders and a quick spin. Those actions were enough to unravel the knot on my sarong, and because it wasn’t long enough for my butt to trap it on the saddle, it slid off me and disappeared. I heard loud cheers from the audience and saw a couple of camera flashes.

The controller did the same again and I could feel that the knot in my top was getting looser. Then the bull started turning and dipping very similar to what I’d seen the previous riders ‘endure’ and I felt my top open fully displaying my tits to everyone.

This seemed to go on for hours but was probably only a couple of minutes before the controller really started to get serious and I was really fighting hard to stay on as the front of the bull went right up and my body tilted so far back that I was sure that my head was lower than my butt. I guessed that that was what the controller wanted because my top slid up around my neck then off my free arm which I’d put behind my head ready to break my fall, if / when I fell off as the bull slowly spun around.

Somehow, I managed to stay on and the bull which then nose-dived and my top slid down my other arm so that it was wrapped around my hand that was somehow managing to still grip the Horn of the saddle. My bare butt was up in the air and to all intent and purpose I was totally naked riding that bull as the controller slowly spun it again giving the audience and their cameras plenty of time to record my spread pussy.

The controller again raised the front and slowly spun the bull again and I managed to realise that he was trying to show everyone my very wet pussy that wasn’t helping me to stay on the bull because it was leaking my juices all over the saddle. Then it was another nose dive and slow spin so that everyone could get a good look at my butt again.

Finally, the controller did the fast spins and jerks that had managed to throw all the other riders and I was no exception as I went flying, landing spread eagle, on my back, right in front of a group of cheering young men who really gave their phone cameras a good workout.

The controller came over to me and helped me to my feet and I looked for my clothes. My top wasn’t far away and I got it and put it on but didn’t tie it. My sarong was a different story and neither me nor the controller could find it. After a couple of minutes looking for it the controller said something that I couldn’t understand but he also pointed to under the bull where I saw my sarong tangled in the mechanics of the bull.

Then the controller went beside the bull, looked at the saddle and said, this time in perfect English,

“I think that we need a towel to dry the saddle before the next girl climbs on.”

I quickly came to the conclusion that my sarong was gone for good and that I was going to have to leave there bottomless. The controller led me to his control station and picked up one of those little, rectangular bar towels and offered it to me. I wasn’t sure if he was offering it to me to go and wipe the saddle, or for me to use it as something to cover my pussy. I declined the offer and asked for my shoes and bag.

As soon as I got them my mind started thinking about my addiction, I desperately needed to get another fix so I intended to get out of there and down a side road or something to get a bit of privacy to take care of my need.

However, getting out of there wasn’t the plan for the first group of ‘happy’ guys that I came to as I attempted to get out. They surrounded me and started asking me all sorts of questions,

“Did you do that on purpose?”

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Will you come back to our hotel with us?”

“Enjoy being naked do you?”

“Can you grip this like you did that saddle?”

“You’d look much better without the top on luv. Can I help you take it off?”

That last question was followed by 2 hands coming to my top at the shoulders from behind and pulling it off me. This time I didn’t have a hand strapped to the horn of the saddle and my top was soon completely off me. I guess that it helped that I didn’t put up any resistance.

The next thing that I knew was that there was a huge bouncer standing beside me saying,

“Are these guys causing any problems young lady?”

The ‘happy’ guys turned and walked away as I said,

“No, not now, thank you.”

“Have you lost all your clothes then?”


“I could probably find you a T-shirt.”

“Thanks, but I’ll be okay.” I replied as I realised that I was about to do another first, walk most of the way along the main and lively street wearing nothing but shoes.

I made my way out, ignoring the odd comment and whistle, and started walking back to my hotel but as soon as I saw a quiet street I turned and went and stood behind a parked van where I lent back on it and spread my legs. My fingers got very busy and it wasn’t long before I reached the quite intense orgasm.

As I started to get my wits about me I thought,

“Jeez, I really needed that.”

Then I headed off towards the hotel getting more comments, whistles and offers of a bed for the night.

It was only when I got to the end of the main drag and turned off to go to my hotel that I realised that I’d walked passed hundreds of people whilst totally naked. I felt that familiar tingling again and just had to get back to my room to get on my back and rub another one out, but this time using my toys to help me.

There was a couple of couples in the hotel lobby when I got there and although they stared at me I confidently walked passed them and up the stairs. In my room I grabbed my magic wand and lay one my bed with my legs wide open and got to work whilst thinking about my ride on the bull.

As I was relaxing in the afterglow of another orgasm I heard guys talking, and as I looked out onto my balcony I saw Owen, Jackson and Mason on their balcony, all looking at me whilst talking and drinking.

“Hi guys,” I said when I walked out onto my balcony, “got one of those to spare?”
Thirty seconds later Mason was holding out a bottle of beer for me.

“Thanks,” I said, “I need that. I haven’t seen much of you 3 lately, what have you been up to?”

“Oh just drinking and hitting on the girls.” Jackson replied.

“Any success?” I asked.

“Yeah, we’ve had our moments.” Jackson replied.

“But not as good as that 4-some that we had with you.” Mason added, “fancy another one?”

“I may be up for that.” I replied. “I’ve had a bit of an arousing evening myself and it’s left me quite horny.”

“Oh yes,” Owen said, “tell us more.”

“Well I went and had a go on that mechanical bull and I lost all my clothes.”

“I wish that I’d seen that.” Mason said.

“Me too.” Jackson added.

“So how did you get back here?” Owen asked, “You didn’t walk back like that did you?”

“Yep, and that just added to my arousal.”

“That explains the rubbing one out just now, and I thought that it was just for us.” Mason said.

“I didn’t know that you 3 were out here when I started, but if you 3 climb over here I’m sure that I can service all 3 of you, I’m still quite horny.”

There was no way that those 3 guys were going to turn down an offer like that and they quickly climbed over the balcony divider and what followed was very much like our first gang-bang although it left me drained of energy.

I needed a shower after the 3 of them had finished with me, but I just couldn’t be bothered to get off the bed and I quickly went to sleep covered in sweat and cum.


“What are you doing Owen?” I asked when I woke up.

“Fucking you like we agreed.”

“But I’m covered in dried sweat and cum. I need a shower.”

“Who cares, just lay still and let me add to the cum inside you.”

I didn’t exactly stay still, I just had to match Owen’s thrusts and before long I was getting my first fix of the day.

After a long shower and doing my other bathroom things I was ready for what I was hoping would be another fun-filled day, maybe even doing another first for me. As I sat on the balcony enjoying the early sun and still fresh air, I reflected of my holiday so far. I had done so many ‘firsts’ for me, and possibly done some things that not many girls had ever done, but I still had a lot of fucking to do to catch up with what I considered the average girl my age would have done.

As I sat there with my feet up on the railings and spread wide, I realised that my right hand had crept to my pussy and my fingers were toying with my clit. I’d already had one fix for the day but another one was probably going to happen quite soon.

My brain was just starting to concentrate on my clit when I heard a male voice say,

“Morning Emma, looks like it’s going to be another hot one.”

It was Theo, and I turned my head and replied,

“Oh hi Theo, yes, it does look like it, not complaining are you?”

“Hell no, that’s why I’m here, 2 weeks of sunshine. You never get that in England. Oh, and the girls of course. You girls are so much more beautiful over here.”

“You mean we don’t wear much and you can see lots of skin.”

“Well yeah. talking of which, do you ever wear clothes Emma, every time that I see you you’re like, naked.”

“Yes, of course I do. Oh hi Ben, have you come to enjoy the beautiful, fresh morning as well? And Theo, I’ll be putting something on to go down for breakfast in about 10 minutes.”

“We’re not B&B so we’ll get something when we go to the beach later. What are you doing today Emma?”

“The beach as well, maybe I’ll see you there.”

“Yes, and we can cover you in sunblock again.”

“Yes, that was nice. If you’re still here when I get back from breakfast maybe you could rub some on me before I head out to the beach.”

I slipped on another of my sideless T-shirts and went for some breakfast. When I got back I took the T-shirt off and went out onto the balcony and, surprise surprise, Theo and Ben were still sat on their balcony wearing just their underwear.

“Hi guys, still here, I thought that you’d be on your way to the beach by now.”

“Naw,” Theo replied, “we thought that we’d help you out first Emma.”

“That’s very kind of you boys, why don’t you come on over, I’ll provide the sunblock.”

They were stood either side of me in seconds so I said,

“Why don’t we go inside boys, I can lay on the bed and you can do me there.”

As I turned to go inside I saw Theo and Ben look at each other and by the expressions on their faces I guessed that they were hoping to ‘do me’ in more ways than one.

Picking up my bottle of sunblock, I handed it to Ben and lay face down on my bed, spread my legs wide and said.

“Same as last time guys?”

“Sure.” Theo replied.

What followed was almost a copy of what they did to me the previous time, including making me cum, except without an audience. What happened next didn’t happen down at the pool because as  I came down from my high and looked up at the 2 guys and said,

“Fuck me guys, here and here.” And I pointed to my pussy and my mouth.

The smile on their faces was priceless and I guessed that they were about to get their first fuck of their holiday, maybe even their lives. Upon reflection after it was all over, I think that it was probably their lives because neither of them was as good as the trio from the room next door on the other side. But I wasn’t complaining because I’d made them both cum and they’d made me cum.

“Okay guys,” I said, “you need to go now and I need to get ready to go to the beach.”

As they were climbing over the balcony divider I said,

“Maybe see you down there guys.” Knowing full well that I wouldn’t because I’d be on a different beach to them. 

I cleaned up my pussy and had a drink of water then got ready to leave.

All my subsequent days at that clothing optional beach followed roughly the same pattern as the previous days but with a few of exceptions.

Firstly, on 4 of the days men offered their services to rub sunblock on me and unsurprisingly, I accepted their offers, each time I was on the main beach and I got them to rub it everywhere. Two of them I had to ask them to rub it between my legs after they seemed reluctant to do it. All 4 of the men made me cum before I thanked them then told them that I was going to start some serious sunbathing.

Three of the days I wore my Lush and was a little disappointed that it didn’t seem to attract more attention than without the pink antenna hanging down between my legs. Even in the Beach Bar people’s reaction to having a nude girl customer with a pink antenna between her legs didn’t change.

Oh, and I never let any of the men who came near me on the beach, or the dunes actually fuck my pussy but I did change the way that I let them cum on me. I stayed on my knees with them all around me and I went round them wanking them until they shot their loads all over me. Sometimes I’d suck their cocks as well, but I usually backed off them when I thought that they were about to cum and let them unload onto my face, hair or tits. Then it was a walk down to the sea, sometimes passing people on the beach, with the men’s cum all over my  hair, face and body. I got a few very strange looks.

The way that I could control those men gave me some confidence that I never realised that I had.

When I got back to the hotel it was straight into the pool, and that evening Owen, Jackson and Mason were there. After they took it in turns to fuck me in the swimming pool Owen told me that it was the fancy dress pub crawl night and he asked me if I’d be going on it.

“I don’t think so,” I replied, “I didn’t bring a fancy dress outfit with me.”

“Don’t worry about that Emma,” Owen replied, “we’ve been talking and have something planned for you that we think you will like.”

Intrigued, I told them that if I liked what they had planned I would go with them.

Up in my room I’d just finished in the bathroom when all 3 of them climbed over the balcony divider and came into my room. I was still totally naked, but that was nothing new to them. All 3 of them were dressed in togas and Mason was carrying a plastic bag that showed that it had something in it.

“Gang-bang time already is it guys?” I asked.

“We hadn’t planned on that but if you’re offering ……” Owen replied.

Forty minutes later I was heading into the shower again whilst the guys took it in turns to use their shower. When I emerged I saw that Owen was looking in the drawer where I kept my toys. When he saw me he said,

“We were planning on using some of these, is that okay with you Emma?”

“Sure.” I replied, “On me I presume, and not you 3, I don’t want my butt plugs up you guy’s butts.”

“No chance Emma,” Owen replied, “we were thinking that you could be our naked slave girl for the evening.”

“You mean that you want me to go on a pub crawl totally naked?”

“Not quite,” Owen replied.

From my toy drawer he selected a few things and put them on the bed and with my wrist and ankle cuffs in his hands Owen said,

“I don’t even want to know what you use these for at home Emma, and why on earth did you bring them on holiday with you?”

“Well,” I replied, “back home I do a bit of camgirl work to earn some extra cash and some of my clients like me to wear them.”

“Nice,” Jackson said, “have you got a spreader bar in there as well?”

“No, that wasn’t in the drawer when I grabbed everything. Anyway, it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase.”

“Might have a substitute for that. Jackson said.

“Shall we get you dressed-up then Emma?” Owen said.

I laughed because from what I could see they weren’t going to put any clothes on me.

Firstly they put the ankle and wrist cuffs on me and fastened my wrists together behind my back using the little karabiner that was with them (it’s a bugger to unfasten when I’m on my own), then the pink dog collar. Mason picked up my Lush and said,

“Does this thing have a sound activation mode Emma?”

“It does.” I replied.

“Get your phone and set it to that please Emma.” Mason instructed.

I did, then Mason told me to get on my back on the bed where both Owen and Jackson grabbed an ankle each and lifted and spread my legs wide. I looked at Mason and saw a huge grin on his face as he eased the Lush inside me saying,

“Jeez Emma, does that pussy of yours ever dry up? In this heat I would have thought that it would be dry all the time.”

“That’s normal girls,” Owen said. “Our Emma is different, she’s permanently horny, even first thing on a morning.”

“How do you know that Owen?” Mason asked.

“Err, she told me so.” He lied. Then he whistled, a wolf-whistle, and I gasped as the Lush responded.

“It’s working then?” Owen asked.

“Yes it does.” I responded and thought that I wasn’t going to last long.

“Are we ready then?” Owen asked.

“Just one more thing,” Jackson said.

“Three things actually.” Mason added as he got some rope out of the plastic bag.

Jackson tied one end of one length of rope to the dog collar whilst Mason fastened one end of another length of rope to the karabiner at my wrist cuffs and then fed the rope between my legs then pulled it tight, the rope going tight against my pussy causing me to gasp and say,

“Hmm, that’s nice, but please be careful with that rope, you could cause me a nasty injury.”

“I’ll kiss it better.” Owen said, then added, come on guys, lets show everyone our slave.”

Finally, Jackson said,

“Bend over and spread your legs wide Emma.”

I did, then I felt a metal butt plug rubbing up and down my slit, then going inside my vagina. When it came out I felt it being pressed against my butt hole which slowly opened to let it in. As my butt closed around the plug I felt the faux fur tickle the backs of my thighs. I was going to wear my long, pink, fox tail all evening. I also thought,

“If that doesn’t attract people’s eyes to my pussy, nothing will.”

I asked Owen to keep my room key in one of his shorts pockets because I had nowhere to keep it.

When we got down to the lobby there was about a dozen other people there, all in fancy dress. I saw one girl who had somehow found some body paint and had some shorts and a top painted on her. Her tits were much bigger than mine and they flopped about as she moved reminding me of how lucky I am.

All the unattached guys gathered around me. Some asking how my pink tail was held in place. Assuming that they meant my fox tail and not my Lush antenna, I told them. One youngish looking guy asking me if it hurt.

Ben and Theo were there and they looked at me and smiled. I wondered if they were hoping to fuck me later and were annoyed that I was there with Owen, Jackson and Mason.

Jackson was holding the end of the rope that went under my pussy and he kept giving it a gentle tug and I wondered if he was trying to get me to cum because it was resting alongside my clit.

Anyway, after a few minutes the Rep came in as announced that it was time to go to the first bar. As I was led out 2 things happened. Firstly I saw a larger group of young people waiting outside, presumably from another hotel(s), and secondly the Rep came up to me and said,

“Wow Emma, I thought that you were more of the confident, dominant type, not the submissive type.”

“Or maybe these 3 are forcing me to walk naked through the streets all tied up like this.” I replied.

“I doubt that they are forcing you Emma, you look like you are enjoying it far too much for that.”

He was right, my nipples were rock hard and if / when anyone looked at my pussy they would see that my clit was all hard as well; and I was tingling something rotten. I just knew that I would be cumming quite soon.

Off we all walked, with more unattached guys hovering around me. I wondered if they had spotted the girl who was just wearing paint, or if they had, they hadn’t looked close enough.

What I hadn’t thought about was the rope rubbing along the inside of my vulva and my clit, and just as we were approaching the first bar I said,

“Jackson, stop, please stop.”

He did and then asked me why.

“Touch my clit and you’ll find out.”

He did and I let out a long groan as I started cumming and shaking.

“Bloody hell.” I managed to hear Jackson say, “that didn’t take much, what are you going to be like by the end of the night?”

When I had some control over my body again I replied,

“It wasn’t my idea to put that rope between my legs.”

Jackson smiled then replied,

“That was a stroke of genius wasn’t it?”

“No.” Came out of my mouth but I was thinking,

“Yes, I must remember that.”

Some of the guys had been following me, probably staring at my butt, hsd stopped too. Whist I was talking to Jackson I heard,

“Did she just cum?”

I smiled and thought,

“Hang around mate, there’s probably going to be a lot more where that came from.”

As we got closer my Lush responded to the loud music and the louder it got the faster the vibrator went. When we couldn’t get any closer to the bar Jackson gave Owen the rope and told us that he was going to fight his way to the bar. Mason went with him.

“Are you okay Emma?” Owen asked.

“Living the dream.” I replied.

Owen went to my right side and he lowered the rope a bit so that it fell away from my pussy. Then his right hand moved in and cupped my pussy. I sighed as his middle 2 fingers found their way into my wet and very warm tunnel.

“Don’t stop.” I said, and he didn’t, well not until he felt my body shaking.

“That was quick.” Owen said.

“What do you expect Owen, I’m naked in a very public place and my vibrator is going mental inside me.”

“Oh yes, I forgot about that.”

“Didn’t you feel it when you finger fucked me?”

“Yeah but ….. .” 

Owen didn’t get a chance to finish whatever he was going to say because a drunk young man came over to us and asked Owen if he could whip his naked slave.

“Nope,” Owen relied. “Go away.”

“Would you like to be whipped or spanked Emma?” Owen continued.

“I don’t know, I’ve never been spanked or whipped.”

“Apparently some girls get off on it.”

“I don’t know if I would, I’ll have to try it sometime.”

Just then, the painted girl walked over to us and said,

“Hi, I like your costume, did you bring it with you?”

“Not the rope, these guys got it somewhere here. Either that or they brought it with them intending to tie some lucky girl to her bed and fuck her brains out.” I replied.

“Nice, I’m Lizzy by the way.”

“Emma, this is Owen and the other 2 Slave Masters are Jackson and Mason. I like your paint job, good isn’t it Owen? Did you do it yourself?”

“Ever tried painting your butt Emma?” Lizzy asked.

“Good point Lizzy.”

“There’s a tattoo shop close to the McDonald’s. The old guy there does body paint as well as tattoos. He’s a bit handsy, if you know what I mean, and he insisted on painting everywhere between my legs, but he’s done a good job. He gave me the option of a paint that will wash off when it gets wet, or one that should last 2 or 3 days if I don’t get too rough with it. I chose the cheaper wash off job.”

“Oh shit.” I said, “I’m gonna cum again.”

As the orgasm took control of my body I vaguely heard Owen say,

“She got a vibrator inside her that gets activated by noise.”

“Oh yes, I’ve got one of those but I’m not wearing it tonight. Thought that the antenna might attract too much attention.”

“Emma here likes attention.” Owen said.

“So I’ve noticed. I’ve seen her around the hotel. Oh, you’re back on earth Emma, I was just telling Owen that you’re an exhibitionist.”

I said nothing because I’d already decided that I was,

Jackson and Mason returned with 4 bottles of beer and Mason held one out for me and I just looked at him. When he twigged he said,

“Oops, forgot.”

“Give it to Lizzy here.” I said. “Mason, Jackson this is Lizzy.”

“Seen you around the pool Lizzy, like your outfit.” Jackson said.

“Mind if I hang with you guys tonight, the girls that I came on holiday with are being total idiots tonight.”

“No problem,” Owen said, “it’s nice to have another naked girl with us.”

“Yes,” Mason said, “It’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

“It’s nice for us girls as well.” I replied.

“Yeah,” Lizzy added. “I’ve been horny ever since I left my room.”

I looked at each of the guys and I just knew what they were thinking. Lizzy took a swig of the beer and then held the bottle for me to take a drink. Soon after that the Rep appeared and announced that we were moving on to the next bar.

As we started walking down the street the imminent orgasm abated as my Lush shut itself down due to the diminished noise and I got more comments about me being naked or having the pink fox tail sticking out of my butt, or me being led by a rope that was constantly rubbing my pussy.

However my relief, no, that’s the wrong word, my delayed orgasm started to build inside me again as we approached another bar with very loud music.

“Are you okay Emma?” Lizzy asked.

“Yeah, my vibrator just burst into life and I’ve got one building inside me.”

“Where’s your phone Emma?”

“Back at the hotel.”

“Oh, you’re in for a fun night then Emma.”

“Tell me about it, it’s already made me cum twice, or was it 3 times, I can’t remember.”

“And that’s before all the pleasure from you being naked in public.” Lizzy said,” I wish that I’d brought mine with me now.”

The second bar was much the same as the first one. Crowded with loud music, which kept my Lush busy, and not many people taking much notice of the 2 virtually naked girls, although Jackson was talking to Lizzy quite a lot. I wondered if they’d end up fucking somewhere.

My Lush made me cum twice, one of the times helped along by Owen touching my clit.

When we were in the third bar there was a bit of a panic when there was shouts of “COPS.” One of the barmen hustled Lizzy and me to the nearest wall and told a bunch of guys to form a wall around us. When Owen asked the barman what was going on he told us that the Cops were just there to check on the bar’s licences and that they’d just have a quick look around then go. They did, and the wall of guys hiding Lizzy and I did its job.

The fourth bar was a bit different as well, after we’d been there for about 10 minutes, during which the loud music had made me cum, everything went quiet and one of the Reps announced that all the people in fancy dress should go to the little stage for the judging for the best costume. Owen was holding the rope that went from my wrists behind my back and between my legs, and he gave it a bit of a tug causing me to moan a little, then he pulled on it and led me to the stage.

The bar had been so crowded that some of the guys there hadn’t seen me and there was a lot of cheering when I stepped onto the stage and became visible to everyone there. Lizzy had come with me and was standing next to me as the Rep announced that he’d ask each person to step forward in turn and the winner would be the one who got the loudest cheering.

I won but I thought that it was a bit unfair because Lizzy was arguably more naked than I was but I wondered how many people couldn’t tell that she was just wearing a very thin layer of paint.

“Well I certainly felt very naked and it was such a turn-on, but hey, you looked more natural Emma and all the guys like the idea of having a naked slave especially when they saw your pink tail and antenna.” Lizzy later told me, and when I thought about it I could see her point.

Anyway, after the competition the guys decided that we were heading back to the hotel and Lizzy decided that she’d head back as well. As we walked back Lizzy told us that her mates had their room key and that she’d have to wait in the lobby for them.

“No you won’t Lizzy,” Jackson said, “you can come to our room and have a beer with us.”

“And you guys can stop pulling me along with that damned rope that’s been pressing on my pussy all night, and you can free my hands so that I can get a proper drink.” I added.

The old guy on reception didn’t even look at us when we entered the hotel and as we were walking along the corridor I said,

“Why don’t you guys get the beer and come to my room, there aren’t suitcases and clothes everywhere.”

“Are you saying that we are untidy Emma?” Mason asked.

“Yes I am, and the evidence is through that door.” I replied.

In my room Owen freed my hands and rubbed my shoulders whilst I pulled my Lush out of me and Lizzy asked if she could use my shower. When Jackson and Mason appeared with the beer Jackson asked where Lizzy was and when I told him he said,

“I’ll go and help her, scrub her back for her.”

“Room for a third person in there?” Mason asked.

“No,” I said, “but when she comes out of there what are you 3 guys going to do with 2 naked girls?”

“Fuck you.” Mason replied.

“So be patient, drink your beer, then we’ll have some fun.” I replied.

Yes, the 3 guys did fuck both Lizzy and me on the beds in my room, and at both ends of us. Just when I thought that the mini orgy was coming to an end Owen asked Lizzy and me if we’d make out whilst the guys watched.

“I’ve never had sex with a girl before.” Lizzy said.

“Neither have I.” I added.

“Have either of you watched girl on girl videos?” Mason asked and we both nodded.

“Well you know what you like so just do what those girls in the videos did.” Mason said.

I felt awkward as I looked at Lizzy but at the same time I was still feeling the glow after being fucked so I leant forward and gave Lizzy a quick kiss on her lips and before I knew it we were properly kissing and all 4 hands were wandering all over the other’s body.

As we were kissing I thought,

“Another first.”

I also thought that it was nice kissing someone that didn’t have a prickly stubble.

After a couple of minutes another ‘first’ presented itself as the guys started chanting ‘69’ over and over.

“Here goes.” I thought as I swung my leg over Lizzy and got into the classic 69 position.

I looked at Lizzy’s pussy and did a quick comparison with my own. Lizzy has much bigger inner lips than my almost non-existent ones and her clit is smaller than mine. As I kissed her pussy I thought how soft it was, then some sort of instinct took over and I started licking her slit from one end to the other.

I moaned as I felt Lizzy do the same to me, then I started doing to Lizzy what the 3 guys, and Theo and Ben, had done to my pussy and it was working because I realised that all the juice that my tongue was feeling wasn’t coming from my mouth. What’s more I could feel my own pussy juices flowing as Lizzy chewed my clit.

I orgasmed first and Lizzy kept going until she too orgasmed, my face suddenly getting a lot more of Lizzy’s juice on it. As I started to come down from my high I wondered if my pussy had tried to drown Lizzy as well.

I rolled off Lizzy and looked at the guys and saw 3 hard cocks pointing to the ceiling above us.

“Ready for round 2 girls?” Jackson asked.

Before either Lizzy or myself could answer the guys pounced on us and it all started again.

About 40 minutes (I think) later the 3 guys had had enough, and to be honest, so had I. The guys left and Lizzy turned her head to face me and asked,

“Do you mind if I stay right here for the night?”

I didn’t answer because I was already asleep.


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