Female Masturbation Addiction
by Vanessa Evans

Part 2

When I woke up I saw that it was still dark outside but the room lights and the balcony light was illuminating the room and I could hear male voices. I was only half awake and didn’t think anything of the voices and went straight back to sleep.

When I woke up again the sun was streaming into my room and the air was warm but fresh. I stretched then went out onto the balcony and took a few deep breaths. The weather was great, the place was great and I felt great. I sat on one of the chairs and put my feet up on the railing then spread them wide. Without even thinking my right hand went to my pussy and my fingers started toying with my clit.

My first fix of the day arrived a few minutes later, accompanied by a few loud moans. Just as I was getting my wits about me again I heard a male voice say,

“Hi there, needed that did you, I could give you something better.”

My head quickly turned to look where the voice had come from and I saw a young man about my age, looking over the divider between my balcony and the next one. My heart skipped a couple of beats before I managed to reply,

“Hey, it’s beautiful out here at this time of the morning.”

“It sure is, the scenery is awesome. I’m Owen, didn’t I see you down by the pool yesterday afternoon?”

“Oh shit,” I thought, “that was one of the names that I heard from the 3 guys looking down on me. Play it cool Emma, don’t clam up and run away.”

“Possibly, I was sunbathing down there for a while.”

“You were naked down there as well, didn’t you bring any clothes with you or did the airline lose your suitcase?”

“Yes, no, I’ve got clothes, it’s just that I want to get an all-over tan.”

“Well you’ve come to the right place, are you here on your own then?”

“Yes, I’m Emma, arrived yesterday afternoon.”

“So you haven’t been to the Reps Welcoming Party yet?”

“No, she said it was at 10 o’clock this morning.”

“It is, the Beach Party excursion is amazing, they’ve got this mainly American theme to it, you know, ‘Girls gone wild’, ‘Nebraska Co-eds’. ‘Skin to Win’, ‘Real Girls Gone Bad’, that sort of thing, you’ll enjoy yourself dressed like that and if you bring yourself off like that you’re sure to win all the competitions. They also have their version of the UK TV Naked Dating program, Naked Attraction, you might find yourself a cute guy there Emma.”
I felt myself blush a little as I lied,

“Not heard of those but they sound like fun.”

“You should definitely go on that excursion Emma. Are you full board or just B&B?”

“B&B, why?”

“You should think about getting down there, the restaurant closes at 10.”

“What time is it now?”

“Twenty past nine.”

“Shit,” I said and I got to my feet. “Maybe see you later Owen.”

I went to the bathroom and did my thing then had to decide what to wear. I opened the drawer and pulled out the top thing which was as long, oversized, sleeveless T-shirt that has no sides. The bottom corners are tied at each side to stop it going all over the place but at the same time leaving both the sides wide open. It covers my back and front when I’m just stood there but reveals everything when I move about.

I felt good as I walked down the stairs and to the little restaurant. There weren’t many people in there and it struck me that most of the people in the hotel would still be in bed sleeping off the last nights booze, but I didn’t intend to get drunk and I wanted a good breakfast to set me up for the day.

It was a buffet with only one waiter who appeared to be serving coffee. As soon as I sat down he was stood beside me asking if I’d like a coffee. My tit on his side of me was half exposed but he never seemed to stare at it.

There was a couple of geeky looking guys getting their food at the buffet and when I went over to get mine they stared at me, possibly because I had to bend forward and the T-shirt was hanging low and they where probably looking at my hanging ‘A’ cup tits.

I smiled at them when I stood up straight but I got no reaction from them.

I sat eating my breakfast with my left hand be cause my right hand was a little busy between my legs.

Breakfast finished I went to the lobby which was where the Holiday Rep on the coach had told us the Welcoming Party would be. There was a couple sat on one sofa and a couple of guys on another but that was it so I wandered around the lobby looking at the various notice boards. One of them was used by the holiday company that I was with so I took more notice of that one and after reading a couple of things I bent over to pick-up a couple of brochures that were on the low table in front of the notice board.

As I was deciding which brochures to pick-up I heard a female voice say,

“I can see that you are getting into the spirit of things straight away, nice T-shirt.”

I stood up straight and turned to see the young woman Rep that had been on the coach.

“Oh hi, yes, got to enjoy myself, I’m only here for a couple of weeks.”

“Exactly, make the most of it and there’s plenty of single guys here to choose from.”

I wasn’t sure what she was implying but I wondered if she thought that I was there to fuck as many guys as I could.

“I wish.” I thought.

The Rep went over to the sofas and sat at one with a table in front of it and started sorting through some papers. Then a waiter appeared with a tray of glasses of champagne.

“Help yourself guys,” the Rep said, “we’ll just hang around for a few minutes to see if anyone else turns up.

I went for a glass and as I was bent over I realised that the 2 guys had a good view in the side of my T-shirt so I took my time then stood up and looked at the guys. Both were smiling so I went and sat on the big arm chair that was opposite them and didn’t cross my legs.

There was deadly silence as everyone waited and slowly sipped their probably very cheap champagne.

I had put my bag on my lap but I slowly spread my knees and when I saw the 2 guys looking at me and my pussy, my right hand moved to my pussy to start my second fix of the day.

I was still diddling my clit when some more people arrived, a couple of girls sitting next to the 2 guys. One of them looked over to me then smiled. As I smiled back I saw her eyes go down to my legs then they opened wide and I guessed that she’d seen that I was playing with my pussy.

Then the Rep started talking. Most of her spiel was boring but I did learn a few things about the resort. I also noticed that the 2 guys and the 2 girls spent half their time looking at me, or should I say up my bare legs. By the time the Rep got to talking about the excursions that they offered, my knees were about shoulder width apart and all 4 of them could easily see me diddling my clit.

My show came to and end when the Rep started taking names for the excursions. She did that by going to each group and taking their names, and their money. When she came to me she sat on the arm or the big chair and said,

“Emma isn’t it?”

“Yes it is, how did you know?” I asked.

“You’re the only single girl that arrived yesterday, so which excursions would you like to go on?”

I booked the Historic Tour, which surprised her a bit, and also the Beach Party. That didn’t appear to surprise her and she said,

“I’m sure that you’ll have a great time, there’s usually lots of cute guys to choose from and lots of opportunities for girls to show themselves. As I said earlier, this year we’ve got for an American Naughty Girls theme. I just know that you’ll be very happy with the party games.”

I smiled but didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything to Owen earlier but I had seen a few Nebraska Co-eds and Real Girls Gone Bad videos and I couldn’t wait for loads of cute guys to see me totally naked and playing with my pussy.

As soon as I’d booked my excursions I went back to my room to get ready to go out for the day. I was eager to check-out the beach that Bethany had told me about.

As I was gathering the things that I needed I wondered if I should take any of my toys with me but I decided that for my first visit there I would be totally natural. Putting my sunglasses on I picked up my tote bag and headed down to the lobby, still wearing just that sideless T-shirt and some sandals.

My first stop was to ask the girl on reception how to get to the bus station and then it was off for what apparently was a 5 minute walk.

It was, but it was a little breezy and the front of my T-shirt kept bellowing out leaving a big gap between it and my bare front giving a couple of guys a bit of a pleasant surprise. The bus station was easy to navigate and with a ticket bought I went to where the bus would stop and joined the other people waiting. There was quite a few of them and I hoped that I would be able to get on.

The warm breeze seemed a little stronger at the bus station and my T-shirt was really dancing about but I did nothing to hold it to my skin and anyone nearby would have seen what was underneath it.

When the bus finally arrived everyone got on, including me although I had to stand in the middle aisle. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it was just as windy on the bus as it was off the bus and as it drove along with all the windows open and the men sat either side of me, it was billowing about and letting those guys see my body. I spent the whole journey looking outside to see everything that the bus was passing.

When the bus arrived at the beach I followed everyone and soon saw the sea and the acres of beach and sand dunes. I stopped for a few seconds not really believing that I was going to spend a few hours each day for the next couple of weeks in such a wonderful place, it was gorgeous.
Before I moved on I pulled on the ties at the bottom of the T-shirt and soon it was in my bag and it was quickly followed by my sandals. I was now 100% naked on the edge of that beach and it felt amazing.

My pussy thought so as well because it was begging me for some attention but I wanted to explore a little before a found somewhere to get my next fix.

There weren’t that many people on the beach but I did see some people in the dunes and I guessed that they had found places to keep out of the breeze although I found it quite refreshing.

After a few minutes walking along the water’s edge and feeling the warm sea going between my toes, I stopped and turned inland then a few metres in I decided that I had found my spot for the day. After covering my body with sunblock I lay on my back with my legs towards the sea and spread wide. It felt amazing feeling the warm sun on my pussy and I never wanted it to end.

It didn’t take long for my right hand to move to my pussy and start giving me the fix that was long overdue. I had a quick glance to my left and right and didn’t see anyone looking although there were a handful of people walking along the water’s edge. Some were men and I wondered if they’d get close to me before I managed to make myself cum.

Three young men did arrive in front of me before I orgasmed but I was rapidly approaching the point of no return and was pleased that they stopped to watch me.

As I went over the edge my hand dropped away and I could feel my still very spread pussy convulsing. As it started to join the thousands of memories of other orgasms somewhere in my brain I wished that I’d had my phone setup on my selfie stick or my GoPro with me so that I could have recorded my first ever orgasm on a beach.

I touched my clit and gasped and jerked a little then looked towards the sea and saw the 3 men still stood there watching.

“Hang around guys,” I thought, “It won’t be long before I’m doing that again.”

Then I closed my eyes and relaxed, my addiction was sated, well for a few minutes and the sun felt wonderful on my naked body, what more could a girl want?

Unfortunately, that didn’t last, I guess that it was something to do with not having seen everything on and around the beach and me not fully in chill-out mode yet and I got restless. I tried laying on my stomach for a while, and with my legs spread wide and my right hand under me and toying with my clit but I needed to look around some more so I got to my feet, put everything in my bag and started walking.

When I got to the end of the beach I saw that there was a little village or something.

“Why not.” I thought and kept walking although I had to put my sandals on because the tarmac was hot.

I got to the other end of the houses without seeing anyone other than a couple of cars that just zoomed passed me. I decided to head back to the beach by taking a different road and soon found myself beside the main road that the bus had used.  Thinking that it couldn’t be far to where I got off the bus I walked alongside the main road. I was still naked and as I walked I thought about all the people in the cars seeing me. That started my pussy tingling and the desire to get another fix.

I walked round a corner and there was the bus stop that I’d got off the bus at so I headed towards the beach but this time I took a different path through some dunes Just before I hit the main beach I stopped and went behind one of the sand hills.

“This will do.” I thought, got my towel out, spread it at the bottom of the hollow, got on my back and started rubbing my pussy.

As my arousal level rose up I saw first one middle-aged man, then another on the top of the sand hill, and they were watching me.

“Okay,” I thought, “they’re not cute hunks but they are men so I guess that they are better than no men.

Our eyes met and when I didn’t react both men moved closer to me. By the time they got close to me it was 3 men, then 4 and they were real close to me and staring at my naked front.

One of the men pushed his shorts down and started wanking. Then I saw more middle-aged men walking towards me, then another pair of shorts hitting the sand, then another.

“Oh my gawd,” I thought, where are these men coming from and are they all going to cum on me? This is awesome.”

I didn’t get an answer to the first part but I did get and answer to the second part as squirts of cum landed on my body from my hair right down to my pussy which still had my right hand rubbing my clit.

More and more loads of cum landed on me, the last one just after my orgasm started.

“Oh my gawd, that was totally awesome.” I thought as soon as my brain started working again.

As my brain cleared I thought that this was way better than just being seen masturbating by men. The thing was, after each of these men had cum on me they just turned and walked away, it was like I’d dreamt it all except that I was covered in sperm. The other thing was that all of the cocks were much smaller than the ones that I’d seen in the porno videos on the internet.

I finally got to my feet, picked up my towel and bag and continued my walk to the beach thinking that that was the first time that I’d seen a man cum in person and the first time that I’d had sperm on my skin. With my free hand I spread some of it around on my skin and felt the texture, it was just like what I’d read on the internet. I wanted to taste it but I decided to wait until I got some from a younger model of man.

The beach wasn’t crowded but there were a lot more people on it than before and about half of them were totally naked. I enjoyed looking at all the different cocks as I walked to a space where I dropped my bag and towel and walked into the sea.

Oh my gawd, the sea felt so much better than the swimming pool, the water was rushing passed my nipples and pussy as I just stood there. I swam around for a bit and rubbed my body and pussy. Cumming in the sea was awesome but I was glad that my feet could touch the sand.

When I finally got out I decided to walk along the water’s edge in the opposite direction to before. I enjoyed looking at all the cocks and being watched. I hoped that the men were staring at my pussy.

I turned a bit of a corner and was surprised to see a little Beach Bar. That sight made me feel a bit thirsty so I headed for it, trying to see if there were any naked people in it. I didn’t see any but I thought,
“Sod it, I’m going in regardless.”

No one said anything nor really took any notice of me as I walked in and up to the bar. I felt great as I stood there waiting to get served. I was the only one naked in that beach bar and it made my nipples and clit even harder, and they were tingling something rotten.

The youngish man behind the bar served my cola as if I was fully clothed and I went to a table at the front of the bar and sat facing the sea to consume my drink. I sat looking out over the people on the beach to the sea and wished that I could be on that beach every day of my life.

But being naked and aroused was making me want to feed my addiction again so I spread my knees and toyed with my clit. No one in the bar would be able to see what I was doing unless they came and stood right next to me but any of the people on the beach in front of the bar would be able to see exactly what I was doing, if they cared to turn and look. I don’t think that any of them did and when I finished my drink I got up and left.

I continued my walk until the beach ended then I turned and headed back but instead of walking along the water’s edge I headed into the dunes and walked along the many paths that went parallel to the sea.

I think that I was looking for some more men to be able to masturbate in front of but I didn’t see any single men wandering around. What I did see was a few people sunbathing in the dips of the dunes. Some were just sunbathing whilst other were engaging in sexual activities.

As I walked I saw one man fucking a girl doggy style, one man and girl enjoying each other 69 style. One man fucking a girl missionary style and one man fucking another man. That latter sighting wasn’t pleasing to me and I walked faster to get passed them as quick as possible. I cannot understand why a man would want to fuck another man when there are so many willing women about, but hey, ‘live and let live’ has always been one of my mottos.

When I got back to where I originally entered the beach I put my belongings down and went for another swim. After swimming for a few minutes I floated on my back and played with my clit. It was a good job that the water wasn’t too deep because when the orgasm arrive I found myself sinking and was saved from drowning by my feet landing on the sea floor.

Addiction fed, I waded to dry land and decided to sunbathe. I picked a place near 2 young couples and lay out on my towel with my legs spread wide. After a while I saw that the 2 couples had decided to kick a beach ball around. No problem but the ball did come very close to me at times and a few times I opened my eyes to see a girl or a guy picking up the ball from very close to my feet.

Through my sunglasses I watched all of them sneak a look at my spread pussy when they bent over to pick up the ball.

After about an hour of being naked and spread on a public beach and being looked at by those 4 people and quite a few people walking along the water’s edge, my addiction needed feeding again and my right hand made its way to my pussy and got busy and I masturbated in full view of those 2 couples and the handful of people walking by. I was so pleased with myself, and the orgasm was an intense one with my whole body jerking and shaking.

Orgasm over, I turned onto my stomach, spread my legs and dozed with a smile on my face.

I woke up after being out of it for goodness knows how long but everything around me looked the same. I decided that I’d had enough sun for my first day and got up, put everything in my bag and started heading to where I could catch the bus back to the town. I only thought about putting something on when the tarmac got too hot for my feet and I put my sandals and the T-shirt on.

I sat on a big rock near the bus stop to wait and the way that I was sat I knew that the other people waiting would be able to see my pussy and tits from either side of me. As I waited I made a few decisions, firstly that I would come back to that beach every day that I could, secondly that I’d bring some of my toys with me, and thirdly, subject to men appearing and wanting to wank over me, I’d give them a helping hand and maybe even suck a cock or two or let them eat my pussy. I was looking forward to doing the oral as I’d never done it before.

The bus back was a bit boring, there were not as many people on it so I got a seat, but I did toy with my clit as I looked out of the window.

Back at the hotel I went straight to the pool, took my sandals and T-shirt off and dived in totally naked. The water wasn’t as nice as the sea but it was still nice. It was only when I surfaced that I discovered that I’d interrupted a game of water polo but I was soon drafted into the girl’s team and the game continued.

How the guys called it water polo I will never know as there didn’t appear to be any rules other than if a girl had the ball then she was game to be groped by anyone who was near her. I enjoyed that part and reversed that rule and grabbed for a cock if a guy near me had the ball. I was pleased to discover that a couple of the guys had erections and I managed to get my hand on a bare one for the first time ever. I was surprised at how warm it felt in the cool water.

When the game finally dwindled out I went and lay on a lounger beside the pool with my legs flat and my feet well apart. The sun may have been starting to set but it was still out and the air was still hot.

I was hoping that at least one of the guys that had been in the pool would come and try to hit on me, and after about 5 minutes I wasn’t disappointed. I saw him walking towards me and I said to myself,

“Stay calm Emma, don’t panic, play it cool, just relax, act like you are talking to your mother.”

As soon as I’d thought that last bit I laughed at myself and the first words that the guy said were,

“What’s so funny, have I sprouted a second head Emma?”

“What? Oh no, I was just laughing at a stupid thought, nothing to do with you.”

Then I recognised the voice, it was Owen, the guy from the next room that I’d had a brief conversation with that morning. I lifted my sunglasses and confirmed what my ears had heard.

“Hi Owen, have you had a good day?”

“Yes thanks Emma, we went down to the beach to hang out there.”

“I haven’t been to the beach here yet, it’s not very big isn’t it?”

“It’s big enough. So Emma what have you been doing? You couldn’t have gone far because you haven’t got any clothes have you?”

“What, of course I’ve brought some clothes with me, what makes you say that I haven’t got any?”

“Well I’ve only seen you 4 times and each of those times you were only wearing your birthday suit.”

“Four times, I can only think of 3.”

“You were asleep on top of your bed when we got back to our room last night, well this morning.”

“Ah, yes, it’s so hot here, not that I’m complaining, where’s your mates?”
“They should be here any second, they went to get some more condoms.”

“Got lucky last night did you?”

“We did, a girl who wanted to be gang-banged so we just had to help her out.”

“Of course you did, lucky girl.”

“You could be lucky like that tonight if you want Emma.”

“Well you’re certainly not backwards in coming forward Owen.”

“You’ve got to be, we’re only here for few days so we’ve got to make the most of it. Would you like to be gang-banged tonight Emma?”

“What, why would I want that?”

As I said that I was thinking,

“Well I came here hoping to get laid but a 3 way gang-bang, I never expected to be that lucky.”

“Because we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy it.”

Before I could reply, and I didn’t know what to say anyway, Owen’s 2 mates arrived and Owen he introduced us, Mason saying,

“Oh yes, the girl who playing with herself over in the quiet corner.”

“It wasn’t so quiet last night when you were shouting down at me.”

“You looked good when we looked down on you yesterday and you look even better close-up Emma.” Jackson said. “She looked good on her bed last night but you missed that Mason, too busy throwing-up.”

“Yeah, sorry about that, must have eaten something.”

“Or you just can’t take your booze.” Owen sad, “Hey guys, we’re going to need those condoms tonight, Emma has offered that amazing body for us to play with tonight.”

“WHAT?! I never said that.” I replied.

“But you didn’t say no when we talked about it before these 2 got here. Tell you what, you let us buy you some food and drink and we’ll talk about it then.”

My mind was in turmoil, this wasn’t what I had dreamt of, nor expected, but it certainly had some appeal.

“Feed me and we’ll see how I feel later.” I replied.

“Do we need to lend you some clothes as well?” Mason asked.

“I prefer her like she is.” Owen said.

“Well maybe go out in a tiny bikini.” Mason added.

“Sorry guys, I didn’t bring any bikinis with me.”

“Bra and knickers then?” Jackson said.

“Didn’t bring any of those either.”

“Bloody hell Emma,” Owen said, “you’re certainly my kind of girl, it’s going to be a blast tonight.”

The conversation sort of ended there but it had left me in dire need of a fix. I thought about just rubbing one out right there and then but something was stopping me, and it wasn’t shyness. Then I had a brainwave,

“Guys, could one of you move to the other side of the lounger and one of you to the bottom please?”

“Are you going to rub one out for us right here and now Emma?” Owen asked,

“Sort of, but mainly for me, a girl has to do what a girl has to do, and right now my pussy needs a lot of attention.”

“We can help you with that, come on guys, the honey pot needs poking.”

I’d never heard that analogy before but hey, I wasn’t going to question it.

The 3 of them ‘crowded’ around my lower half and hands were soon on my thighs, stomach and pussy. Instinctively I spread my knees as much as I could then lay back, closed my eyes and let the 3 guys do their best.

Unsurprisingly, after all that interaction with them staring at my tits and pussy, it didn’t take long before I said,

“I’m gonna cum guys.”

As the fingers on one hand were thrusting in and out of me and another set of fingers were torturing my clit, I was rapidly approaching the point of no return and I was very happy when the fingers kept going as I was cumming and as the first orgasm started to subside, another one was rapidly building.

They stopped after I’d peaked 3 times and I just lay there. For some unknown reason I didn’t want to tell them that that was the first time that a man had done that to me, never mind 3 of them.

“That attracted a bit of attention Emma, are you always that loud when you cum?” Mason asked.

“No one has complained before.” I replied.

“Hey girl, we ain’t complaining, just saying,” Mason replied, “if you enjoy having an audience you should go on the Beach Party excursion.”  

“I am going on it.” replied.

“Good, you’ll enjoy yourself,” Owen said, “they’re much better than last year although the Rep this year isn’t as much fun as the one last year, this one won’t even get her tits out for the boys.’

I wondered if Owen was referring to Bethany but I didn’t say anything, possibly because I’d spotted 4 other people, 1 girl and 3 guys who had come close to see what all the noise was about.

I didn’t close my legs when my 3 neighbours got to their feet, Mason saying,

“Who’s for a dip to cool off?”

The 4 newcomers stared at me for a minute or so then turned and walked away as I was thinking,

“Wow, what a turn of events, it looks like today is going to have a lot of firsts for me.”

After a couple of minutes I got up and dived into the pool. When I surfaced all 3 guys surrounded me. Jackson asked me if I liked having guys hands all over my body and I told the truth, that I did, and before I knew it all 3 guys had their hands on me, some of them on my tits and pussy.

It wasn’t long before I was cumming again and it was a good job that 1 of them was cupping my pussy with 2 of his fingers inside me, because if he hadn’t I may well have sunk to the bottom of the pool.

“So Emma, are you going to come out for a drink with us tonight?” Jackson asked when I had recovered.

“Yes, I will,” I replied, “a bit of male company will do me good.”

“It’s a date then.” Jackson replied.

We talked small talk for a while then the guys said that they were getting out and going to their room to get ready and have some beers before going out.

“Yes, good idea.” I replied and got out of the pool as well.

After collecting our things we started walking towards the building and Owen asked,

“Not putting anything on then Emma?”

“No, why bother, I’d just take whatever off as soon as I get to my room.” I replied.

Mason walked along side me with the other 2 behind us and we walked through the lobby and up the stairs. Behind me, Owen and Jackson were quiet and I wondered if they were staring at my bare butt and pussy.

In my room I dumped my belongings and went and sat on the balcony thinking about what had happened and what might happen later when Jackson came out onto the guy’s balcony with 2 bottles of beer in his hand. He held 1 out towards me and I got up and went to get it.

“You’re a right cutie aren’t you Emma?”

“I don’t know, you tell me.”

“Well you’re the first girl that I’ve met that doesn’t appear to like wearing clothes and you certainly have the figure to be able to get away with it. Are you a nudist, or is it just a holiday thing?”

“I wouldn’t describe myself as a nudist Jackson, more of a girl who likes to be seen by guys. Guys looking at me when I haven’t got any clothes on turns me on.”

“Well you’ve got 3 admirers here that like looking at you like that so does that mean that you’ll be horny all the time that we’re with you?”


“And I like the way that you aren’t shy about cumming in front of us, there aren’t enough girls around that let themselves go like that.”

“If only you knew Jackson.”

“Have you got some little secret that you should be telling us about Emma?”

Just then Mason came out onto the balcony carrying his wet towel. As he put it over that railings to dry he said,

“Have you got an allergy to clothes Emma? Not that I’m complaining, hey, are you going to come out with us tonight like that?”

“I think that I’d end up in jail if I did.”

“I’m not so sure about that, we’ve seen loads of topless girls around the bars and the odd naked girl in the wet T-shirt competitions, hey Emma, you should enter those, you’d stand a great chance of winning.”

“Just so long are you aren’t seen by the cops giving a blowjob or getting fucked I think that you’d probably get away with it Emma.” Jackson added. “You should try it one night Emma.”

“Maybe.” I replied. “I think that I should go and start getting ready.”

“Don’t take too long, we don’t want to be deprived of looking at that gorgeous body of yours for long.” Jackson said.

“You say the nicest things Jackson.” I said as I got to my feet and went inside.

“Looks like I might just finally lose it tonight.” I though as I climbed into the shower.

As I soaped myself my fingers found my very slippery pussy, and that was before I put some soap on it, and I just had to rub one out before I continued. When it came to rinsing I lifted the shower head off the holder and used the jets of water to do the work that my fingers were so used to doing to give myself a fix.

Once finished in the bathroom I went into the main part of my room to do the other things that us girls do and I saw Owen looking at me from their balcony. I gave him a little wave and he waved back.

Then I had the decision of what to wear. I started going through all my clothes, sometimes holding something up against me. I finally decided on a cute little white skirt and a purple halter.

The skirt is only about 15 centimetres long and has a broad waistband above a pleated main part. It’s made of some sort of lightweight fabric but the best part is that at the front the hem goes from my right thigh to my left hip and only just covers my slit. It has an elasticated waist and can be twisted around so that I can show as much of my slit and pubis that I want.

The halter top is small and only just covers my tits but it’s also see-through so it hides nothing.

I decided not to get dressed until just before we went out so I was still totally naked when I went back out onto the balcony.

“Going out like that Emma?” Owen asked when he saw me.

“No, I’ll get dressed just before we leave, it will only take a minute.”

“I hate it when women take hours to get dressed.” Mason said, “I just don’t understand why it takes them so long.”

“Yeah, me too,” Jackson added.

“Hours to get ready and seconds for us to take it all off.” Owen added.

“I thought that men liked watching girls undress themselves?” I asked,

“We do,” Owen replied, “It’s just that sometimes we can’t wait and just want to get on with it.”

“You mean the fucking?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Owen replied.

“Well even if I wanted to undress myself it would only take less than a minute however I did it.”

“Does that mean that you want us to undress you when we get back Emma?” Jackson asked.


“Hmm,” Owen said, “want another beer Emma?”

“Not at the moment thanks, I don’t drink much and I’m sure that you don’t want me to pass-out or throw-up on you do you?”

That’s what I said, and it was true, but what I didn’t say was that I didn’t want to be unconscious or have a pickled brain when I had my first fuck, especially if it was going to be a gang-bang.

We talked about all sorts of things for the next hour or so and I was just loving the way that the guys were all hovering at the dividing railings so that they could keep looking at my body. Needles to say that I was sitting on a chair facing them with my knees well apart all the time.

After about 30 minutes or so Owen asked me if I knew that my right hand had started toying with my clit.

“No, I hadn’t realised, is it bothering you.”

“Emma,” Owen said, “you must know that that was a stupid question, no self-respecting guy would not want to watch you doing that, nor will we be upset if you make yourself cum. If you like we could climb over there and do to you what we did down by the pool.”

“Thanks for the offer guys, but if you climb over here we probably won’t go out at all. No, you 3 stay there and I’ll take care of my ‘need’ myself.”

None of the 3 looked that upset at me having turned down Owen’s offer, but there again, I was sure that they all believed that they were going to fuck me later, and I was hoping that they would as well.

The 3 of them watched as my fingers got busier, them passing the odd complimentary comment as I went. It wasn’t long before I announced what was about to happen and I’m sure that my body shaking and jerking told them that I wasn’t faking it. 

“So,” I asked when I started to return to normal, “have any of you suspected that a girl was faking her orgasm?”

Owen set the record straight by saying,

“Well I doubt that any girl could fake what you just did Emma, that looked 100% genuine to me, and no, I’ve never suspected that any girl I was fucking faked an orgasm, but there again, I suppose some of them could have been. I’d like to think that they were all genuine like you Emma.”

“Thanks, I’ve never even considered faking one, I have no reason to but I do really like cumming.”

“Sort of gathered that.” Jackson said.

“So how often do you make yourself cum Emma?” Mason asked.

“No idea, I’ve never kept a daily total but it must be into double figures, even when I’m at work.”

“You get yourself off at work?” Owen asked.

“Oh yes, but never at my desk, I always find somewhere quiet to do it.”

All 3 guys looked a little stunned so after a long silence I said,

“So tell me about these wet T-shirt competition that they have here, do some of the girls get naked?”

“Hell yeah.” Mason replied.

“So are you going to enter one Emma?” Owen asked.


“Do you want another beer before we go out Emma?” Owen asked trying to change the subject for some unknown reason.

“No thanks, I want to stay sober.” I replied.

“Fair enough, anyone hungry yet?” Owen asked.

“Yeah,” Mason replied.

“Okay, let’s go.” Owen replied, are you going like that Emma?”

“No, just give me a minute, by the time you 3 have had a piss I’ll be in the corridor waiting for you.”

And I was. I put the skirt on with the shortest part in the middle at the front so my slit was showing and, of course, the purple halter was see-through.

“You’re going out like that?” Jackson asked.

“No underwear Emma?” Mason asked.

“I thought that I told you that I didn’t bring any with me.”

“Did you? I guess that I wasn’t concentrating on what you were saying.”

“You were too busy perving on her naked body Mason.” Jackson said.

“Probably, can you blame me?” Mason replied.

“Hell no,” Mason replied, “that’s what all 3 of us have been doing for the last few hours.”

“Okay guys, you’ve all seen every bit of my body and there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll see it again so let’s go, can one of you keep my purse in your pocket please?”

Three hands we stuck in front of me and as Owen’s was the nearest I gave my purse to him before twisting my skirt a little so that my slit was only visible when I walked.

We set off walking to the lively part of town with the 3 guys deciding where they wanted to eat, and which bars they wanted to go to. As I had no knowledge of either I just let them argue it out.

It wasn’t long before the sound of loud music and the bright light hit us, and the number of young people walking the streets dramatically increased. Apart from the odd double-take no one really took any notice of my visible goodies, even when we went into a cafe to get some food. I guessed that the staff had seen thousands of tits and mine were nothing special. 

From the cafe we hit the bars. Mason said that we’d probably go into 3 or 4 before the night was over. The first one was loud and dark, and full of young people, some who had obviously been drinking for hours. Owen bought 4 bottles of beer and we stood around barely talking and looking at the other drinkers in there. It wasn’t the sort of place I would have gone, with or without a boyfriend.

The second bar was much quieter and we managed to get a table outside. It wasn’t long before a waitress appeared and Jackson ordered 4 large beers. As the girl was walking away the guys turned their heads to watch the lower half of butt cheeks as she walked.

“So are you going to flash your pussy to all the people walking by then Emma?” Jackson asked.

“If you swap seats with me I will.” I replied.

Seconds later the seat swap was complete and I was sat with my knees wide open facing the people walking down the street.

“You really are an exhibitionist aren’t you Emma?” Owen asked.

“I guess so, but putting my pussy on display isn’t much of a turn-on if no one is looking at it.”

“We’re looking at it Emma.” Jackson said,

“Yeah, but you guys have been looking at it for hours, it’s strangers, people who aren’t expecting to see it that really turns me on.”

With that Owen shouted to a couple of guys that were walking towards us,


I was a little shocked that Owen would do that but I watched the faces of the 2 guys who looked our way then walked over to us. As soon as they spotted my bare pussy their eyes were glued to it.

“So guys,” Owen said, “what do you think of her pussy?”

“It, it’s fucking awesome man,” One of the guys said,

“Is this some sort of a dare or a bet?” The other guy asked.

“No,” Owen said, “She just likes guys looking at it so I thought I’d ask you over to have a good look at it.”

“Thanks man, appreciated, it’s awesome.“ The first guy said, “can we touch it?”

“You’d better ask the young lady.” Owen replied.

Everyone looked at me and I nodded my head.

They both touched my pussy, sliding a finger into my very wet pussy, then they thanked me and walked away.

I was still a little shocked as they walked away, then I said,

“I can’t believe that you let them do that Owen.”

“You enjoyed it didn’t you Emma, and it was you that said that they could.”

“Well yeah, but, I mean. Oh shit, I’m going to have to make myself cum now,”

“Don’t let us stop you.” Jackson said. “We like watching you do that.”

My knees were still wide open and seconds later I saw a tray of drinks being put on the table.

“Cute puss honey.” The waitress said as she lifted the beers off her tray.

I said nothing and didn’t move until she left then my right hand moved to my pussy. Owen was sat next to me and he said,

“Would you like any help with that Emma?”

My left hand moved to Owen’s arm and lifted his hand onto my pussy. I moaned as Owen’s fingers got to work.

Owen wasn’t as good as my fingers are but that was to be expected. What did make me cum quickly was the fact that the fingers belonged to a man. I quickly lost interest in anything other than my pussy and It was probably a good job that nearby bars were quite noisy because I wasn’t quiet. When I orgasmed my body jerked and shook, and Owen removed his hand.

It was only as I started to come down from my high that I looked around. All 3 guys were grinning and a young couple walking by had stopped and were just staring at me. I pulled my skirt down and twisted it a bit in an attempt to cover my pussy but I was only partially successful because I was sat on most of the fabric.

“Cheers guys.” I said as I took a mouthful of my beer.

I was still quite sober but I knew that I could easily have too much to drink and miss all the fun that I hoped was going to happen so I didn’t drink any more of the beer and when the other 3 glasses were getting empty I poured nearly all of my beer into their glasses.

From there we moved to another bar and the 3 guys had a bit of a discussion as to which bar we should go to but they finally agreed and in we went, only for me to find out that they were having a wet T-shirt competition later that night. Now I’d watched videos of wet T-shirt competitions and I knew that I wanted to enter at least one whilst I was there but I would have liked to watch a competition for real before entering one.

However, that wasn’t to be as when Mason went to get some beers he came back and said that he’d entered me into the competition.

Not wanting to sound too enthusiastic, I said that I wouldn’t do it and asked if we could go to another bar.

“Aw come on Emma,” Jackson said, “you’ll ace it, and you’ve got a head start on the other girls in that you haven’t got any knickers on.”

“I don’t know guys, I’ve never entered one before.”

“First time for everything Emma.” Owen said.

I was silent as I thought,

“There sure is Owen, I’ve done lots of firsts and I haven’t even been here for 2 days yet, and if all goes according to plan I’ll have done a few more firsts by this time tomorrow.”

“Okay, okay,” I replied, “I’ll do it but you have to promise that you won’t laugh at me.”

“Laugh at you! That will never happen.” Mason said. “Now if any fat or ugly girls enter we may laugh at them but never you Emma, not with that killer body of yours.”   

“Thanks Mason. But I’m not a very good dancer.”

“You’ve danced before haven’t you?” Owen asked.

“Yeah, but not very often.”

“You’ll be fine,” Mason said, “just do what the other girls do.”

Well I hadn’t figured out what I’d do to start with but I’d certainly decided on how I was going to finish and I’d only seen one video of a girl finishing like that.

We drank and talked and no one really took any notice of my outfit, probably because most of the girls were dressed as skimpy as I was. During all the waiting I could feel my arousal level rising but at the same time I was quite nervous and I maybe had a little more to drink than I had planned. Not that I was drunk, far from it, but the alcohol did start to dull my nerves a little.

Finally, a man came over to us and spoke to Mason,

“Is this the girl who wants to enter the competition?”

“Emma, you’re up girl,” Mason said, “go and nail it.”

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