Getting Married Set Me Free
by Vanessa Evans

Part 3

Day 1 in our new home.

Fortunately, we still had a few days before Dylan had to go back to work and we spent the first one of them in central London buying me a whole new wardrobe, one more befitting a girl my age who liked showing lots of skin, and certainly not including any jeans or shorts.

I didn’t have anything suitable to wear the first time that we went shopping so I took a pair of scissors to the last of my old, mother bought dresses and turned it into a mini dress. Dylan liked what I had done but he still didn’t like the fabric, complaining that he couldn’t feel my body heat through it, nor see the bulges that my nipples should be making.

That dress was going to get left in the changing room of the second shop that we bought clothes in. All my other, mother bought, clothes were going to get bagged up and delivered to a charity shop.

As we walked to the Underground station I told Dylan that it felt strange walking the streets of London wearing so little and not looking out of place, that I felt as if I was being naughty.

Dylan stopped, turned to face me and gave me a long kiss. At the same time his right hand went between us and his fingers slid along my slit. When the kiss broke Dylan lifted his hand, showed me his wet fingers and said,

Well there’s the evidence that you are enjoying wearing so little in public Esther, I guess that the exhibitionist in you has well and truly surfaced.”

I bent my head a little and sucked his fingers then replied,

I guess that it has, and you know what, I’m loving every second of it. Girls are so lucky and I’ve missed out on so much. I never want to wear underwear ever again.”

You’ll have to be careful if you’re going to wear very short skirts all the time Esther.”

Why, I like other people seeing my pussy. Is that so wrong?”

Not in my book lover, I love watching people’s faces when they realise what they can see.”

I’d been using the Underground all my life, even going to school on it, and never even thought about the breeze that rushes through most of the stations. Nor had I ever thought anything about upskirting. The clothes that my mother had me wear meant that there was never an issue, but as soon as we walked into the Underground station near my new home in that cut-down dress I realised that things were different.

I should have realised the difference when we came back from the honeymoon but I had other things on my mind at that time.

The breeze blew up the dress and tickled my bare pussy.

This breeze is nice.” I said to Dylan.

Yes, I can imagine that it is, wait until we go up an escalator.”

I realised exactly what Dylan meant straight away and my brain started thinking about Underground stations, breezes and escalators, not only on the Underground but in shopping centres. By the time we’d got to the platform my clit and nipples were hard and tingling and if it hadn’t been for the breeze I’m sure that all of my pussy and inner thighs would have been wet.

As we exited the Underground in the centre of London I asked Dylan if I could follow him up the escalators. Dylan smiled and agreed but I never looked behind and below me to see if anyone was looking up my skirt.

The first shop that we went in was a big, chain fashion store and as we browsed the garments I was amazed by all the thin, light-weight and often see-through fabrics that ladies clothes are made of today. A total contrast from the heavy-weight clothes that I was used to wearing before I got married.

We selected a few garments and headed for the changing rooms, only to be disappointed that Dylan couldn’t come in with me. Instead I had to put on each garment and then go and show Dylan. Each time that I went out there was always at least one other guy there waiting for their partner and I got turned on when I went out wearing a see-through garment that was intended to be worn over something else, but I wore nothing under them.

When I saw one of the other guys looking at me I took my time, even bending over with my back to the guys and asking Dylan if he could see anything that he shouldn’t be able to. Each time Dylan said not, but I’d already bent over in the changing cubicle and looked in the mirror behind me through my legs so I knew which skirt was short enough for Dylan and the other guy(s) to see my bare butt and pussy.

We bought 5 skirts, 2 dresses and 5 tops in that store before moving on to the next store where we had a similar problem with the changing rooms,

Dylan ripped off the label from one of the dresses from the first store and I wore that dress when we left that second store, leaving my mother bought dress in the changing room.

Oh, we bought 4 dresses in that second store.

Even walking through the shopping centre in that new dress felt so different. It was so light that I had to check a couple of times that I still had the dress on and that it was covering my pussy. I also liked the fact that when I looked down at my chest I could just about make out the darker shade of skin of my areolae around my protruding nipples.

Dylan said that I looked amazing.

When we went up an escalator to the second floor with Dylan in front of me I was sure that the middle-aged man behind me could see my bare butt up the back of that dress and when I looked back over my shoulder I saw him quickly turn his head to one side. I smiled and felt a little tingle in my clit.

Then it was a shoe shop. It was one of those self-service ones and the only person who saw up my dress, that I know of, was Dylan, and with him standing in front of the seated me I could easily see the bulge in the front of his jeans.

We bought 6 pairs of shoes, 3 of them with 4 inch heels and 2 of them with 5 inch heels. Dylan told me that they would make me walk like a model does and show-off my amazing legs. They were my first ever pairs of shoes with heels more than 2 inches high, my mother telling me that only whores wore higher heels. I told Dylan that I’d have to wear them around the house to get used to wearing them.

Our next stop was a shop that specialised in Club Wear, Party Wear and Bespoke clothing for the more adventurous young lady. Dylan told me that he’d noticed that shop soon after he’d asked me to marry him, thinking that he’d have to try to persuade me to go there with him, and that that was where he bought the bikini that he gave me on our honeymoon. Little did he realise at that time that once I knew about that shop I would become a regular customer.

As well as 3 very short skirts and 2 see-through tank tops, we also bought another couple of bikinis like the one that Dylan bought me for the honeymoon and a very short, white dress that he said I could wear for tennis or other ball games. When I say ‘very short, I mean so short that I could see the front of my slit and the bottom of my butt cheeks when I looked in a mirror.

You want me running around in public wearing just this tiny dress Dylan, flashing my bits to everyone around me do you Dylan?”

That is up to you Esther, although I’m sure that I already know the answer. It’s the same for the leisure centre, I’m sure that you’ll wear as little as you can get away with there.”

Thanks to you Dylan I’m sure that you are right. I wonder if I can get away with wearing just one of those fabric free G-string and bra sets that you are about to buys me?”

That shop also had a range of sex toys and I was a bit embarrassed as Dylan picked up some of the products and asked me what I thought of them.

Interesting.” I replied as I tried to imaging some of the dildos and vibrators inside me, those thoughts causing my bits to tingle and my pussy to get wet, again.

Dylan bought me a dildo that is bigger than Dylan’s cock, a massage ‘wand’, and a remote controlled vibrator that Dylan could control from his phone. I had a vision of me sunbathing in the back harden and Dylan controlling the vibrator in my pussy from his desk at work.

One other thing that made that little shop so very different from the other fashion shops that I’d ever been in was that there were no changing rooms, the owner, a very friendly and helpful young woman called Bethany, telling us that if girls were buying the sort of outfits that she sold, they probably wouldn’t mind trying-on the garments right there in the main part of the shop.

You’re right there Bethany.” Dylan replied as he looked at me as I took the dress off in the middle of the shop and tried on the skirts and tops that we’d selected.

Whilst I was doing that Dylan was looking a rack of long (ankle length), black dresses.

What are you thinking Dylan?” I asked as I struggled to pull up a denim skirt that was more like a belt.

You’re going to need at least one long dress for the formal events that I’ll be taking you to Esther. When you’ve finished there will you try on a couple of these?”

A few minutes later I was stepping in to one of the long gowns. It was backless, had a very low-cut front that I was sure that if I bent a little my tits would be visible to anyone in front of me, and the dress part had slits up the sides, right to my waist; but it was too long for the short me.

I can shorten it for you if you decide to buy it, it’s one that I designed and made myself.”

Impressive.” Dylan replied, “did you make everything on display here?”

No, I’d need to work 48 hour days to do that, just the garments with a ‘YLFE’ label.”

I quickly realised what YLFE stood for as I looked at myself in a mirror and decided that I liked the dress.

I tried on a similar, but slightly different dress then asked Dylan if I could have them. When Dylan said that I could he also asked Bethany if she could shorten them. I then had to stand wearing each of the dresses, in turn, and wearing a pair of the heels that we’d just bought, whilst Bethany measured how much to take off the length.

As Dylan was paying for all the things that we’d bought, Bethany told Dylan that the 2 dresses would be ready in 3 days. Dylan turned to me and asked me if I could come and get them as he’d be at work.

No problem.” I replied.

You’re new credit card might have arrived by then, if it hasn’t you can borrow mine.” Dylan said.

So I can buy some more clothes then?”

Exactly Esther.”

On the subject of spending Dylan’s money, I forgot to mention that just before the wedding I’d quit my job because Dylan told me that he earned enough for me not to work. At the time I was happy to go along with that just so long as Dylan didn’t mind if I got a job somewhere along the line if I wanted to.

Dylan had told me that I could be a leisurely housewife spending all the sunny days sunbathing in the back garden and talking to the neighbours. On the rainy or cold days I could join some sports clubs, go to the huge leisure centre just a 10 minute walk away, or just go shopping.

When we left that shop we headed straight for home, both of us laden with shopping bags which meant that I couldn’t have done anything, even if I’d wanted to, about the breeze in the Underground blowing the very light-weight skirt part of my new dress all over the place. My butt and pussy must have been on display at times but at the time I was more interested in getting home with those bulky bags.

Dylan had to sit opposite me on the train and he later told me that he was pleased that I hadn’t crossed my legs because he’d really enjoyed staring at my pussy for most of the journey. I wondered how many other people had seen it.

The day had been quite exhausting but after we’d had something to eat Dylan phoned his parents to let them know that we were back from our honeymoon. They had a long chat and they talked about us going to visit them and them coming to visit us but no dates were fixed although Dylan did tell them that it was okay for them to just call in anytime that they wanted. After the call Dylan and I talked about them catching me naked and again Dylan told me that he was sure that it wouldn’t be a problem.

I kind of liked the idea of me being naked in front of Dylan’s brother and their dad, both being reasonably handsome.

Then it was time for me to phone my mum and dad. I was dreading mum inviting herself over. I knew that there would be a bust-up but I was trying to defer it for as long as possible.

It felt a little weird talking to my mum on the phone whilst I was naked and Dylan was playing with my tits and pussy but I got through it without feeling obliged to invite them over.

Dylan had suggested that I call my parents on a video call and I replied,

That would be okay if you never want to see my parents again but I like my dad and don’t want to never see him again. Besides, I’m not sure that my mother knows how to video call.”

Then it was bed and to finish what Dylan had started when I was on the phone to my parents.


Day 2

After waking up the best possible way and finishing what Dylan had started whilst I was still asleep, we went through all the photos that Dylan had taken and picked out the ones for our special wedding album, and the ones that we wanted blown-up to A1 size.

Then it was into central London again to find a photography shop where we could get the prints done, and to buy the frames for the A1 photos.

I wore one of my new, ultra short dresses and had some fun at the station and even on the train which was very busy and men were brushing against me as they got on and off. Dylan later told me that I should go on the rush hour trains where he’d heard stories of men putting their hands up the skirts of the girls who were wearing very short skirts.

I thought about that a bit and considered catching those trains once Dylan was back at work.

We could have got the smaller prints done on one of those machines but Dylan had said that we may as well get the whole lot done in one specialist shop. At the time I’d asked him if he’d suggested that so that a guy in the shop would see all the photos.

That did cross my mind, you don’t mind do you Esther?”

Hell no, but make sure that I’m with you when we collect them, I want to see the guy’s face.” I replied.

That last part actually happened because when we went to collect the prints later that day. The guy in the photo shop kept giving me knowing looks as Dylan went through the small and large prints before paying the man. I could tell that he was imagining me naked like in the photographs as he stared at me whilst waiting for Dylan for finish. It really made my nipples and clit tingle.

When we left the shop Dylan said that he wondered if the guy had made copies for himself, then he asked me if that thought bothered me.

Not at all Dylan, if he wants to wank every night looking at photos of me naked then good luck to him. Do you think that he might put some of them on the internet?”

I have no idea but I paid cash so he won’t know your name.”

My hero, maybe we should think about posting some of them on the internet ourselves?” I asked.

Maybe, I’m sure that there’s a way that we can do it anonymously, I’ll talk to one of the tech guys at work, get some advice?”

Let’s get settled first but I’m assuming that you want the special album and the big, framed photos sorted quickly.”

Sure do, when are you going to invite some of your mates round?”

I don’t know, lets get the album and the frames on the walls first.”

We didn’t sort the album nor hung the frames when we got home, we had other things on our mind at that time.

That night after Dylan had fucked me doggy style I used my mouth to bring his cock back to life before we went to sleep the same way as the previous nights.


Day 3

We didn’t have to think about when to invite any of Dylan’s mates round because the next morning Tom. Dylan’s best man and a work colleague, rang the doorbell. Of course, we didn’t know who it was at the time and Dylan thought that it might be the postman and he urged me to answer the door, as I was, totally naked.

As I went to the door I imagined the postman seeing me naked, and I started tingling.

Oh my gawd,” I gasped, “Tom, shut your eyes, I wasn’t expecting it to be you.”

I can see that Esther, but don’t go getting all shy on me, I’m pleased to see that your honeymoon has knocked some of that shyness out of you.”

My hands had gone to my pussy and tits but when Dylan appeared behind me Dylan said,

It’s okay Esther, I’m sure that Tom won’t mind you being naked, relax and enjoy Tom looking at you, I know that you are enjoying it aren’t you?”

It was then that I realised that my nipples and clit were rock hard, that my pussy had suddenly got quite wet and the aforementioned parts of me were tingling stronger than before I opened the door. Dylan was right so I dropped my hands to my sides.

She’s quite a beauty when you get under all those old fashioned clothes that she used to wear isn’t she Tom? Give Tom a twirl, let him see that cute little bubbly butt of yours as well Esther.”

I did, and have to say that my smile was telling both guys that I was enjoying the experience.

Well Dylan,” Tom said, “I was going to apologise for coming here unannounced but seeing Esther like that I’m definitely not sorry, you’re one hell of a lucky man Dylan Hargreaves.”

Yes, I know that I am, and wait until you see the wedding photos.”

You’ve got them already?”

No, I meant to say the honeymoon photo album but we haven’t put that together yet either, but you can look at all the photos that we took, I can send them from my phone to the big TV. Esther, could you get 3 beers from the fridge, I’m assuming that you want to be with us when we have our first showing of the photos.”

It was a very nervous, excited and naked me that carried 3 bottles of beer into the lounge and after handing them round I sat next to Dylan as he started casting the photos to the big TV screen. The first ones were from that first day on the beach when we went to the end of the beach and I did some posing for Dylan.

Cute bikini bottoms Esther, are those the ones that Dylan bought you?” Tom asked.

Yes, you’ve met my mother so you can’t possibly think that I owned something like that before the wedding.”

Err no, she is a bit err ….”

Yes she is.” I replied, “It’s good to have escaped, I didn’t realise how bad my life was until we went on our honeymoon.”

By that time the slide show had progressed to a photo that Dylan took of me spread eagle on my back with him stood just beyond my feet.

Oh my gawd,” I said, “I didn’t realise that you’d be able to see EVERY little detail.”

Yes honey, my phone is a top of the range with a very high-res camera and we can tell that you were loving every second of it.”

I could see that my spread pussy was very wet with a bubble of my juices at my entrance. I felt my face heat up and I was embarrassed but Dylan just continued with the slide show.

I cooled down and the embarrassment went away even though quite a lot of the photos showed me with my legs spread wide and my pussy on display for Dylan’s phone. I was actually pleased that Dylan’s phone is a top of the range with a very high resolution camera.

By the time the slide show ended I was tingling, quite horny and actually very proud of my body. I wanted to jump on Dylan and have a good fuck but Tom was there and my inhibitions hadn’t totally disappeared.

I stayed sat next to Dylan, holding his hand, as we talked about the parts of the wedding reception that Dylan and I didn’t see because we had to dash off to the airport. Apparently my mother had got a little upset when some of Dylan’s friend had got a little drunk and started making out with the girls that they had brought as their plus-ones.

Tom confessed that he’d started making out with Lucy, his girlfriend and my mother had seen them with Tom’s hand up her dress. Apparently my mother had thrown a wobbler and called them sinners and Lucy a whore. Thankfully Lucy had had a few by then and just laughed at my mother and spread her legs a bit wider to give Tom’s hand better access.

After we all laughed at that Tom invited Dylan and I to a party that he was having in a couple of weeks which reminded Dylan that he, we, had to go to a BBQ the coming weekend, his boss’s annual summer get together for his staff.

I had a quick think about what I could wear to that BBQ. I wanted to impress but not look like a slut. I decided to talk to Dylan about it later.

Whilst Dylan and Tom were talking about ‘men’s things’ I thought about me sitting there totally naked. My nipples were still rock hard and tingling like hell, and so was my clit. I’d somehow kept my knees together, something that I’d fought to avoid doing for over 2 weeks, but my pussy was just as wet as it looked in some of the photos.

I was actually very proud of myself being able to sit there totally naked in front of Tom, the first of Tom’s friends to see me naked.

It’s not a nice thing to think, but I was pleased when Tom left, I’d so wanted to get Dylan alone so that I could fuck his brains out and get the relief that I so needed.

As he left, Tom said that he’d be sure to phone before he turned up the next time but Dylan replied,

That’s okay mate, Esther doesn’t mind you seeing her like this, in fact I’m sure that she actually enjoyed the experience, didn’t you honey?”

I blushed a little as I confirmed what Dylan had said, and I blushed a little more when Dylan ran a finger along my slit then held it up and continued,

See, I knew that she was enjoying the experience, you should just turn up with all the guys sometime, she might even put on a little show for you.”

Dylan, stop it, you’re embarrassing me.” I replied.

As soon as Tom had gone I took Dylan by the hand and led him to the last room that needed christening and as I impaled myself on his cock I asked,

So what sort of little show were you thinking that I should put on for all your mates?”

Maybe bringing yourself off with your fingers or maybe your dildo. Or maybe you could wear your remote vibrator and I could pass my phone around them and they’d make you cum.”

You’d want me to do those things? Oh, that’s nice, keep jerking your hips Dylan.”

Would YOU want to do those things Esther? Shit, I’m gonna cum.”

A couple of minutes later when we’d both recovered I finally replied,

Would you mind if I did those things Dylan?”

No, in fact I’d like to watch you doing those things in front of my mates, and the whole world.”

You might have to drop me in it Dylan because I don’t think that I have the courage to do those things without you forcing me to do them.”

But you’d like to do them Esther?”

Yes, I think that I would, but can you wait to force me to do them until after I’ve had my pussy laser treated please? As much I enjoy you shaving me, and I really do enjoy it, when you go back to work you won’t have time to do it before you have to leave for work and I want my pussy to be silky smooth for you whenever you touch it.”

Probably true, but we can still shave you even if there’s no hair there to remove, I like shaving you just as much as you enjoy it.”

I was hoping that you’d say that Dylan, I’ll make an appointment at a beauticians tomorrow morning.”

I should have asked Tom which beautician his girlfriend uses when he was here, I’ll phone him and ask him.”

That evening Dylan phoned Tom and got the beauticians name and number and I happily resigned myself to never seeing my pubic hair ever again.

We then set about trying the toys that Dylan bought me for the first time. I’d been putting it off because the nervousness was slightly stronger than the excitement. Dylan said that we should try the magic wand first because that would get me all relaxed before anything went inside me, and boy was he right. I never imagined that something like that could give me so much pleasure.

After the wand gave me an orgasm we experimented with the dildo and then the remote controlled vibrator. I sucked Dylan’s cock as he setup the vibrator app on his phone.

I screamed when Dylan first switched the vibrator on. I hadn’t known what to expect but it certainly wasn’t what I got. I thought that my insides were turning to jelly. We experimented with all the different modes and patterns that control app offered and I couldn’t wait until Dylan was controlling it from his work place.

Dylan made me cum 4 more times before I pulled the vibrator out and Dylan’s cock replaced it, him unloading a big, pent-up load inside me.

Whist I was in the bathroom cleaning up I could hear Dylan on the phone and when I went back to bed there was a new text message on my phone. It was from Lucy. Tom’s girlfriend, sending me the name, address and phone number of the beauty salon where she went to to get the laser treatment to remove all the hair below her neck.

Before retiring to bed we spent an hour putting the photographs into out special honeymoon album and frames then hanging them on the walls downstairs.

Our bedtime routine continued and ended with a very full and contented me going to sleep.


Day 4

It was Dylan’s first day back at work and I woke-up with his cock slowly sliding in and out of me.

Morning honey,” Dylan said when he saw me move my hand to my eyes to rub the sleep out of them.

Hmm, and a good morning to you too lover. What time is it? Have you got time to be doing this to me?”

I’ll make the time.”

Dylan was nearly late for work as I couldn’t take my pussy, hands and mouth off his cock.

The first thing that I did after Dylan set off for work was to phone the beautician and was pleased to hear that she could fit me in at 11:00 that day so it was into the bathroom for my first shower in that house without Dylan ‘helping’ me.

After getting something to eat I chose another of my new, summer dresses and with nothing under it I set off to go a couple of stations down the Underground line to where the beauticians was.

The Underground wasn’t very busy but the warm breeze tickling my pussy felt very nice. I wasn’t very ladylike as I sat on the long bench seat along the side of the carriage and I pretended to play on my phone as I watched the 2 young men sat opposite look up my dress. I just knew that they’d be able to see my bald pubis and the front of my slit and I could feel my juices leaking out and wetting the seat.

My first, solo flashing session was over way too quick but the 2 young men got off the train behind me and followed me up the escalator. I couldn’t feel the fabric of the dress on my thighs so I knew that the breeze was billowing the skirt part and giving the 2 young men a great view but I didn’t look behind me to confirm it.

I felt a little exposed and excited as I slowly walked along the high street. Again, it was the first time that I’d been out in public, without Dylan, and wearing only a VERY short and thin dress. I felt good.

After checking-in at the beauticians I went to the toilet to clean up my pussy and inner thighs as, unlike when we were on our honeymoon, the air outside wasn’t warm enough to dry me.

First time?” The young woman beautician asked me as we entered the ‘treatment’ room.

Yes it is.”

Okay honey, all you’ll feel is a little tingling or burning sensation, nothing to worry about. Just take your dress and knickers off and climb up on the table.”

The woman didn’t bat an eyelid when she saw that I was naked under my dress and I was soon on my back on the table.

I remember being a little embarrassed as I wondered if my pussy would get all wet again, but the woman put my mind at rest when she said,

Don’t worry if you get aroused honey, it’s perfectly natural and a lot of women get aroused. Only last week I had to stop working when girl had a very intense orgasm as I did her outer labia near her clitoris. The poor girl was jerking about for nearly 5 minutes.”

I didn’t cum, possibly because I was distracted by the conversation that we got into. She got me to tell her about our honeymoon when she commented on the nice, all-over tan that I had. I did tell her about the nude beach but not all the very intimate photos that were taken.

Strangely, I didn’t get embarrassed as she was zapping all around my vulva, but I did get embarrassed when she told me to get on my hands and knees and to spread my knees so that she could zap all around my butt hole.

Neither Dylan, nor myself had shaved me that morning and I still looked bald before I went into that shop but when I left I felt even more naked than when I went in.

Satisfied that the session was worth every penny of Dylan’s money, I decided to go into central London and to that shop, the Young Ladies Fashion Emporium, to see what else they had that I liked. I’d really enjoyed shopping for clothes with Dylan but I also wanted to do some more leisurely shopping, not worrying that Dylan might get bored.

Before doing that I went to the nearest McDonald’s and to their toilet where I took my Lush remote controlled vibrator out of my bag and eased it up my vagina. Checking that it was working okay by opening the app on my phone and giving myself a quick blast, which made me squeal with delight, I closed the app and straightened my dress. Looking down I could see part of the pink antenna hanging below the hem of my dress.

Ignoring the possibility of embarrassment if someone saw it and said something, I left and headed for the station wondering if Dylan would remember what the new app on his phone could do to me.

Again I had some fun on the Underground, this time it was group of half a dozen youths who stared at me all the time and said a few things to me that no one has ever said to me before. I guessed that that was because of my new, liberated attire and one comment was about what was ‘stuck up my cunt’ as one young man put it; but I wasn’t complaining, in fact I was actually enjoying it. I didn’t respond to any of the comments but I felt good that they thought my body was worthy of those comments. By the time I got off the train my pussy was very wet, something that I was sure the youths had noticed.

The shop wasn’t far from the Underground station and I was soon saying hello to the owner, Bethany. She was wearing a dress that she’d made herself and the front of it kept falling open when she bent even slightly forwards revealing her tits. She told me that it was designed to do that and I asked her if she had any more designed to do that. I was soon trying-on similar dresses, some of them so short that I could see the pink antenna and my slit in the mirror in front of me.

Bethany hadn’t said anything about the antenna when I took my dress off to try on some of the clothes but I did notice a smile on her face.

Whilst we were chatting and I was trying on clothes, a young couple came into the shop. Both the guy and the girl stared at the naked me for a couple of seconds then the girl started browsing the racks whilst the guy’s eyes kept going from his girlfriend to me and back. This was making my nipples and my clit harder.

You like guys looking at you when you are naked don’t you Esther?” Bethany asked.

Yes I do, it makes me tingle, how can you tell?”

Well it’s certainly not cold in here Esther. I’m the same when an unknown guy see me. You should have seen me when I suddenly ended up naked in front of around a hundred people on holiday, I just had to grab the nearest guy and take him round the back of a building.”

Wow, I’ve never had that happen to me but there again I was a good, innocent little catholic girl until I got married just over a couple of weeks ago, and look at me now, totally naked in the main part of a shop in London, with strangers looking at me, and getting turned on by it.”

It sounds like getting married has certainly brought you out of your shell, that husband of yours has a lot to answer for Esther.”

He certainly has, he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Hey Esther, I sometimes need a girl to model some of my lines for my website, I have one girls that comes and does it for me when she can but it would be good to have another girl, would you be interested?”

Me! My tits are way too small to be a model.”

No they aren’t, look at me, mine at small too, and so are the other girl’s.”

Can I think about it Bethany?”

Sure, you know where I am.

So do you get naked in the shop sometimes Bethany?” I asked changing the subject.

Yes, sometimes if my boyfriend is here I’ll strip-off and pretend to be a customer, trying things on when other customers are here. The looks that you get from the guys is amazing and I too get all gooey like you are right now Esther. You should come here on a Friday or Saturday when we are busier. hey, I’d better go and see if I can help that couple.”

Bethany went over to the couple and I continued selecting and trying on clothes that I liked. As I was doing so I kept looking over to the couple and I saw that the girl was also getting naked and trying clothes on. The poor guy’s head was going from one naked girl to the other, just like he was watching a tennis match.

I ended up buying 2 more dresses, 3 more tops and 2 more skirts. I hoped that Dylan wouldn’t be too mad at me for spending so much of his money.

As I was walking back to the Underground station I suddenly screamed as my legs started to give way. I managed to get to the side of the pavement and lean against the wall. For a split second I thought that I’d been shot or stabbed (which happens quite often in London these days), but I quickly realised that it was the vibrator inside me that had burst into life.

Oh my gawd, when we’d previously used the vibrator I’d been on my back but this time I was stood up and my legs just weren’t used to my insides shaking like that.

Dyyyyylan.” I said to no one as I was both annoyed and grateful that Dylan had fired-up the app on his phone.

As I started to get over the shock, and my legs started to get used to what was happening inside my body, I looked around and saw that everyone was ignoring me.

Typical Londoners, so reticent with invisible blinkers on” I thought, “I’d have to get run over by a bus before anyone took any notice.”

After a minute or so I somehow managed to stand up straight and slowly start walking as I got over the initial shock but I just knew that if the vibrator kept going at the same speed it wouldn’t be long before I had an orgasm, on the street with people walking passed.

Either Dylan turned the vibrations down or I started to get a little used to them because I managed to walk / stumble along to the Underground station. Someone looking up my dress on the escalators or sat on the train was the last thing on my mind as an orgasm hit me just as I sat down.

The vibrator kept going and I wondered if Dylan had deliberately left it on, or the signal couldn’t get to my phone underground to turn it off.

Is that thing giving you hell? The girl sat opposite me asked with a knowing grin.

I realised that she could see the antenna, maybe my bald pubis, and definitely my tortured facial expression as the vibrations kept going. All I could manage was a nod to the girl before another orgasm hit me just before I got off the train.

I was happy that the escalator going up to street level was working because I’m sure that I couldn’t have survived going up all those stairs.

Out on the street the vibrations kept going and I was half way home before they finally stopped.

Oh my gawd,” I thought, “that was awesome, thank you Dylan, but next time not when I’m on the Underground please, I could have had an accident.”

The experience had left me exhausted and very horny and the first thing that I did at home was to collapse on the sofa and toy with my clit.

About an hour later I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. As soon as I saw the caller-ID I had a decision to make. It was my mother.

Hello darling, how are you, settling in to your new home nicely?”

Hello to you too mother, I’m just great, very happy thank you.”

So are you free this afternoon, can I come round for a coffee? I can update you on everything at the church, Father Thomas has got a new cause in Africa.”

Oh right, of course you can come round mother we’ve got the house sorted out for now and we’ve put some pictures up on the walls.”

How nice, okay, I’ll set off now, should be there within an hour.”

Okay, bye mum, see you soon.”

I’ll admit that I had a little panic right then, I just knew that my mother would throw a wobbler and I hadn’t really thought about how I could counter the accusations that I just knew would be flying at me. I quickly took the bags containing my new clothes upstairs then looked at myself in the mirror.

Seeing the pink antenna I smiled at the thought of leaving it in, but I ease it out, cleaned it and put it on charge. Then I went and had a quick shower then put on one of the new dresses that I’d just bought. Looking in the mirror I could see 2 pokies and dark circles round my nipples. Looking down I could just see a hint of my slit and my engorged clit which seems to be like that all the time these days.

Just as I finished brushing my hair I heard the doorbell.

Good grief Esther, what on earth are you wearing, have you just got out of bed?”

No mother, I don’t wear anything in bed now, this is a dress from my new wardrobe, all my dresses and skirts are like this and before you ask, I no longer own any bras.”

You can’t possibly go out looking like that Esther, it’s indecent.”

No it’s not mother, and I have already been out dressed like this.”

But you look like a wanton hussy, what will Father Thomas say when you go to church on Sunday? He’ll kick you out and pray for your forgiveness.”

Father Thomas can do that he likes but I doubt that I will ever see him again.”

Are going to go to a different church?”

No mother, I don’t know where the nearest church is and I’m not going looking for it.”

Well at least find somewhere to give your confession.”

No mother, I have done nothing wrong to confess.”

Is Dylan putting you up to this Esther, leading you astray, because if he is I will sort him out. Have you consummated the marriage yet, because we can get in annulled if you haven’t.”

Mother, my sex life is none of your business and the last thing that I want is for me to loose Dylan, he’s making me happier than I ever was growing up with you as a mother, he’s amazing.”

Esther, you’re making me ashamed of you, I thought that you were good girl.”

Come on in mother, I’ll put the kettle on.”

My mother followed me into the kitchen and she sat at the table in silence as I put the kettle on and got things ready. Her silence told me that she was totally unprepared for what she had seen and heard so far.

I put a mug of tea in front of my mother then leant back against the sink. Finally my mother said,

You’re intending to wear clothes like THAT all the time are you Esther?”

Yes mother, all the girls my age wear clothes like this these days.”

Not girls who come to my church. Good grief girl, I can see your, your, your vulva. It’s obscene.”

Mother, most people call it a pussy, and before you ask, a large percentage of girls don’t wear knickers either.”

That’s disgusting, I never brought you up to be a slut, go and put some knickers and a bra on.”

No mother, I no longer own any bras or knickers, I threw them all out.”

You have become a wanton hussy Esther, you make me ashamed of you. What will Father Thomas say when I tell him?”

If you are that ashamed of me don’t tell him. But I’m not going to change, in fact when Dylan gets home from work the dress will come off and we will have sex all night long, maybe even on that very table.”

My mother lifted herself off the chair and pushed it back as she stepped back.

That’s disgusting, having sex has to be confined to the bedroom and only when you want to have children. No daughter of mine would ever do anything so disgusting.”

I was no longer looking at my mother, I just couldn’t face her. In fact I was looking at one of the framed photos that Dylan had hung in the kitchen. It was one of me doing a snow angel but on the sand at the nude beach and Dylan had taken the photo when my legs were wide apart. My mother must have followed my eyes because she said,

Esther, how could you even consider putting a picture like that up on a wall in your house? Oh my gawd, that’s you isn’t it Esther, and what happened to your pubic hair? That’s disgusting, you should be very ashamed of yourself. No daughter of mine would ever do that or allow someone to photograph her like that.”

By then I was getting really annoyed with my mother and I said,

Well then perhaps you should disown me mother and deny that you have a daughter.”

Just then I heard the front door open then Dylan saying,

I hope that you are naked and ready to be fucked Esther because I’m as horny as hell.”

Dylan turned into the kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks. He’d already taken his jacket, tie and shirt off and was unfastening his trousers.

Oh, hello Mrs. Brown, this is a nice surprise.” Dylan said.

You should be ashamed of yourself Dylan Hargreaves. Corrupting my daughter like this, she used to be such a good, catholic girl but you’ve turned her into some sort of wanton harlot. I’m ashamed to call you my son in law and her my daughter, in fact I no longer call her my daughter and don’t bother coming to my house, you are not welcome there any more.”

With that my mother walked out, brushing passed Dylan and slamming the front door.

Are you okay Esther?” Dylan asked.

I am now, get those trousers off and fuck me please Dylan.”

The kitchen table again got used for something that it wasn’t intended.

After we’d both cum and rested a little, Dylan picked me up and carried me into the lounge, put me down on the sofa and cuddled me before saying,

Are you okay Esther, your mother thing?”

Yes thank you, I’m sad that I’m loosing a mother but I’m happy that it’s all out in the open now, I wasn’t looking forward to that.”

I know, but it’s all over now and you’ve still got me.”

Yes I have, and don’t you start going all religious on me, I couldn’t cope with that.”

There’s no chance of that. One visit to a church in my life is quite enough for me thank you.”

Good, now how was your day at work?”

Good actually, some of the guys wanted to see the wedding photos so I showed them.”

But we haven’t got them from the photographer yet, oh, you showed them our special honeymoon photos.”

That was okay wasn’t it honey?”

Of course it was. As I said, you’ve enlightened me and made me unashamed of my body and I don’t mind who sees it.”

What about your father Esther?”

I’ll phone him at his work on his mobile in a few days. I’m sure that he’ll understand, I don’t know why he stays with my mother.”

Maybe he won’t now that you’ve moved out.”

Maybe, now, do you want to know what I’ve been doing today? And thank you for switching my vibrator on, it was, err, interesting.”

As I continued to cuddle up to Dylan I told Dylan all about my day. The 2 notable things that he said were that he’d still shave me every weekend and that he thought that he hadn’t seen the dress that I was wearing when he got home.

Our conversation changed the subject with Dylan saying,

It’s Lucy’s naked yoga session tomorrow night, do you fancy going along with her, I’m sure that she won’t mind.”

Naked yoga! I didn’t know that there was such a thing, and Lucy does it?”

Yes, for about a year now. Tom usually goes to a nearby pub whilst she’s there, I sometimes used to meet him there.”

So that’s why you went to the pub on a Thursday evening?”

Yes, sorry that I didn’t explain all but I wasn’t sure what you’d think.”

Well you know now, pass me my phone and I’ll phone Lucy, then I’ll start cooking.”

Yes young lady, you promised me that my tea would be ready when I got home and it isn’t, should I punish you?”

I thought for a second then got up and lay over Dylan’s lap spreading my legs as much as the position would allow.

I’ve been a naughty girl, please spank me Dylan.”

Dylan’s face got a big smile on it then he said,


Really, do it Dylan, make my butt red.”

One second later Dylan’s right hand landed on my butt with a loud crack. I don’t know why I said what I said but I said,

One, thank you sir.”

Was that too hard Esther?”

No, keep going please.”


Two, thank you sir.”

What’s with the counting Esther, and there’s no need to thank me.”

I’d hate you to loose count Dylan.”


Three, thank you sir.”

I didn’t know that we were counting, have you had enough yet Esther?”

No, keep going please Dylan.”


Four, thank you sir.”


Five, thank you sir.”

Enough Esther?”

No, you’re just starting to make my clit and nipples tingle, and can you push your fingers deep inside me between each swat please?”

In that case. ………”

Eight more swats landed on my butt and 8 times Dylan’s fingers deeply penetrated me.

After the 14th swat I said,

Fourteen, thank you sir, I’m going to cum soon, keep going please.”

After 3 more swats I said,

Seventeeeeeennnn, I’m cuuuummming.”

And I did with Dylan’s fingers as deep as they could get inside me.

As I started to recover I realised that Dylan had removed his fingers but was gently rubbing my clit. After my body jerked to another after-shock mini orgasm, I turned on my side facing Dylan who pulled me closer to him and just held me.

After a couple of minutes I said,

Do you want me to suck your cock Dylan, I can feel that you are rock hard.”

Yes please.”

I slid off Dylan then knelt in between his legs then immediately changed my position so that my butt was on the carpet and not my heels.

Dylan didn’t last long before I had the first course of my evening meal.

As I prepared the meal we talked.

So what did you think of your first ever proper spanking Esther?”

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted you to continue but I’d read somewhere that some girls can get really turned on and orgasm when they are being spanked so I wanted to see if I was one of those girls.”

Well I guess that we’ve answered that one, that looked to be quite an intense orgasm that you had. I didn’t hurt you did I?”

No, no, well yes, but not too bad, do it like that the next time and I won’t be complaining.”

Oh, so there’s going to be a next time is there?”

I hope so, maybe with an audience as well.”

Wow Esther, or are you still the Esther that I married.”

I am, but maybe Esther 2, you helped me come out of my archaic, religious, repressed life Dylan Hargreaves.”

My pleasure Esther 2, literally.”

Over the meal we talked more about my parents and I was both happy and unhappy that my mother couldn’t come into the 21st century. I again said that I’d phone my father after a few days.

After we’d cleaned and put everything away we went and sat on the sofa and cuddled. I was still totally naked as I phoned Lucy and asked her about her naked yoga lessons. She was bubbling with excitement when I asked if I could go along with her. I asked her if there were any men in the class and was a little disappointed when she said not, but she did tell me that once per month partners were allowed in as spectators just to see what their partners were doing.

So Tom has been and watched you?” I asked.

Sure, 9 or 10 times now.”

And there was no physical sex?”

No, well not in the classes, but who knows what happens afterwards. Hey Esther, what’s happened to you? You used to be such a shy, religious goody two shoes girl and now you’re letting yourself be photographed naked, hanging around naked when my boyfriend is at your house and here you are wanting to do naked yoga with me.”

Lucy, I’m sorry if being naked when Tom was here has upset or annoyed you, I’m not trying to come on to him, it’s just that ….”

STOP right there Esther, I’m not annoyed or upset, in fact as soon as Tom got home he almost ripped my clothes off me and fucked me in the kitchen. I burned a casserole that I was making. No, I’m really pleased that you have changed. I just knew that you had a really beautiful body under all those dowdy clothes that you used to wear and Tom tells me that I was right. I really like the new you and I’ll be giving Dylan a really big hug to thank him for bringing you out of your shell. That wouldn’t upset you would it Esther?”

No it wouldn’t upset me. Dylan has already told me that he wants us to fuck in public and that he wants all of his friends to fuck me so a naked hug from his best friend’s girlfriend is just an extension of that. Would you mind if Tom fucked me?

Not at all, I’d like to watch that and join in as well.”

I’ve never had any sort of sex with a girl before.”

Until a few weeks ago you’d never had any sort of sex with a man or a woman, and look at you now. I reckon that it will all come very naturally to you Esther. Don’t think about it, just let it happen when it happens.”

We ended the phone call after making arrangements about where to meet the following evening.

All the time that Lucy and I had been talking Dylan had been playing with my tits and my spare hand had been slowly playing with his cock so when I ended the call I got up then straddled Dylan’s hips and had a very satisfying ride.

When we were relaxing in the after-glow of us both cumming, Dylan said,

So Esther, you want to have sex with Lucy do you?”

I didn’t say that I wanted to, I’d never even considered being with another girl before, but that conversation has made me, what’s it called, oh yes, bi-curious.”

Well don’t over-think it, forget it for now and if / when it happens don’t fight it, just go along with it, I’m pretty sure that you’ll like it, girls are a lot more gentle than us men.”

You’re very gentle with me Dylan, even when you spanked me. Hey, do you think that my butt will still be red when I go to naked yoga tomorrow?”

Would it bother you if it was? We can check before we leave to go there and I can spank you again to get it all red if you want?”

I don’t know, maybe I should just leave it and see. Maybe you could spank me before I go to the session next week.”

Okay, whatever you want babe.”

We went to sleep with Dylan’s cock inside me again.


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