Getting Married Set Me Free
by Vanessa Evans

Part 9

Days 30 - 35

By that time I’d got a sort of routine planned out for each week. It didn’t fill all my time so I had time to start my Bucket List and think of other things that didn’t immediately spring to mind.


Mondays was helping Bethany in the shop. I’d travel into central London with Dylan, hopefully getting groped on the train. I was lucky that Monday and I had hands on my bare butt and pussy, and a finger inside me for a while, but no one groped my tits. I wondered if the gropers thought that my little tits weren’t big enough to grope.

The shop was as quiet as the previous Monday and I didn’t get the chance to let any customers see me naked. I also didn’t get the chance to model any clothes for a guy.

What I did get was, as I was browsing the racks I found some long dresses and skirts that I hadn’t seen before. I tried one of each on and was very pleased with what I found.

The skirt had a 25 centimetre section where there was only the waist band and I could slide the skirt round so that I could expose a thigh, my butt, or my pussy.

The long dress was amazing, it was side-less from my right armpit right down to the ground apart from just one narrow strap at the bottom of my ribs. The top part loosely covered my tits but as I walked around the shop the fabric floated back exposing my front from thigh to the other side of my pubis. I smiled as I thought about quickly walking on Dylan’s arm and if it was windy. I also imagined me attending one of Dylan’s formal events wearing the long dress and having may wardrobe malfunctions.

I put aside one of the dresses and one of the skirts, I was going to buy them, but when Bethany and Lucas got back she said,

I thought that you might find those, my latest creation, I’ve put one of each aside in the back of the shop in your size specially for you. I’ll get them and you can have them for free for helping me out.”

I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to model them for Dylan.

I had a great chat with Bethany and Lucas who told me that Tim was nearly ready to publish my latest ‘thief’ video.

Unfortunately, even though I’d worn a suitable skirt, I didn’t get sharked as I waited for Dylan outside the Underground station.

Dylan loved the new clothes and can’t wait for the next formal works event where partners are expected to attend.



The Tuesday highlight was my personal training. I again met James in the reception area and as soon as we got into the little workout room I stripped naked before James said anything. He just watched me with a grin on his face.

Okay Esther,” James said when I was stood naked in front of him, “I’ve got this training plan and we’ll just work through it each week. I’ll record your progress each week and in the future we’ll be able to see the progress that you’re making.

Each week I’ll check your muscles to make sure that everything feels okay.”

I looked at the sheet and quickly scanned down it. The last entry was ‘Kegel Exercises. My brain got an instant image of me squeezing James’ finger with my pussy muscles.

Okay, that looks good, shall we start?” I said.

We went to the mat in front of the huge mirror and James quickly saw the fake diamond of my butt plug.

That will help with the last item on the list.” James said as his hands slid all over my bare flesh.

The session went much the same as the first week but with James recording times and the number of reps that I did for each exercise.

As I was doing the press-up I couldn’t stop wondering if James was going to finger me when I did the sit-up. My arousal had slowly built through the session with James’ hands sliding all over my body and I really wanted to cum, If James didn’t make me cum I had decided that I was going to take care of myself after the last exercise.

Fortunately. when I started the sit-ups James was in the same place as the previous week and his hands were sliding all over my abdomen and genital area. After I’d dome a few sit-up James looked at my face and I’m sure that it was telling him to just get on with fingering me. My brain was silently begging him to do it as well.

I wasn’t disappointed and when I’d done half the required number of sit-ups, 2 of his fingers easily slid inside me and bent up. I started doing more sit-ups feeling his fingers rub against my G-spot as I strained.

It only took 4 more sit-ups to take me over the cliff and I flopped back onto the mat and started shaking and jerking. I could feel my pussy spasms and I was disappointed that James had removed his fingers.

When I returned to normal James said,

You’re not finished yet Esther, one more exercise to go. I’ve added Kegel exercises on Amber’s suggestion. Not being an expert on female anatomy I’m relying on her knowledge and advise.”

Oh yes, Kegel exercise. I’ve been doing a few of them with Dylan, he says that it’s better for me if I do them with his cock or his fingers inside me.”

Smart guy your Dylan, he’s right, would you mind if I put my fingers inside you when you do the Kegels?”

James, you’ve just made me cum with your fingers inside me so go for it. How many Kegels do I have to do?”

Twenty please Esther.”

My legs were still spread wide and James was still kneeling between my knees.

Let’s start then.” I said and I felt James’ finger invade my vagina causing me to moan a little.

Try and ignore the pleasure and concentrate on the Kegels Esther.”

That’s going to be difficult.” I replied and did my next Kegel.

Try and hold each one for 5 seconds Esther.”

I’ll try but with your finger there and my butt plug it will be a challenge.”

You can do it Esther try again.”

I did. The only challenge was to see if I could do the 20 without cumming again.

I didn’t. As I was trying to hold my tenth, another orgasm hit me. I felt James remove his finger then he just waited for the orgasm to take its course.

It’s okay Esther, it’s a perfectly normal reaction, no need to be embarrassed. Let me know when you are ready to continue.”

I had a little chuckle to myself,

Embarrassed no, horny yes.” I thought. Then I said,

I’m ready.”

James reinserted a finger and I clenched my pussy again.

Somehow I managed to do the second 10 without cumming again, but it was close.

When it was all over James was full of praise for me, telling me that I had done well and asking me if I’d be back the following week. I nearly said,

Too right I will, I love the things that you do with your hands.”

What I actually said was,

So do you think that I’ll be able to get my body in peak condition James?”

Yes I do Esther, repeat ALL of this routine each week, doing a little more each week and we’ll soon have you in peak condition and able to keep up with Dylan’s demands.”

I wasn’t sure what James meant by ‘Dylan’s demands but I let it slide and told James that I would be back the next week. I put my clothes on and headed to the changing rooms to get ready to have a swim wearing the same bikini as the previous week. I took the butt plug out, cleaned it at one of the sinks then put on the bikini, not tying the strings very tightly.

I walked out of the changing room and dived into the pool without seeing anyone looking at me. After a few lengths I checked my bikini whilst still neck deep and adjusted it so that my nipples were just exposed, and that the thong bottoms were pulled to one side so that my slit and clit were also exposed.

Then I got out and walked towards the area that had the sauna. As I walked I noticed that there weren’t many people there at all. From over in the kids area I could hear a few screaming kids but I couldn’t see them.

When I got to the sauna I was pleased to see a towel hanging on the coat hooks by the door into the sauna and when I opened the door the heat hit me. I’d never been in a sauna before but I’d read that they were very hot, and boy was what I had read right.

I looked around and saw only one elderly man in there, sat at the end of one of the benches. He smiled at me and said hello as I went to the other end of the bench and sat on it facing the man with my feet up on the bench and with my knees bent.

First time in a sauna?” The man asked.

Yes, wow, it really is hot.”

It’s to make you sweat and release all the nasty toxins.”

I looked at the man in more detail and saw that he was just wearing swimming shorts. He was also looking at me all the time. It was then that I thought about my bikini. Looking down I saw that my right nipple was still exposed but somehow the yellow fabric had worked its way up and was covering my left nipple. However, the thin fabric was wet and see-through so the man would be able to see my left nipple as well.

Looking down I saw that my bottoms were still to one side of my slit and I could see my clit. Since I got married either my clit hood has shrunk or my clit has grown because it always seems to be sticking out these days.

I ignored my exposure but the man was looking at what I was displaying and it was making me tingle.

That didn’t last more than a few minutes as I got hotter and hotter. I looked down at first my nipples and saw that, for once, they weren’t erect, just soft little bumps. Then I looked at my pussy and saw that, for once, my clit had also shrunk and was starting to disappear.

A few more minutes later and I had had enough. The man saw that I was starting to get overcome and he said,

Go and jump in the plunge pool, that will cool you down.”

That’s a good idea, if I stay here much longer I’m going to pass out.”

I swung my feet off the bench, got to my feet and had to quickly grab the door handle. As I walked out the man said,

Don’t try to go down the ladder, just jump straight in then turn and climb up the ladder.”

I need to cool down so I did what the man had said and VERY quickly thought that I shouldn’t have done that. Moving as fast as I ever had, I climbed out and rushed back into the sauna.

That was.” I started to say but before I could find the right word the smiling man interrupted saying,


That wasn’t the word that I was going to use, but yes, I guess that it was.”

This time when I sat on the bench I only lifted one leg up onto the bench and left the other foot on the floor. As I leant against the wall at the end of the bench I relaxed and said,

Wow, how come that pool didn’t have a layer of ice on the top? The water must have been below zero.”

They keep it just above zero so that Ice doesn’t form. Did you know that the Swedish people have lots of saunas and they sit around naked in them then run through the snow and jump into the freezing Fjords.”

Wow, I don’t know that I could do that.”

Well you’re nearly doing the first part young lady, my name’s Pete by the way.”

I’m Esther, what do you mean Pete?”

Your bikini, it isn’t exactly covering anything, and what it does cover doesn’t hide anything.”

I looked down my front and saw that jumping into the plunge pool had dislodged my bikini top and both my nipples were exposed. What’s more they were as big as I’ve ever seen them and they were starting to throb. Further down, one of my labia and my clit were also uncovered, and like my nipples my clit was as big as I’d ever seen it and it too was starting to throb.

Oh sorry,” I said, “I hope that I’m not offending you Pete.”

Not at all Esther, if you want to be like the Swedish people then that’s okay with me. The sauna here is usually quiet on a Tuesday morning and I’m usually here on my own.”

Really, it wouldn’t upset you if I took my bikini off?”

Not at all Esther. It will be nice to have a beautiful young woman to look at.”

I quickly decided that I was safe there so I pulled on the strings and was soon naked. I left my feet one on the bench and one on the floor knowing that I was giving Pete a great view of my spread pussy and my engorged clit and nipples that were rapidly raising my arousal level.

Unfortunately, as my arousal level was going up my body temperature also was and at a faster rate. It was only a few more minutes before I was overheating again and I had to get out. The naked me went to the plunge pool and jumped in again.

Jeez, it was cold. Was it really good for a human body to go from being so hot to so cold in a split second. Again I quickly climbed out and almost ran back into the sauna where I saw Pete smiling at me.

Feel good?” Pete asked.

Ask me again in a couple of minutes Pete.”

This time I lay on the bench with my feet quite close to Pete but with one of them on the floor. I saw Pete staring at my pussy but I was too cold to even think about what I was showing. Then Pete spoke,

It’s funny how men’s parts shrivel-up when they get really cold and ladies parts swell up and look to get very hard when they get really cold.”

I’ve never really noticed that, I’ll have to ask my husband.” I replied.

I hadn’t noticed Dylan’s cock shrivelling-up, but there again I’d never seen him when he was that cold before. As for my nipples and clit, Pete was right, they had swollen to the biggest ever when I’d got out of the plunge pool.

I just lay there thawing out and after a couple of minutes Pete got to his feet and said that he’d reached his limit and was leaving.

After he’d gone I was warm enough to start thinking about my pussy again and my right hand moved to my my pussy and started slowly rubbing. Unfortunately, my body temperature was rising faster than my arousal and I too had to leave. I put my bikini back on and headed to the changing room, not caring what anyone who looked at me could see.

By the time I’d had a shower and got dressed I was feeling almost normal but I could see that my nipples and clit were still quite engorged, and they were still throbbing.

That evening, when we were eating, I told Dylan about my day I told him about James holding his finger in my pussy whilst I did some Kegels and that I’d cum.

Lucky you, you do realise that he might tell you that doing Kegels with his cock inside you would be better for you. Would that bother you Esther?”

Would that bother you Dylan?”

It’s your body Esther, your choices, but if he’d be right, the bigger the object that your pussy is trying to crush the better exercise it would be, within reason that is, I doubt that you could crush a full 2 litre cola bottle.”

A 2 litre cola bottle! I could never get one of those in my pussy.”

You probably could if you really wanted to but I don’t know what that would do to your muscles.”

I think that I’ll stick to cocks, and tongues, and fingers.”

Then I told Dylan about my experience in the sauna and asked him if his cock shrunk when he gets really cold.

It certainly does Esther, not very manly but that’s the way life is, guys cocks shrink when they get cold and girl’s nipples and clit swell up and get really hard when they get cold. Weird isn’t it? Although guys do love seeing rock hard nipples and clits.”

So I’ve noticed. Are you going to come to the sauna with me sometime, then I can see your cock when you get out of the plunge pool?”

Maybe. Are you going to come and watch me play rugby on Sunday?”

Do you want me to?”

If the weather isn’t cold you can walk along the touch line flashing your goodies to encourage the team. A few of them will probably still have bad heads after the Stag night and will need some encouragement. TC should be having his Stag do on a Friday night not a Saturday.”

You should get a plunge pool at the clubhouse Dylan, I would have thought that jumping in one of those would clear their heads.”

Yeah, it probably would.”

Okay, I’ll come with you, I can wear just one of my new coats.”

That’s my girl. If you get cold the guys might let you share the shower afterwards.”

Is that a promise?”

Some of the equipment for our Games Room had arrived that afternoon and I’d given the delivery driver a pleasant surprise. After eating and clearing-up we went and unpacked it. As we did so I kept imagining it being used on me.

Once unpacked Dylan set about fixing the metal rings to the walls and ceiling whilst I tried on the fake fur lined wrist and ankle restrains, the ball gag, the pink leather collar and the blindfold. When I’d got all those on Dylan lost interest in fixing the rings to the walls and tied me spread eagle on the bed using lengths of the rope that we’d bought.

Then he started using the tawse to sensually tease all of my body. It was a bit of a strange thing to not be able to see what he was doing to me and not be able to verbally communicate with him, but it was certainly turning me on. It soon got to the stage where I needed Dylan to fuck me but I couldn’t tell him. I sensed that he knew but was just teasing me some more to make me even more desperate for him to fuck me.

When Dylan finally released me I told him that I’d had a wonderful experience but that I really needed him to fuck my brains out.

He put the blindfold back on and led me to our bed.



I spent some of the Wednesday doing what I suppose is called self bondage, only I didn’t put myself in a position where I couldn’t free myself. With the wrist and ankle cuffs on I tied my ankles to the corners of the bed and used my massage wand to drive me to a series of amazing orgasms. When I was working on my third one I had the idea of somehow getting the wand to be held on my clit without the need for my hands to do it. I had a couple of ideas but Dylan is more practical than I am so decided to discuss it with him when he got home from work.

Over our evening meal Dylan told me that he was sure that he could rig something up. His first idea was to fix one of the metal rings onto the ceiling directly above my pussy when I was tied to the bed and that the wand could hang from the ring and rest on my pussy. We decided to try that just as soon as we could.

Unfortunately that couldn’t be that evening as Dylan had rugby practice and I had my self defence class.

I again wore just a skirt and top that I knew would give me a few wardrobe malfunctions when Caleb used me as his guinea pig for each new move that we could use to disable our attackers.

Each week there appear to be an increasing number of guys attending the classes, and all of them are of the nerdy type. I’m starting to thinking that there must be a nerds forum, that the guys who come to the classes post stories of a girl who shows her pussy and tits at the self defence classes.

Just before the class ended Caleb told us that during the class the next week there would be a man there recording a video for him to use to promote his classes, and when the class did end Caleb came to me, and only me, and asked if I would be there the next week.

I thought about telling him that I’d been in videos that were ‘out there’ before, but I had second thoughts and just told him that I would definitely be there.



The highlight of that Thursday was the naked yoga in Amber’s class. She again gave me that knowing look when she asked me how my personal training as going.

On the way there I’d talked to Lucy about the upcoming Hen night, telling Lucy that I’d never been on a Hen night before and didn’t know what to wear.

Oh yes,” Lucy replied, “you didn’t have a proper Hen do did you Esther?”

No, just a couple of my mother’s friends coming round. drinking tea and talking about their husbands and the church,”

You poor thing, never mind, that’s history, you can make up for it on Saturday. Maybe Daisy won’t mind having a shared Hen night with you.”

But I got married a nearly 2 months ago.”

So what, we can still celebrate it.”

I was a bit nervous but I didn’t say anything and we had a good yoga session. When I got home Dylan had been busy in our Games Room and I saw a metal ring hanging from the ceiling above the middle of the bed. I smiled at him, thanked him and told him that I was looking forward to our next session in that room, but right then I needed him in our bed.



After Dylan had left for work and I had done the dishes, I looked outside and remembered James telling me that jogging was good exercise. The weather was overcast but dry so I decided to go for a jog around the park. Hoping that there weren’t many people there.

This time I decided to go wearing just my trainers and as I walked to the hole in the fence at the bottom of the garden I wondered if I’d get seen.

Off I went, slowly jogging along and I was soon out in the main part of the park. I could see a handful of people in the distance but they weren’t on my planned route. I find that the wind rushing passed my nipples and pussy to be very exhilarating and it wasn’t long before my hard nipples and clit were tingling.

I turned a bit of a corner and was confronted by a couple of scruffy looking young men. They looked like dropouts or at least people who couldn’t be bothered to get a job. I think that they were a lot more shocked than I was and I was passed them before they had time to react but I did hear,

Fucking hell mate, did you see that?”

Of course I ignored them and kept going. I only saw one more person, a council worker who was emptying litter bins into a little cart that he was pushing around. When he saw me he just stopped and stared at me like he didn’t believe what he was seeing.

I was soon back into the wooded area near our house and I was out of breath so I started walking. Just before I got to our fence a Labrador came running up to me with it’s tail wagging. I’ve always liked dogs and cats but my mother would never let me have a pet so I stopped to stroke the dog.

I’d been talking to it and stroking it for about 30 seconds when I heard and elderly man say,

There you are General. Whoa there, are you alright miss?”

Yes, I’m fine, nice dog that you’ve got there.”

Thanks, but what are you doing? You don’t have any clothes on, have you been attacked?”

No, I’m fine, I’ve just been jogging around the park”

Like that?”

Yes, it’s very exhilarating and it does save on the washing.”

But aren’t you worried that you might get attacked?”

I was the first time that I ran around the park but at this time of the day there are very few people around. I take self defence classes and I only live just there.”

All the time that we were talking the dog was sniffing and licking my legs and around my butt and pussy.

You need to be very careful young lady, there’s lots of unpleasant people around there these days. Maybe you should only go with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and don’t go on an afternoon because the park gets quite busy then.

Thank you for your concern sir, I’ll bare in mind what you’ve said. I’ll be off now before I get cold.”

As I walked the short distance to the hole in the fence, the dog followed me but as I went through the fence the man called it back. I walked through the back garden looking at the houses around and wondered if anyone was watching me.

At lunchtime I got a phone call from Lucy to say that she was just leaving work and that she would be with me in about 30 minutes. I hoped that Tim had remembered that he was coming but at least I could show Lucy what Dylan had done in the Games Room if Tim didn’t turn up.

I needn’t have worried as 20 minutes later a car pulled into our drive and out got Tim. I went to the door and he was a little surprised to see that I was naked and he told me that he had a few boxes that he needed to bring in, but that he could easily manage them.

Lucy arrived and helped him with the last couple of boxes.

So, Tim said, “just to be clear, I’m doing this to get some videos for Bethany’s website although I’m sure that I’ll get some pleasure out of it but not as much as you 2 girls.”

So you are going to finger fuck me again.” I asked.

If you want me to.”

I do, but do Lucy first.”

So where do you want me to do this, here or in your bedroom?”

How about your new Games Room Esther?” Lucy suggested.

Let’s go and have a look shall we?” Tim said.

I led the way with Tim following me up the stairs d I wondered if he was enjoying the view. When Tim saw the sparse room he said,

Hey Esther, this is perfect. Have you got a couple of pillows that we can use, and a couple of big towels to stop the ned getting wet.?”

I got those whilst Tim and Lucy went downstairs for the boxes of cameras and lights.

It didn’t take long for Tim to setup the lights and cameras then he said,

Okay, Lucy you’re up. It will be much better if you’re naked, that way you’ll get more hits. And no faking, people can tell.“

As Lucy was getting naked Tim continued,

Do you need any lube Lucy?”

I doubt it,” I replied for Lucy, “I’ve never known Lucy with a dry pussy. She just drips whenever she naked around men.”

Esther! Don’t tell Tim all my secrets, but Tim, thanks for the offer but I won’t need it, and I never fake cumming.”

I spread one of the towels under where Lucy’s butt would be then she climbed onto the bed.

Good. Okay Lucy, get comfortable then ignore the lights, cameras and me and just do your thing. Once you’ve cum I’ll move in and rock your world.”

He’s not joking Lucy, you’ll think that you’ve died and gone to the orgasm heaven.” I added.

Lucy didn’t look at all shy as she lay back and spread her legs wide, her face looked like she was dreaming of naked men as her fingers got to work.

Lucy must have been thinking of orgasm heaven for quite a while because it didn’t take her long to say those famous words,

I’m cuuuuuuummmmmmmiiiiinnnnng.”

As Lucy was coming down from her high I watched Tim check his cameras then get on the bed to Lucy’s right. His left hand moved to Lucy’s tits and started caressing them whilst his right hand went to her pussy and he used the ends of his fingers to move around her whole groin area. Lucy moaned a little, spread her arms and grabbed at the sides of the mattress.

Oh fuck!” Lucy said as Tim really started his magic on her pussy.

I was stood at the foot of the bed between the cameras and my left hand had made its way to my right nipple and the fingers on my right hand were playing with my clit.

Tim’s middle 2 fingers worked faster and faster and they raised Lucy’s butt up off the bed. I could see her fingers clawing at the sides of the mattress and her head was going from side to side whilst her mouth was letting out moans and other sounds of pleasure.

I’mmmm cuuuuummmmiiiinnnnngggg.” Lucy almost shouted but nothing stopped, if anything, Tim’s hand was moving faster.

Lucy’s butt rose higher leaving nothing between her feet and her shoulders touching the bed and her body shook and jerked.

Lucy kept cumming and cumming and almost screaming the sounds of her pleasure but in amongst those sounds was the odd giggle.

On and on Tim went and at one point I though Lucy was going to pass out as the orgasms hit her again and again. If she was like me it was just one loooong never ending orgasm.

I reached my own peak and had trouble staying on my feet but I managed to and as my orgasm receded Lucy’s kept going.

I wish that I’d started the stop watch on my phone because Tim’s arm and Lucy’s orgasm(s) seemed to go on for hours.

Finally, Tim stopped and withdrew his fingers but Lucy’s butt stay up in the air and she appeared to be still cumming. Minutes later Lucy let out a long sigh and her body dropped to the bed. She looked totally knackered but her pussy looked like she was doing Kegel exercises and she was giggling.

Another few minutes and her pussy relaxed and her giggles became less frequent. Every few seconds her body gave a quick shudder as another mini, after-shock orgasm hit her.

Meanwhile, Tim had got off the bed and was leaning against the wall watching Lucy while stretching the fingers on his right hand.

When Lucy’s giggling and the mini, after-shock orgasms got less frequent, Tim stopped the cameras recording and switched his floodlights off.

Can I get you a drink of something Tim, beer, whiskey, coffee?” I asked.

A glass of water would be good right now please Esther.”

When I got back and gave Tim the water Lucy was still having the odd mini orgasm and giggle but she managed to say,

That was totally awesome, out of this world Tim, thank you so much. I’ll remember that to my dying day. Are you going to do that to Esther now?”

If she wants me to, I’ve got plenty of memory cards.”

Yes please Tim,” I eagerly said. “but first I need to pay you for what you have just done to my friend.”

I stepped closer to Tim and started unfastening his jeans. As the hit the floor I saw the huge bulge in his boxers. They too hit the floor quickly and I pushed Tim back onto the bed then I reached for his hard cock that was already leaking pre-cum. As I licked the tip of Tim’s cock I remembered the cock sucking competition at our party, but this time there was no time limit and I started devouring Tim’s cock.

Somehow, Lucy managed to turn over and crawl over. She was still shaking a bit and occasionally gave a little giggle but between her and me we managed to give Tim what I hoped was one of the best blowjobs that he had ever had.

Lucy swallowed Tim’s fist jet of cum then she quickly moved away and I wrapped my mouth round his cock just as the second and subsequent jets shot out. They all went down my throat.

Lucy and Tim relaxed on the bed whilst I sank to the floor. There was silence for a couple of minutes then Tim said,

You didn’t need to do that ladies, seeing those amazing bodies was payment enough but that was the best blowjob that I’ve ever had, thank you.”

After a minute or so I asked,

Tim, have any of the girls that you’ve finger fucked been tied to the bed or been blindfolded or gagged?”

“Yes they have, one girl, Carrie, insisted that I tie her spread eagle to her bed before I started. “The strange thing was, after I’d made her cum she wouldn’t let me untie her. I left her apartment with her still tied to her bed. I have no idea how, or if, she ever got released.”

“Would you tie me to the bed before you do me please Tim?” I asked.

“If that’s what you want Esther?”

“Yes, I’d like to try it, see if it makes me feel more vulnerable or more aroused.”

“Or both.” Lucy added.

Lucy finally got off the bed and I changed the towel because the one that Lucy had had under her was quite wet. As Tim changed the memory cards I got out the wrist and ankle cuffs and started putting them on me.

“Wow Esther, you’re really getting into this bondage stuff aren’t you?”

“What makes you say that Lucy?” I asked.

“Maybe it’s something to do with those cuffs and ropes and all those metal rings spread around the walls and ceiling. You’ll be telling me next that you’ve got a ball gag and a collar and leash in that box.” Lucy said.

I blushed a little and replied,

“Actually, yes I have, well not a leash yet.”

“Okay, each to their own Esther, can Tom and I borrow them sometime?”

Both Lucy and I laughed a little then I got on the bed and asked Lucy to do the honours as Tim switched his lights and cameras on. What followed was a duplicate of what he had done to Lucy, and to me and Emma at Bethany’s shop, except that my arms and legs were tied spread eagle and I couldn’t move them.

Just at the previous times I was left a quivering wreck, giggling and having mini after-shock orgasms.

The other thing that was different this time was that as the mini orgasms got less frequent. Lucy climbed on the bed and into the 69 position. As she was doing that I heard Tim ask if he could video us.

“I was hoping that you’d say that Tim.” Lucy replied.

In my peripheral vision I saw Tim take one of his cameras off its tripod and start moving around us. I quickly forgot Tim when Lucy’s tongue found my clit. I was still quite sensitive and her tongue quickly triggered another mini orgasm. As that receded I opened my eyes and was presented with close-up view of Lucy’s pussy which I quickly devoured.

Lucy brought me to 4 more orgasms whilst I only managed to make her cum twice before she rolled off me saying that she was knackered.

“Me too.” I replied, but my brain was still working.

After a couple of minutes I saw that Tim was starting to pack away his cameras and lights and I had a brainwave.

“What time is is? I asked.

“Near as damn it 3:30 p.m.” Tim replied,

“Good, can I ask you one more favour please Tim, and if you agree you can video the first part.”

“Tell me.” Time replied.

“What are you up to girl?” Lucy asked.

“In the box in the corner you’ll find one of those Hitachi Magic Wands and an extension lead. Could you try and rig it up so that the wand hangs down from that ring up there and rests on my clit please?”

With a smile on his face, Tim got what he needed and proceeded to rig it up whilst Lucy said,

“You naughty girl. I like it.”

Dylan had placed the metal ring on the ceiling in exactly the right place and I felt the business end of the wand stop moving around and settle just touching my clit.

That’s nice.” I said, “You can switch it on whenever you are ready.”

Tim switched the wand on and then went for his camera whilst Lucy went to the power socket, gave me a mischievous grin as she switched the power on.

Oh shhhhhhhhhh.” I said, “it’s a good job that I’m tied to this bed, I’m not going to last long.”

The wand was vibrating right on the end of my clit. Dylan had done that to me but he’d also run the vibrating ball all around my pussy and my tits but this time it was actually bouncing a little bit on my clit.

I could see Tim walking all around the bottom of the bed as he videoed my pussy from all angles. I’m sure that that sight made me reach my peak a few seconds sooner. The orgasm was a good one, but not as good as the one(s) that Tim gave me a short while ago. There’s something about having physical contact with a man that makes things at least one step nearer to cumming.

When my orgasm started to recede Tim gave me ‘cut’ signal but I shook my head sideways and Tim carried on videoing me as another orgasm started to build.

After my next orgasm started to recede Tim again gave me ‘cut’ signal but this time I nodded my head, Tim turned off his camera and Lucy turned off the power to the wand.

Lucy came over to me and started to release me but I told her to stop saying,

Dylan will be home in about an hour and when he sees me like this I’m sure that we will have a great evening. The hour until he arrives will give me time for a rest.

Esther,” Lucy said, “you really are a totally different girl to the one I met 6 months ago. But I like the new you a lot, lot better.”

What’s that all about?” Tim asked.

Let me get dressed the I’ll help you load up your car then I can explain everything as you drive me home.”

Deal.” Tim replied.

I watched as Tim and Lucy packed all the equipment and transported it to Tim’s car. Just as the last of the boxes left the bedroom Tim said,

Thank you Esther, I’ll email you copies of the videos and let you know when they go live on Bethany’s website.”

Thank you Tim, that was an amazing session, I hope that we can do more soon.”

Are you sure that you want to be left like that Esther?” (Naked, spread eagle, tied to the 4 corners of the bed with my magic wand hanging down and just touching my clit.)

Yes, Dylan will be home soon and it will be a nice surprise for him.”

Tim left the bedroom and Lucy looked at me. She had a very mischievous grin on her face as she said,

I’ll drop the front door latch and see you tomorrow slut.”

Then she picked up the blindfold and put it on me. That didn’t worry me but what she did next did. She went to the wall socket and switched on the power to the wand.

Hey, don’t do that. Are you trying to kill me?”

The worst that can happen is that you pass-out Esther. Think how horny you are going to be when Dylan gets home. See ya.”

Nooooo.” I shouted, but Lucy was gone.

I heard the front door shut then thought,

Oh my gawd, this is going to kill me.”

Of course it didn’t, but the wand teased me to so many orgasms that I lost count. Every time that I wiggled my butt to escape the torture the wand just settled back on my clit. It was a bit strange with the blindfold on. Whenever Dylan had fucked me in the dark I’d still been able to see a little bit, but when I was completely blind I couldn’t get any sense of anything other than what that wand was doing to me.

On and on it went and I was sure that I didn’t have long to live. My brain had been focusing on the wand and what it was doing to me and I didn’t hear the front door open.

It was only when I felt the wand stop vibrating that I realised that someone was in the room with me. Either that or it had blown a fuse. I was still coming down for my latest orgasm and it had taken a few seconds to register that the wand had stopped. The blindfold was still in place so I could see nothing.

Oh Dylan, thank you, that thing was killing me.” I said as I felt a hand replace the wand and cup my pussy.

I’m so sensitive Dylan. You’re going to make me cum if you leave your hand there much longer.”

The hand’s owner said nothing and I started to have doubts that it was Dylan’s hand. I had a vision of a burglar having entered the house and found me.

Then the fingers of the hand started slowly moving around. One finger entered me, bent up and started massaging my G-spot. I only lasted seconds before another orgasm hit me and as it started to recede I realised that the hand had gone. What’s more, I felt the magic wand rest against my clit again.

Then the power was turned on.

No, no, please don’t, turn it off, I’m going to die.”

But the power stayed on and the wand started driving me crazy again.

I was barely conscious when the power to the wand was finally tuned off again, then the blindfold was lifted over my head.

My eyes started to focus and I was very relieved to see Dylan unfastening my restraints.

You bastard Dylan, why did you switch it back on? You nearly killed me.” I eventually managed to say.

Are you alright Esther? What do you mean? I’ve just got home from work. How did you manage to get yourself tied-up like this?”

I just looked at Dylan as he continued to release me then carry me to the shower. As Dylan was washing me, and thankfully avoiding my pussy, I was thinking,

Had I been dreaming, had a burglar broken in and fingered me or had Lucy and Tim come back. Or was it all in my imagination? After all, my brain was suffering from orgasm overload.”

Just lightly spray my pussy please Dylan, it’s sore and very sensitive.” I said when I felt Dylan’s hands moving down to my pussy.

Are you okay Esther?”

I will be after I’ve had a rest. Did you really not come back earlier and finger fuck me?”

Do I take it that yours and Lucy’s finger fucking sessions went well?” Dylan asked as he avoided my question.

Yes they did, I can’t wait to see the videos. I’m sure that you’ll love them Dylan.”

By then Dylan had turned the water off and was drying me. When we were both dry Dylan quickly got dressed then asked me if I wanted to rest on the bed or on the sofa.

The sofa.” I replied.

As Dylan was helping me go downstairs and to the sofa I was looking round for any evidence that a burglar had broken in, but I saw none. Dylan lay me on the sofa and covered me with a blanket. Then he went and started the evening meal leaving me without an answer.

By the time Dylan had prepared the meal I had recovered enough to walk to the kitchen. When we sat and ate our meal I told Dylan all about my jogging and Tim and Lucy’s visit but I left out the bit that I wasn’t sure was real.

We had an early night and, thankfully, my pussy had recovered enough for another awesome lovemaking session before Dylan spooned me and we went to sleep.


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