Getting Married Set Me Free
by Vanessa Evans

Part 4

Day 5

I woke up to the feeling of Dylan slowly fucking me and after we’d both cum I looked at the clock and saw that Dylan had woken up 30 minutes earlier than I expected. When I asked Dylan why, he told me that he had set the alarm 30 minutes earlier so that we had time for a love-making session to set him up for the day,

Dylan left for work with me promising to wear my Lush vibrator all day so that he could pleasure me whenever he wanted to.

After a long session in the bathroom finishing what I wasn’t able to do when Dylan getting to work on time had been the priority. Then I decided that I needed to go to the nearby supermarket for a couple of things that I could do with getting. Dylan had told me that we’d do a weekly shop online but he hadn’t got around to setting it up.

I chose to wear a short tank top with spaghetti straps that was made of very thin cotton and my nipples made 2 nice bulges in it. For a skirt I chose a denim micro skirt that the back is just long enough to cover my butt, but at the front it only just covers my slit if you are looking at me from less than a couple of metres. Any further away and you can make out my slit and protruding clit which still hasn’t decided to have a rest and hide behind it’s hood.

Before I put on the 2 inch heeled sandals I slid my Lush into my always wet these days, pussy and sighed, waiting and hoping the Dylan would pleasure me quite soon.

I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the pink antenna sticking down between my legs and thought that maybe I should take it out until I got home but instead I bent the antenna so that the end was between my butt cheeks.

Satisfied with my looks I grabbed my bag and left the house.

It was an unusually very pleasant day with not a cloud in the sky and I decided that when I got back I would do some sunbathing in the back garden. My all-over tan was still golden brown but I wanted to hang on to it for as long as I could.

I felt bare, exposed, horny, close to being illegal and very good as I walked along, the gentle breeze rushing passed my pussy as I walked along the streets which got busier as I got closer to the supermarket.

As I walked along the supermarket aisles I notice a couple of guys do a double-take, and one youth openly stare at me. I so wasn’t used to that happening but I guessed that Esther 2 would get used to it, especially as it made me feel good.

I stopped at the feminine hygiene section to get some tampons. I’d never used them before because my mother had told me that they were ungodly. Since I no longer wear knickers, pads were out of the question from now on. As I picked up a box of tampons I remembered what my doctor had said when I was getting some contraception, that my periods would get a lot lighter, or even stop altogether. I hoped for the latter but was preparing for the former. I was sure that Dylan hoped for the latter as much as I did but I was sure that he’d help me with the instruction of how to insert a tampon.

Hoping that I got the right tampons I went and paid then left and headed for home.

As I was walking I decided to take a short diversion and cut through a corner of the big park that was on my way. It was still mid morning and I couldn’t see anyone in the park so in I went.

I had to step over a big puddle from the previous nights rain and as I did so I felt the antenna fall out from between my butt cheeks. Looking around again and still seeing no one I put my hand down to push it back between my butt cheeks, but instead I straightened it out so that it was pointing down to the ground.

Smiling to myself, and hoping that at least one man would walk by and see it, I continued walking. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anyone else by the time that I exited the park and headed for home.

Back home I stripped naked, got my phone, ear buds, towel and sunblock and went out the back garden to where the sun loungers were. I looked around and saw no one in the gardens of the houses either side, nor in the windows, nor in the trees at the bottom of the garden (the house backs onto the park and is shielded by some trees and bushes).

I got myself organised, covered myself in sunblock then relaxed on the lounger. The sun felt different to what it was when I was laying on the beach on honeymoon.

Nevertheless, I was going to enjoy myself listening to my music and looking at some of the photographs from the honeymoon that Dylan had transferred to my phone.

I must have nodded off because I suddenly heard male voices coming from the garden of one of the neighbours, my phone having come to the end of my music playlist,

It’s a girl, no tits but a funny pink thing where her cock would have been if she’d been a boy.”

She has got tits, just small ones, I bet that they’d look bigger when she stands up.”

Yeah probably, she must be young because she hasn’t got any hair on her pussy, I wonder how old she is?”

I guess that she’s the wife of the guy that was going to live there, dad said that he was getting married so she must be at least 18. You can’t get married until you’re 18 can you?”

I dunno, never needed to find out.”

How the hell have you managed to get to 18 without knowing anything about girls Jason?”

Never really been interested in them, too much fun playing video games.”

Well look and learn Jason. I think that that pink cock thing is a vibrator. I don’t think that it’s switched on because she’s awfully still.”

So do vibrators make a girl jump around like she’s got ants in her pants?”

Bloody hell Jason, you really do need to get a girlfriend.”

Not everyone is like you Tony, so how many girlfriends have you had in your 18 years on this earth?”

Four, and I’ve fucked my current one.”

Lucky you Tony.”

Maybe lucky you Jason, with a neighbour like her, she might be a nympho and put out. How long is it before we go back to university?”

Six weeks, but she’s married, she’s not likely to put out so soon after getting married.”

You never know, maybe you should go round and ask if you can borrow a cup of sugar of something Jason.”

Is that the ‘in’ chat-up line these days, is that what you used Tony?”

Quiet, she’s stirring.”

I heard no more but wondered if I really had an 18 year old male virgin living next door. Then I realised that I had been a 20 year old virgin. I suddenly felt a little sorry for him.

Anyway, I restarted my music and turned over and relaxed again.

I quickly nodded off and had a really weird dream. Dylan and I were on the nude beach that we went to on our honeymoon and for some strange reason I went for a swim on my own. I swam really far out and then I saw a shark swimming in circles around me. I really started to panic but just as the shark came straight at me with its mouth wide open, I was plucked from the sea by 2 men on a boat that I hadn’t see approaching.

I’d been rescued by a boat load of men but none of them gave me anything to wear and instead of the taking me back to the beach they sailed away and made me their naked slave. I had to feed them and fuck them for weeks before the police came and rescued me.

Then the police were just as bad, they took me to their police station and all of them fucked me in a prisoner’s cell before one of them left the door open and I managed to escape. I ran and ran through the crowded streets until I got to the hotel where Dylan was waiting for me.

Then I woke up when the Lush burst into life. I turned over, pulled out my ear buds, spread my legs wide and my right hand went and cupped my pussy because I thought that my clit was going to be shaken off. Dylan had started one of the random app options and I was the girl on the receiving end.

Over the next hour or so the vibrator drove me crazy, sometimes making me cum, before switching off and letting me partially recover before it started again. Sweat was pouring off me and I was getting tired.

It was only when it finally stopped that I wondered if the 2 guys next door were still watching me. I also wondered what they thought of the show that I was putting on, even if it wasn’t totally voluntary.

That day Dylan’s evening meal was ready for him when he got home but it had to go into the microwave before we got around to eating it. As we finally ate it I told Dylan about my weird dream and asked him if he knew what it meant.

Probably nothing but maybe you subconsciously want to be a naked sex slave and get fucked by lots of men.”

Maybe, it would be nice to get fucked non-stop.”

I’ll do my best to do that Esther, now, tell me what happened when I switched the vibrator on. What did that random setting do to you? How many times did you cum?”

I told him everything then he said,

I wish that I could have seen what it was doing to you Esther. You do realise that you could have stopped it all just by pulling it out of you?”

Of course I do, but it felt soo good.”

Okay, sometime soon we’ll find the time to properly experiment with it and try all the different settings. Hey, turn around, I want to see your butt, see if it’s still a bit red from yesterday’s spanking.”

I did, and it wasn’t.

Do you want me to make it red before your naked yoga Esther?”

We haven’t got the time, we have to leave soon to meet Tom and Lucy, I don’t want to be late for my first lesson.”

We got ready and left with me wearing another of my new dresses. This one has a flared skirt part and the breeze in the Underground played its part in me wondering if I had forgotten to put anything on below my waist.

We stood at the end of a carriage and Dylan put a hand up the back of my dress and played with my pussy, nearly making me cum, before we had to get off. As we were leaving the station Dylan asked me if I’d like some stranger to play with my pussy like that when the train was crowded.

Yes I would, but only doing that, I wouldn’t want to be fucked on a train by a complete stranger.”

I’ll have to take some days off and we can hit the rush hour, see if you can get groped like that.”

That sounds nice.” I replied.

What sounds nice?” Tom asked as we met up.

Oh nothing.” I said, “Hi Lucy, Tom. Shall we go Lucy, I don’t want to be late.”

Lucy and I set off to walk the short distance to the class, Lucy handing me one of the rolled-up yoga mats that she was carrying and Dylan went with Tom to the pub.

Are you nervous Esther?” Lucy asked.

A little bit.”

You’ll be fine, and the exercise will do you good.”

Lucy led me to a sports hall and we went straight in and into this big room where I saw 6 other girls in various states of undress and one very naked youngish woman setting up a music system. When she saw me she left what she was doing and came over to us.

Lucy introduced me to Amber who welcomed me then told me to follow what the she was doing and do just as much as I could, telling me that it would become easier, and more beneficial, as the weeks went on.

Amber,” Lucy said, “would you believe that Esther was still a virgin a few weeks ago?”

I blushed and said,

Lucy, you didn’t have to tell Amber that.”

That’s okay Esther, the important thing is that you are here and willing to give it a go. I promise you that you will feel a lot happier with yourself after this lesson, now strip off ladies, we need to get started.

I was naked in seconds and Lucy was just as quick, her not wearing any underwear as well.

Amber got the class started and I quickly realised that I knew next to nothing about yoga and certainly didn’t realise that a lot of the poses involved leg spreading, even thrusting your spread pussy up in the air.

Okay, I’ll admit that I was nervous and a bit embarrassed at first but I soon started to relax and actually enjoyed doing it. I guess that the calming music and being told to think of a pleasant and quiet place helped. Also, the fact that my body was going into positions that I imagined Dylan’s big cock entering me, helped, and after about 30 minutes I was quite happy and not at all concerned that 8 other young women were seeing my spread, wet pussy and my little tits.

I took sneaky looks at the other women and most of them had hard nipples and damp, if not wet pussies, Lucy’s looking as wet as mine felt. I also couldn’t help noticing that a couple of the other ladies (not Lucy), had big inner labia, one hanging very low. I was pleased that my pussy lips were very small.

A couple of times I saw Lucy looking at me and when our eyes met she mouthed the word ‘okay’ to which I nodded my head.

We must have done a couple of dozen different poses and I found some of them really hard to do, and to hold them for the required number of seconds, as well as the others were doing them, and by the time Amber said that the session was over I was quite tired and sweaty.

Amber came over to me and asked me how it had gone for me.

Good,” I replied, “I didn’t know much about yoga before tonight and I never expected it to be so hard work and exposing.”

Yoga isn’t meant to be sexy Esther,” Amber replied, “it’s meant to relax you, make you feel feel good about yourself and to strengthen your muscles including your heart and lungs. We don’t do Kegel exercises here but we do do other poses that strengthen you pelvic muscles. You’ll ache in the morning but I promise you that you’ll ache less and less as the weeks go by Esther. By the way, Kegel exercises are good for you and your husband will appreciate you doing them. Will I see you next week?”

Yes you will Amber, thank you.”

With that Amber slipped on a dress, picked up her belongings and left. I turned to Lucy and asked her if there were any showers there.

Yes, there are, but all the other ladies don’t use them, probably have a shower when they get home. I didn’t use them because I’d have been on my own, but we can go and see if they are working if you like Esther.”

Yes please, I don’t really want to be all sweaty when Dylan jumps on me later.”

We put our dresses on then went to the ladies changing room where we found the showers. They weren’t that nice but they would do.

As we were showering I asked Lucy what Kegel exercises were and she told me, adding that she liked having a tight pussy for Tom to penetrate, and that he liked her that way as well.

I practised doing what Lucy described whilst still in the shower with Lucy watching.

That’s it Esther, do around 50 of those each day and Dylan will never tire of fucking you.”

I made a mental note to do just that.

About 20 minutes later we were walking to the pub to meet Dylan and Tom.

Good workout Esther?” Dylan asked me as he kissed me and grabbed my butt through the thin fabric of my dress.

Yes thanks, I feel so relaxed, and horny, I can’t wait to get home Dylan. I’ve got something to show you.”

I’ve shown Esther how to do Kegel exercises.” Lucy said.

Yes,” Tom said, “Lucy is usually quite horny when she gets home as well.”

Lucy smiled then asked who was going to get her and me a drink.

Party still on for a week on Saturday Tom?” Dylan asked.

Yep, everything is organised, just turn up when you are ready, and Esther, dress is casual or optional, okay?”

I looked at Tom, thought for a couple of seconds then replied,

Optional!? You mean some people will be naked there?”

Maybe, who knows. No Esther, I was just joking about the optional part to see if you’d turn up naked and let everyone see that amazing body of yours. I’m sure that Dylan wouldn’t mind, after all, he’s shown your honeymoon photos to at least half of the people that will be there.”

I said nothing but I did wonder what people thought when they saw those photos. Those thoughts made my pussy wet enough for me to think about what it would like to be at a party totally naked.

There was a lot of small talk before we finished our drinks and left. Again, we stood at the end of the carriage with Dylan’s hand up the back of my skirt playing with my clit. This time he managed to make me cum just before we got to our station. There weren’t many people around the escalators but the breeze did remind me that I had nothing covering my pussy.

Our lovemaking was very intense before we fell asleep, me with Dylan’s cock going soft inside me.


Day 6

After Dylan had woken me in the best possible way, and we’d continued our lovemaking from the night before, I got off the bed and instantly realised that what Amber had said was right, I had aches in muscles that I never knew that I had. I fell back onto the bed then remembered about the Kegel exercise. As I spread my legs I said,

Dylan, look at my pussy, I’m doing Kegel exercises, they’re supposed to tighten my vaginal muscles so I always feel tight for you.”

Dylan came round between my legs and smiled. After watching me for a few seconds he said,

Hold it right there Esther.”

And he went and got his phone. Seconds later he told me to start again and he videoed my pussy as I did some more Kegel exercises.

Then he inserted his hard cock inside my dripping hole and made us both cum again.

As I lay back savouring the moment, Dylan said,

Oh shit, it’s Friday, I have to go to work.”

With that he jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I did what I could to help him and he left with a piece of toast stuck out of his mouth. At least it was casual Friday so getting dressed was a bit quicker.

Later that morning I phoned Dylan and got his supermarket account details and worked out how to place a grocery order for delivery the next morning. I was lazy for the rest of the morning but the sun came out and I went out to top-up my tan. I’d put my Lush in, hoping that Dylan would remember to pleasure me sometime.

Whilst I was laying there, thinking of things that I could do when Dylan was at work, I heard a rustling from where I had seen my 2 voyeurs the day before. I couldn’t see anyone but I did open my legs a bit more just in case they were there watching me and it wasn’t a cat or a dog.

Dylan did switch my vibrator on and pleasured me as I lay there, and he left it on for about an hour. He used a different one of the random app options and it had longish period of no vibrations which left me trying to anticipate when it would come back on. Very frustrating.

When Dylan got home we had a very leisurely evening, even going for a walk in the park. I put on a skirt and top and Dylan joked that he could hang his coat on my chapel hat pegs even through my top and that he’d drown if he put his face under my pussy.

I’m not going to piss on you Dylan.” I said.

No, no, I wouldn’t like that, I meant your pussy juices. I think that we need to put a towel under your pussy on the bed, we don’t want to stain the mattress.”

I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed, ashamed, or what, but Dylan hugged me and said that he loved me, and every drop of my pussy juice.

We had another early night but not getting to sleep until later.


Day 7 - Saturday

It was In-laws visit day but Dylan still woke me the best possible way.

Not that it would have made any difference but when the doorbell rang I had to get off the bed and go and take the supermarket delivery. The poor, middle-aged man looked quite embarrassed as I picked up each basket and took it into the kitchen to empty it. By the time I picked up the last one the poor man’s face had returned to normal and I’m sure that he’d been staring at my butt as I carried the baskets to the kitchen. He even had a grin on his face when he asked me to sign his PDA thing.

As I closed the door I wondered if he’d be the one that brought me our groceries each week.

Dylan had made his way from the bedroom to the kitchen and he asked me if I’d enjoyed teasing the delivery guy.

I didn’t do it deliberately, but it was fun. Besides, it was your fault for keeping me in bed.”

Even if we’d got out of bed an hour earlier you’d still have been naked wouldn’t you Esther.”

Okay, got me, are you going to spank me?”

Not right now, mum, dad and maybe John will be here in about an hour. Maybe I should spank you just before we go to my boss’s place for the barbecue tomorrow?”

Are you planning on getting me to take my dress off and show everyone my red, bare butt Dylan?”

Maybe. Come on, lots to do before mum and dad get here. I’m sure that it will be a friendly visit, not like your mother’s Esther.”

I hope so.”

A couple of hours later the doorbell rang again, but this time be both went to open the door and I was wearing a dress.

Hello Mr. and Mrs Hargreaves.” I said.

Please,” Dylan’s mother replied, “call us Mary and Mark, and wow Esther, married life suits you, that’s a beautiful dress that you are wearing and you have a nice tan.”

Almost wearing.” Mark added, “Girls these days wear things that hardly cover anything, especially in the summer months, you look amazing Esther.”

Thank you Mark.” I replied, “Hi John, I’m pleased that you tagged along.”

So am I, it is Esther isn’t it? You look so different to before.”

Thanks, blame your brother for that.”

We finally went in, to the lounge and sat down. As John walked in I noticed that his eyes lingered on one of the nude photos of me that was hanging on the wall, but he didn’t say anything.

I played the good host and made tea and offered it to everyone and I made sure that my back was to John and Mark as I bent to give Mary and Dylan their tea. Dylan later told me that his dad’s eyes opened wide for a couple of seconds before a big grin appeared on his face.

I sat on Dylan’s lap as we talked and I could feel Dylan’s hard cock pressing on my bare butt. I just hoped that I wasn’t leaving a wet patch on his jeans.

Haven’t you opened all the wedding presents?” Mary asked as she pointed to the pile of unopened gifts.

No, not yet.” Dylan replied, “too many other things to do.”

Hmm,” John replied, “I can see that.”

John was looking at me when he said that and I saw that his eyes were looking at my legs which were bare right up the top of my thighs. He was at the right angle and I wondered if he could see my bald pubis and maybe my slit and clit.

Inevitably, the conversation got around to the wedding reception and both Mary and Mark said that they were disappointed when my mother started to throw a wobbler about some of the guests making out. I apologised for her but Mary told me that I shouldn’t apologise for my parents and that it was obvious that I wasn’t at all like my mother.

Ain’t that the truth.” John added, “I thought that you were a bit of a religious nutter Esther but I can see now you are nothing like your mother.”

John,” Mary said, “you have to learn to be a bit more tactful.”

That’s okay Mary,” I replied. “John’s right and I have Dylan to thank for helping me to change.”

Yes, you’ve certainly done that Esther,” Mark added.

You know Esther,” Mary said, “when Mark and I were your age we used to run around without any clothes on.”

MOTHER!” John replied, “too much information, way too much.”

Everyone except John started laughing.

I even got close to being arrested for public indecency one time when Mark dared me to streak a football match. That used to happen a lot when we were your age Esther. I only got away with it because Mark was waiting at the other side of the pitch with my coat and shoes and when the coppers got there I looked just like all the other girls there.

Not that I’m suggesting that you go streaking Esther, there are way too many cameras out there these days but I’m sure that you could find somewhere to run around naked it you wanted to. Just remember, it’s not what you are, or are not wearing, it’s how you hold yourself that matters. You’d be surprised how much you can get away with if you are acting as if you doing nothing wrong.”

Mother,” John said, “Esther is a devout Catholic and would never be so vulgar.”

I saw John’s eyes go to the big photograph on the wall then he continued,

Well you have changed a lot Esther, maybe you would streak a football match.”

John,” I replied, “my devotion to Catholicism was totally driven by my mother but she no longer rules my life, so yes I have changed but I doubt very much that I would streak a football match. As your mother says, way too many council and police cameras around these days.”

But you would go naked on a beach wouldn’t you? That is you in the photograph isn’t it?”

John was pointing to the photograph on the wall and I saw that Mary and Mark had also turned to look at the photograph.

I should have brought my glasses.” Mark said as he got up and went to get a better look at the photograph.”

After a few seconds Mark said,

Looks like you’ve got a bit of competition Mary. I just knew that Esther had a great body underneath all those clothes.”

Mary, who was by then stood next to Mark, replied,

Very nice my dear, I wish that my body was still like yours Esther. Don’t you go hiding it under all those old-fashioned clothes that you used to wear. Be proud of your body.”

You’ve still got an amazing body Mary, for your age.”

MUM, DAD, please, way too much information.” John said.

Seriously Esther,” Mary said with a smile on her face, “You’re only young once, enjoy your body whilst you can.”

Dylan and I had also got to our feet and Dylan was stood behind me with his arms around my waist.

Oh we are mother.” Dylan said. “Come and have a look at the other photographs that we’ve got hanging on the walls.”

As we all went to look at each photograph I actually blushed a little at the ones that showed my spread and wet pussy, but at the same time I was feeling proud of my body.

I got complimentary remarks from all my in-laws at each photo and by the time we all looked at he last one my shyness and embarrassment had gone.

After looking at all the hanging photos Dylan suggested that we go out the back and before I realised it, Dylan and Mark were discussing changes to the layout of the back garden. John was just looking around and when he saw the sun loungers he said,

Is that where you do your naked sunbathing Esther?”

Total lack of tact this one,” Mary said, “we’ve tried hard to educate him but he still lacks some of the basics.”

Thanks mum. Is it Esther?”

Yes John, I’ve sunbathed naked on that sun lounger.”

Ignore him dear, he’ll learn one day.”

That’s okay Mary, I’m sure that he means well.” I replied.

Yes, I just wish that we could get him to put his brain in gear before he opens his mouth. So Esther, I’m really pleased that you have changed. I had been a little worried that you were going to turn Dylan into some sort of unenlightened, woke, prudish, maybe even religious nutter.”

Well one of us has seen the light and it certainly wasn’t Dylan. In fact he’s been very supportive of the new me, even pushing me to do things that I wanted to do but didn’t think that I had the courage to do. He’s my rock.”

It sounds like you tell each other everything, even your fantasies, that’s good Esther.”

Yes we do, and Dylan is helping us realise all of them.”

So Esther, now that you’ve stopped working what are you going to do with all your spare time?” Mary asked.

I’m not sure yet, but exercise is going to take up quite a bit of my time, I’ve already started going to yoga sessions.” I replied wondering if I should have said that it was naked yoga.

Jogging is good for keeping your legs and heart in shape and maybe you could get yourself a personal trainer, Dylan can afford to pay for one for you. In the summer months you could do your workouts out here.”

I had an immediate vision of me working out totally naked and the 2 voyeurs from next door spying on me. I felt a little wet rush.

I might just do that Mary. It’s that big park just through those trees, maybe Dylan could cut an entrance at the bottom of the garden so that I can get straight into the park.”

I’m sure that he could do that, he’s very resourceful.”

The rest of the conversations were not very interesting and my in-laws left with me feeling a lot happier than when my mother had left.

So,” Dylan said as we walked back out the back to collect the glasses, “this is the sun lounger that you’ve been sunbathing naked on is it?”

Yes it is, and it’s the one where you’ve been trying to turn my insides to jelly with that vibrator Dylan.”

So how about you having some real, live meat inside you on that lounger my little nymphomaniac?”

My answer to that was to take me dress off leaving me totally naked on the back lawn in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. I didn’t even think about the possibility of one, or more, of the neighbours watching us.

Dylan dropped his shorts and we had a very animalistic fuck.

We opened the rest of the wedding gifts before having and early night, but again getting to sleep late.


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